Livon Silky Potion Year Hamper Giveaway


We have talked Livon Silky Potion here and I did a step by step hair tutorial  here .Now its time for you to win this cute little gift hamper from Livon  Silky Potion and trust me rules of the giveaway are very very simple.

 About Livon Silky Potion :-

Put an end to bad hair days and dazzle it up with Livon’s Silky Potion that instantly provides shine and smoothens your locks.

CutiSoft Formula

The unique CutiSoft formula works to instantly soften and smoothen hair cuticles and reduce any signs of dryness or roughness.

Enriched with Vitamin E

This Detangling Hair Fluid contains Vitamin E that provides loving care and nourishment to your locks and lends it a healthy shine.

Reduced Hair Breakage

This silky potion easily untangles knots and reduces dryness so the comb you run through your hair comes out clean and hairfall due to breakage is considerably reduced.

Manageable and Frizz-free Hair

Frizzy hair is made soft and smooth giving you a well-groomed and sleek finish so you can easily tie your hair up or style that elegant updo.

Cosmetic Benefits

The easy-to-use bottle can be carried along in your purse and applied on-the-go for that attractive mirror shine.

So simply smooth on a few drops to towel-dried hair and effortlessly get hair that is shiny, manageable and happy!



livon giveaway



And the rules are :-

1) Tell us any of your hair care secret in the comment section(+10 points)

2)) Like Liovn FB page and share this post on your fb page(+ 10 points)


Terms and conditions:-

  • Five winners will get above hamper from Livon .
  • Winners will be chosen by Livon team itself
  • Giveaway ends on 9th of Jan
  •  Open to Indian residents only


Have a blast today evening 🙂


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    • Yaaay, here is my entry 🙂

      My Hair Secret – People use leave in when they step out ! I use Livon leave at night before sleeping whenever I feel that the hair ends are rough. Just a drop of Livon at night , I braid my hair n sleep off ! Tadaaa, in the morning bye bye rough/split ends, good morning beautiful hair 🙂 !

  1. I shared this on my wall n liked livon fb page 🙂
    although I dont have any secret

    but I use curd on my hair
    which I keep overnight at room temperature to make it more sour

    and also in strainer to get thicker paste

    Keeping it overnight at room temperature makes my hair more shiny

  2. My hair care secret is almond oil and rosemary water. These two natural products have really helped reverse the damage my hair had gone through with all the chemicals and heat. It also promotes hair growth.

  3. lovly giveawar run here …
    already like livon fb page and your also …
    Fb name – shilpa sahgal
    My hair care tip simple and important – *don’t comb and rub your hair with towel after wash.
    *use oil in scalp and rub use finger tips. ** to important for hair roots.
    *In week take hair spa … for shiny, smooth hair .
    *use conditioners after shampoo.
    simple rules follow and get look, smooth,strong and shiny hair.
    love you 🙂
    fb share link”-

  4. These are no secret, just a few tips learnt from my Maa, they work wonders for my hair..I love egg, yogurt and honey, and my hair loves them too…the pack is affordable and natural…I mix the three and apply all over my hair twice a adds shine to my dull and sun damaged hair…
    Another Hair pack which I love is Olive oil and mashed banana mixed together…

  5. Liked and shared… (and will keep on sharing till last date of this competition) 🙂

    Well I dont have any hair care secret… bt yes I do oilng on my hairs at night and leave it over night and then wash it by mild shampoo and conditioner …. hair oils tht I use ( olive oil + castor oil + coconut oil ) … this moistorize my scalp very well and help me stay tension free… this strengthen my hairs and to give it shiny look I use livon every day… ( healthy+shiny= perfect hairs )……… ” bcoz I luv my hairs” .. ;-)…. ♥♥♡♥♥

  6. Shared the deatils on my fb… 🙂
    well My Hair secret is to let them dry naturally , no heat treatments at all and give them a pamper session with extra nourishment 1-2 times a month with easy Curd + lemon pack ..whcih takes care of the persistent dandruff issue as well. and I get those luscious locks with a healthy bounce.. <3 <3

  7. Shared on FB page 🙂
    Liked livon page already!!

    My hair secret is I apply curd+ black pepper which not only is a good conditioner but also helps to keep the dandruff away… i have oily scalp so I have dandruf problem. I apply this once every 15 days. And I oil my hairs once a week which has amla in it…..this gives them shine and nourishment.

  8. I like livon facebook page and share this post on my fb wall also and here is the link:

    my hair care secret…: I thought it’s not a secret actually…I regularly apply an egg hair mask or banana hair mask twice a month. I alternate these masks as i am a little uncomfortable with the smell of egg…:p .
    for egg mask i blend one egg white,two spoon curd,1 spoon almond oil and then apply on my hair ,then after 1hour wash it… and for banana mask i replace egg with banana and add extra rose water .. I oil my hair with olive oil 2-3times a weak. I follow the hot oil treatment once in a weak… all these things helps to keep my dull fizzy hair shiny and beautiful…

    thank u….wish to win….

  9. Already shared the details

    My hair care secret is the olive oil massage once a week. I also rely greatly on the goodness of egg mask to condition my hair. So far I have managed my voluminous hair with the kitchen supplies like curd, gram flour etc. Here I would include one of the little secrets as told by my mom is the use of a thick paste of Fenugreek seeds soaked in water. This adds shine to my hair and makes them soft.

  10. Here is My Entry!

    Here is My Secret Tip for Haircare in Winters!
    To prevent dandruff in Winter I use “Tea Tree Oil”.

    (1) I add few drops of Tea Tree Oil to My Shampoo while washing my hair.
    (2) I also oil my hair with Olive Oil+Tea Tree Oil (Few Drops) before 3-4 hours of washing my hair.

    Both this works great to prevent dandruff in Winter 🙂 🙂 🙂 Try it out Girls !!

    Liked Liovn FB page and shared this post on My FBpage Too Here

    Now My Fingers are Crossed!!! 🙂

  11. My little secret is my special blend of oils and hot steam with that oil! Makes my hair soo soft and moreover I don’t have to wait with something on my head during the winters ! I usually catch cold during this season if , i use my usual hair mask 🙂

    Love the giveaway !! 🙂 Livon’s first giveaway since I started blogging 😀 Excited !!!

  12. Hey girls, if you wish to know my hair care secret…i would say its mayonnaise….yes that helped me to get rid of my irritating frizzy locks. Now i really love my silky smooth hair a lot….

  13. The best hair care secret which I purely use for my daughters hair is: AMLA.
    Blend Some Amla’s in a Mixer using some water. Then after shampooing your hair at the end use that AMLA water pouring it into your scalp and after that do not wash it off. That’s it. Don’t worry little pieces of AMLA can be rubbed off easily using a towel or they themselves fall when hair dries.
    This is the best hair remedy for think strong and shiny hair and this is something I use for my daughters hair and her hair is extremely lustrous and long ! 🙂
    Shared on Facebook too: Link:

    WISH TO WIN!! 🙂

  14. My hair care secret is my home-made Shikakai Hair Wash Powder.

    Collect the following items:
    Shikakai – 1 cup
    Fenugreek- 1 cup
    Greem Gram – 1 cup
    Curry Leaves – 1 cup

    Dry all the above ingredients in sun until they become completely dry and crisp. Now grind them into a fine powder. Now the shikakai hair wash powder is ready to use. Mix this powder with water and use it, instead of using shampoo. This gives you a shiny & gorgeous hair and you’ll be totally amazed to see the difference.

    Liked livon page.
    Shared on facebook:

  15. My hair care secret is I use L’Oreal Shampoo and condition my hair regularly and keep it stress free and healthy and long

  16. Simple and effective one.
    Mash riped bananas, mix with beaten curds and olive oil. Ratio has to be 1:1:0.25. Apply it for an hour before shampooing hair. Lustrous hair is all mine and yours too.

    And I wash my hair with soap nuts atleast twice in a month. Soak a handful in water, overnight. Drain the pulp the next morning and use it to wash hair. I am telling you, the shine it gives is just equivalent to the sun rays. Yes, you read it right.

    Shared on fb:

  17. I oil my hair weekly and protect them from sunshine and make them smooth by using livon serum.
    I have shared the post and liked livon india

  18. My hair secret is that i oil my hair 3 times a week with slight warm coconut oil infused with hibiscus, curry leaves,amla and fenugreek seeds that my mother makes.I also make it a point to keep my hair & scalp scrupulously clean and btush my hair 3 times a day with 10-15 strokes each time.This is a good massage and enhances blood supply in the scalp.

  19. HI all,

    I have a secret which help my hair look glossy and shiny after a wash. This is really simple and inexpensive. Just wash hair and condition like you would do normally. Give a last rinse to your hair with fridge cold water, towel dry and apply livon! Voila shiny and soft hair it is 😀

    Trust me you will love it!

  20. My hair secret is I massage a mix of Argan oil and Olive oil overnight and the next morning, just 1 hour before shampooing, i apply Aloe vera Pulp on my scalp. It cools my scalp and relieves me from Itching. It also moisturizes and softens them. Sometimes when i do not have time to oil my hair, i apply a mix of olive oil and honey just an hour preshampoo. I am done. 🙂 After rinsing off and towel drying my hair, i apply a nice serum and my hair kiss me a good day. 🙂

  21. I have 4 Hair care secrets

    1) Making a paste out of over night soaked methi seeds, curd, curry leave apply on hair, keep it for an hour and then wash it off with shampoo. Prevents dandruff and hair fall

    2) After 3 days I will oil my hair with a mixture of heated coconut and olive oil keep it for an hair then wash it off with shampoo. Helps in conditioning

    3) After 3 days I wash my hair with shikkakai paste. Free from sls and paraben. Again after 3 days meethi paste pack.

    4)Once my hair stylist told that my hair is frizzy and asked me to use a potion after washing my hair. Then onward I am using Livon silky potion.

    That is it. My hair is showing very good results cause of the above steps and I am really happy about it.

  22. My hair care secret is beetroot juice , shikkai. I use beetroot juice+ Shikkai pack which makes my hair more shine and conditioned. I use methi + Bengal gram pack makes my hair smooth and reduce hairfall and dandruff.

  23. Heat coconut oil and almond oil together and apply it on your hair few hours before your hair wash. Coconut oil acts as a deep conditioner and almond oils adds that extra shire that your hair needs.

    Besides here are some do’s and dont’s to keep in mind:
    1) Avoid washing your hair more than twice or thrice a week.
    2) Do not comb on wet hair and consider air drying your hair naturally instead of using blow dryer which can cause hair breakage.
    4) Use hair heating tools like flat iron and curlers less often to prevent damage in the long run.
    5) Love your hair as they are instead of manipulating them with chemicals and styling tools. Rather speak to your hair salon expert and ask them to give you a hair cut that will suit and enhance your personality.

    FB name: Sharon Monis

  24. Both rules followed 🙂!/?sk=nf

    My Secret-
    1. I never comb my hair when they are wet.
    2. Hot magical oil champi once in a week, and leave it overnight to wash it next day using mild shampoo for my oily hairs.
    My secret hair oil recipe: Equal quantity of Olive Oil, Mustard Oil and Badam Rogan which I mix with whole Fenugreek Seed put it in a glass bottle and then use it as my magical oil for Kaale Ghane Baal :-*

  25. Hi
    Already a liker of Livon page
    shared the post too

    I usually massage my hair with coconut oil at night and then in morning I wash my hair with herbal almond shampoo and conditioner…
    my hair care secret is that I apply heena for conditioning in my hair and occasionally after my hair with herbal almond shampoo I apply a cup of dahi in hair and then rinse it with water, also some time I rinse my hair with the water that we take out from dahi as it really makes every strand of hair silky, smooth, and shining 🙂

  26. Awesome hamper 😀 My hair care secret (mantra!) is “Healthy Food, plenty of water and adequate sleep!”
    I also eat fresh curry leaves & Fenugreek (methi seeds) soaked in water overnight, first thing in the morning since my childhood days and it is said that it avoids early aging of hair (greyness).. also I use ACV treatment (Apple cider vinegar) once a month and it does wonders to my hair texture.. and yeah most important oil your hair (preferable overnight) and wash it off in the morning.. use a combination of oils like almond, coconut, olive and essential oils.. cover ur hair and stay away from pollution, dust, dirt, sun.. 🙂

  27. Wow.. Awesome giveaway with so simple rules.!!
    My hair care secret is very simple yet highly effective. It is the very old Grand ma’s tip. Sesame oil and Shikakai treatment. Every week, i apply sesame oil on my hair thoroughly and massage my scalp for some time. I use wide toothed comb to spread the oil throughout my hair. I wait for half an hour before washing it off with home made Shikakai paste. Very good for keeping hair fall, dandruff and heat related problems at bay. Bonus= It is good for overall health too.
    Fb share link:

  28. My tips for glossy hair(Tips that i have actually tried n they work for me)
    >Mix some white vinegar in the last rinse after shampoo n conditioner.
    >I use coconut cream on my hair every weekend(I make that cream at home by blending fresh coconut) gives me soft n glossy hair.
    >Once a month treatment i use- Mix egg,curd and fenugreek seeds and apply on hair as a mask(works wonders if used regularly..n fenugreek gives that instant glossy effect also)
    >Also the philips kerashine range of straightener that i use works amazingly(i feel it adds some shine due to the presence of keratin)

  29. 1. I cleanse my hair 3 times in a week and never skip a conditioner, and I am a fan of Livon, I have been using it since 2011 and never skip it when i wash my hair, it really keeps my hair manageable, soft , smooth.
    2.I use gingelly oil+castor oil+coconut oil+almond oil+olive oil mixture and wrap a hot towel before washing it once a week
    3. I have amla juice 3 times in a week sometimes i have it with curry leaves as it is said to improve hair growth, sometimes it goes as a hair pack with curd too.
    5.Hair packs would be Banana+honey, Egg+aroma oil, curd+amla+curry leaves, Onion+fenugreek+curry leaves

  30. I liked both the pages!!!

    My hair secret is:
    I use Jojoba oil massage my hair before hair wash and after the wash it makes my hair shiny and smooth with no tangles followed by a couple of drops of Livon silky potion!!!
    It’s easy and works very well.

  31. fb name : Saloni goel
    Fb share-

    ***My daadi is marvelous in hair massage and so i always request her to massage my hairs a night before washing. I use coconut oil boiled with curry leaves ((it turns black and is very beneficial for PreMature Greying and Dandruff)) in summers and add few drops of Badam rogan and olive oil in winters. Next day I wash my hairs using Anti- dandruff shampoo and warm water followed with a Conditioner. This is my regular doing as I don’t have much time in Morning. *****But atleast once a month I use a paste of Henna powder, amla powder, reetha powder and tea water and make a thick paste, let it rest overnight in an iron container. Next morning I apply over my scalp and hairs and leave for 2 hours, then wash off normally.

    But sometimes it really seems impossible, I even don’t have to wash my hairs and then My 4 years strong friendship comes forward with LIVON.
    It makes my hairs from VAMPIRE’S TO CINDRELLA’S IN SECONDS. Works like magic.. Thank you livon





  33. my hair secret is :
    i use curd for conditioning my makes my hair more silky & shiny.. i use to apply hair oil every 2nd night..& massage properly.. it makes my hair more strong & healthy ..somewhere it helps in growth of my hairs..& after bath i apply sall amount of livon silky smooth .as its untangles my hairs.. & makes my hair more silky straight & easy to manage.. i love it & use it almost regularly.. i think i deserve to win this bcoz im a loyal customer of livon products.. truely saying this.. but never got any discount,,hehe so this is the best moment to make me happy 🙂 🙂

  34. Thanks for this lovely giveway. Just LOVED it…..
    My shared link of the post :
    My hair care secret :
    After shampooing ,if u have no conditioner,don’t be upset.Just sqeeze a lemon juice in 1 litre of water (1 mug) ,stir it & wash the hair with the lemon water.Hair will become fresh,shiny & also get nourished.
    U can also use 5 ml brandy to condition ur hair.For that,just add 5 ml of Brandy in 1 litre of water & wash the hair after shampooing.

  35. For me, my long black hair are my beauty crown that makes me feel proud always 🙂
    And thankfully, the texture and quality of my hair is such that i need not to do much for making them look gorgeous. But whatever regime i follow, i do it religiously without any careless miss.

    My Hair Care Secret has been a simple one that is being followed since childhood. I take head massage every weekend with lukewarm pure coconut oil mixed with a li’l camphor (which is not added every time to the oil, but we put few pinches of camphor to a newly opened oil bottle in the beginning itself and use it whenever required). The aromatic camphor strengthens my hair at root level and holds it glossy. It also offers the benefits of non-flaky dandruff-free scalp and a boost in frequency of hair growth. After keeping the hair oiled overnight, a headbath in fresh water is what i opt next morning (strictly NO WARM WATER even in winters).
    Lastly after shapoo, to settle my hair gently; i use around 2 glassful of freshly boiled and strained mint water (after getting it cool) to rinse my hair that keeps my tresses lustrous and scalp refreshed till the next wash 🙂

    FB share:

  36. Thank you so much for this amazing contest. Shared link on FB page… Though I am blessed with beautiful hair texture still i take care of them to protect them from damage. Oiling my hair twice a week is something I never miss to do and if missed my mom is there to do that 🙂 .A good quality shampoo and conditioner is a must for me that suits my hair type and love to use Livon that makes my hair soft , silky and easy to manage. Banana hair mask ( Banana/ olive oil n milk) is something that i love to use to pamper my hair with because it can be made within minutes and results can also be seen very instant. This pack once in a week add shine and health to my hair. other than that, I always allow my hair dry on its own and also style my hair naturally and avoid blow drier, perming, curling, gels unless I have to go for an important occasion . I also trim my hair regularly to avoid split ends and make sure to have healthy diet.

  37. Hair Remedy :: Secret to healthy and bouncy hairs 🙂 Mix 1/2 cup flat beer (pour beer into a container and let it sit out for a couple of hours to deplete carbonation) with 1 tsp light oil (sunflower or canola) and a raw egg. Apply to clean, damp hair, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Or add flat beer only to a spray bottle and spritz onto dry hair. “When the liquid evaporates, the remaining protein residue (from the wheat, malt or hops) continues to strengthen and structure hair 🙂

    Loved the giveaway 🙂 Wish to win…

    Liked livon page and shared the giveaway 🙂

    Fb Name : Yogita Amit Joshi

    Share link :

  38. Nice giveaway.. Love it 🙂 Already liking the Livon page on FB. Shared the post on my wall too!

    I’ve got long poker straight hair (thanks to my genes) I style them in a pony, braid or leave them open. My secret to keep them healthy is good diet with less to junk food. I apply a mask of beaten curd once a week on my hair to make them more shiny, bouncy and voluminous. This works very well with my hair and I’ve been doing since as long as I can remember!

    Cheers :))

  39. Applying honey to hair roots and wrapping your mane in a shower cap or towel for 30 min., will restore shine and bounce to damaged hair.

  40. My Secret hair tip to get Shiny and glossy hair is to apply Egg.Egg adds body and fullness to hair. Whip together one egg and three tablespoons of conditioning coconut milk for a powerfully nourishing hair mask. Coat hair and then cover with a shower cap. Let the mask set for half an hour. Rinse and shampoo. U will get shiny and glossy hair..To add extra shine and glow to hair add 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar as it s made of malt barley grains. Use it as a last rinse and towel dry your hair.

  41. I just love my hair…n that’s the reason why I alwaz try to take some time out 2 pamper them from my busy schedule..I massage my hair with oil in which a few curry leaves n fenugreek seeds have been heated at least once a week…doing it twice a week in winters shows g8 results.

  42. Wow!! Nice Hamper… Shared the link on my FB page …

    As i do a lot of styling my hair & because i have to travel a lot due to office with so much dust & pollution my hair gets damaged faster.

    Also i have to keep my self updated & presentable at all times being at work.

    To maintain my hair my secret is: 🙂
    I message my hair properly with hot oil( which contains Meethi seeds, curry leaves & castor oil) & keep it for couple of hours before washing them.

  43. I am firm in my fanhood for good personal hygiene. I like to shower regularly and I do wash my hair at least twice a week Your hair is an extension of your identity – the cut, color, and length come together to show the world a piece of who you are
    My secret hair tip is Always apply styling cream and sprays to towel-dried not stopping wet hair.

  44. i feel mayonniese is very good for hair.A paste of mayonniese,honey and lemon can be used 15-20 minutes prior to washing makes hair silky soft and shiny.

  45. hair is suppose to be most precious accet of any female so all ladies love it heartly . my hair is li’l dry so i strictly condition it with heena lemon every fortnightly . it not even gives a nice shade but also gives an extra softness and shine to my hair . 🙂

  46. Hair !! Most Beautiful Essence of WOmen’s BEauty <3 I Try a lot to keep my hair Healthy n Shinny 🙂 My Secret 'HOMEMADE DEEP CONDITIONING ONCE A WEEK'- (Combines of Curd+Honey+Coconut Milk+Egg) . I apply this mask in washed hair. Keep this for half-n-hour ,den rinse it off with cold water!
    It really gives a smoothing & Shiny Effect to my hair 🙂 🙂

  47. I prepare a hair oil by boiling 1 cup pure coconut oil + 1 cup pure sunflower oil mix with 5-6 hibiscus flowers, 2-3 amla, few crushed methi seeds & few drops of lemon. Boil this mixture for approx. half an hour, then cool it down & store it in a bottle. Then just before applying, heat the oil in a double boiler & massage with light fingers till it get absorbed. Then wash it off after 2 hours.
    It leaves my hair soft, silky & dandruff free.

    Fb share :

  48. A healthy and glowing hair is an important attribute of lasting beauty and my secret of healthy hair is rubbing the scalp with coconut and amla hair oil along with eating a diet full of nutrients. Proper sleep and healthy mind also try not to blow dry your hair every time you wash your hair , lot of heat will make your hair frizzy and you’ll get split ends faster.Wash your hair every other day because washing it everyday strips your hair from the oils that your hair and scalp makes on its own which help your hair grow.
    That I pretty much what take care of and the rest is our genes 🙂
    Thanks for this really cool and generous giveaway good luck to everyone who participates 🙂


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