Livon Silky Potion for Women on the Move


Livon Silky Potion for Women on the Move

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Travelling is exciting for those people who pop out if their houses once in a while and have a million other things to take care of while travelling than just worrying about their hair. But, if you are someone who stays on the road or air more than you stay in your house, travelling might sound the least exciting to you on some occasions. Well, personally, I am a globetrotter kind of person who loves to travel and see new places and explore its beauty but if it turns to an essential boring chore, I am sure I would be the least interested and all my excitement will be gone…Poof..!!

There are many people who have a career in aviation or are simply involved in the field jobs for which they need to go forth and come back from one place to another as per their job requirements. So, they need to take care of a lot of things for their frequent travelling jobs.


Livon love my hair detangling hair fluid


This post is for all those travel trotter women who travel quite often and need to take care of many beauty woes. Here, we will particularly talk about how they can take care of their hair even while travelling and how a good leave in hair serum like Livon is a must have for frequent travelling women.

  • Hair care while travelling is not an easy job as your hairs are exposed to various climatic conditions including dust & pollution which need to be taken care of while travelling.
  • Hair care while travelling doesn’t means to pack all your hair care stuff in your baggage or don’t carry anything at all with you to let your hair suffer. Ideally a hair cleanser and a leave in hair serum like Livon, which is light in texture, is enough for travelling purpose.


leave in livon hair serum


  • Applying for a leave in hair serum before leaving your house and covering it with a scarf is the best thing to start with so that the serum conditions your tresses to prepare them for your travel trip.
  • Livon has a Cuti-Soft formula which keeps the hair follicles soft & smooth and removes any signs of roughness or dryness.
  • Proper nourishment of the hairs is also essential while travelling so applying Livon Silky Potion which is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E is the best product to use for serving the purpose.




  • The damaging exposure of the sun rays & harsh winds during travelling makes your hair rough & brittle which tends to break over with the slightest of combing efforts, so to help you with this, apply livon silky potion on the hair length to reduce the breakage and roughness from the hairs.


hair breakage


  • The use of Livon also eases out hair fall problems as the silky potion easily untangles the knots of hair and combing doesn’t exert much pressure on the tresses in tangling them.




  • It is commonly seen that while travelling the regular routine of hair care by massaging, cleansing & conditioning is hampered to an extent, so for the most efficient hair care, a hair serum like Livon Silky Potion is an ideal choice to keep the hair manageable and frizz-free, so that you can easily tame your tresses by making a pony tail or a side-braid as per your wish.


frizz free hair care


  • A bottle of Livon Silky Potion comes in a transparent see through compact bottle and has a mess-free packaging so that it can be easily carried along while travelling, unlike other hair oils or serums which tend to spill during travel trips.
  • The best effects of Livon Silky Potion can be seen on shampooed hair as the potion tends to spread much easily on damp hairs in comparison to dry hairs.


livon serum hair conditioning


  • With Livon in your travel kitty, you can sport any hairstyle of your choice or just leave your hair open without worrying about the hair fly outs as the serum easily settles them and make thenm super soft & shiny.

So, with this great leave in hair serum, hair care becomes a much easier job while travelling and you need not worry about the damages caused to your lovely tresses as it is a complete and effective solution to all your hair issues…:-)

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  1. hey Vaishnavi..sad about the hair fall..I think that regular oiling & scalp massage cannot be compensated in any way…For traveling and other hectic episodes this is a perfect product.. 🙂


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