Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub Review


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Living Proof Protective Micro Scrub Review


Okay so I heard a lot about living proof products and have been watching the whole of blogosphere being loaded with living proof reviews, I seriously got curious about this particular product after all the reviews that I read and did make an impulse decision of buying LIVING PROOF PROTECTIVE MICRO CELL SCRUB. So lets see what I have to say about this.


About Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub?

Effective Deep Cleansing Scrub 


  • Price – Rs. 240 for 100ml scrub
  • Packaging –It comes in a transparent sturdy plastic bottle which is a thick plastic bottle which wouldn’t break even if dropped 10 times. The scrub is housed very well in the bottle with a flip flop cover making it easy to bring out the necessary amount of scrub as and when required.


Daily Use Scrub for Sensitive Skin


My Experience with Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub:-


This scrub has small granules or micro cell in terms of Living proof’s language. It works like an eraser, Now when I say that I really mean it rubs your facial skin like an eraser and you get all the dirt in the form of small dirt lumps on your face all over.I Love the after effect feel, after the not- so- easy removal of dirt layer on your face. My face was clean, smooth, soft with a healthy glow. I enjoy this scrub as you like the view of getting the dirt layer on your hand and then have this great feeling of “Now with absolutely clear skin”.  It says “it protects and soothes skin after treatment. Well, I don’t think so. Because if your skin has undergone some treatment, rubbing your face with this scrub is just “NOT-A-GOOD-IDEA.”   Overall, nothing much to say about this scrub, it’s a good scrub which deeply cleanses your facial skin, and helps in getting rid of dead skin layers.


Living Proof Protective Micro Scrub + Swatch



Living Proof Protective Micro Scrub + Effects



Pros of Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub:-


  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Deep pore cleansing scrub
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Leaves soft smooth and glowing skin
  • Good packaging


Cons of Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub :-


  • Doesn’t protect or soothe skin
  • Not an extraordinary product
  • Pricey


  • Ratings – 3.5/5

Will I re purchase Living Proof Protective Micro Cell Scrub? –

It’s a nice product however I don’t think I will reach out to this next time. Too pricey for a scrub. 🙂


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