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Hello my pretty readers!

Today I am here to share very exciting news with all of you super-excited for fashion fashionistas! VOGUE EYEWEAR has started a new summer house campaign, which I am sure many of you would have already heard about, and surely are loving it!

But those of who are still unaware of this amazing campaign by Vogue Eyewear by means of which you can win a luxurious holiday for yourself and your 3 friends in Miami I am here to take you on a stupendofabulous voyage filled with excitement and everything summer!

I recently entered the contest and will guide you on how to do the same for yourself.

What is the hustle-bustle all about?

Basically, unlike all regular contests, Vogue Eyewear has come up with a contest which has its theme in summer house! Upon entering the contest you need to complete a bunch of fun summer house tasks and collect Style Miles (which are a piece of cake ready to be gobbled nothing extraordinarily difficult, but appeasing to the sense at the same time). The more the style miles that you earn, the more are your chances at winning the super-luxuriant Miami trip.

How to enter the contest?

Kudos to Vogue Eyewear for keeping everything so simple, yet effortlessly chic! On entering the Vogue Eyewear Summer house contest, you are directed to the login and sign-up page. If you are already a registered member with Vogue, nothing better for you just fill in all your details and bam! You are all set! For the first timers, things aren’t that difficult for you too. You have the options of filling in your details personally or you can even connect your Vogue Eyewear account to your current Facebook or twitter account. You just need to curate a new password for your account and you are set to earn those glorious style miles right away!

How can you earn the style miles?

Now this is the most interesting aspect of entering the contest! How to win those few extra style miles to take you forth in the competition? What if I told you the steps involved in winning the extra miles was nothing like what you have to do to win something in real life now you seem interested! No really, nothing too exorbitant or frustratingly long; all you need to do is breeze your way through some picturesque photographs, some fashion guides, a few videos on how to make yummy Miami-inspired mojitos and pina-coladas and choosing your favorite eye-wear and you are already a few hundred miles ahead.

Yes, winning the miles is that easy! There are 4 basic steps which you need to do and there is no stopping you after that go on reading the articles, commenting on the posts, sifting through interesting video and picture galleries and keep winning more and more style  miles.

Click here to enter the contest

What are you waiting for? Go measure those miles up to Miami! <3

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