L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume (THE VERT) Review


L’occitane Green Tea Solid Perfume Reviews

Hi All,

I’d never heard of solid perfumes before L’occitaine. TBS also has one but I never quite noticed it. Frankly, I thought it really a weird concept…Why would anyone want to scrape off perfume from a tin and apply it?? The very idea seemed so ‘NOT’ doable.

 But one trip to Kerala, a broken perfume bottle and a hoard of strongly smelling clothes late I finally understood the intention. So when I saw this on sale on 99labels sometime in January I immediately ordered it. Why Green Tea?? Well, just because I envisioned the same fragrance as the Green Tea perfume from Elizabeth Arden…. Before you ask me, ‘No’ this smells nothing like that wonderful scent…and that’s the cause of my mini heart break…

loccitaine green tea review +solid perfume

About L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume:-

Applied directly on the skin, this solid perfume develops and diffuses its voluptuous scent all day long.

My experience with L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume:-

  • Packaging –This solid perfume comes in a tiny tin tub similar to lip balm tubs or the Omved lip balm which a lot of us got as part of the Blissbox (which turned out to be not so blissful). I find the lid a bit tough to handle since its a pull-off lid and sometimes gets a bit jammed. A screw top lid would have been convenient.
  • Price:INR600

loccitaine green tea review +solid perfume review + green tea

  • Color & Texture–It’s a light waxy color but with a tinge of green. The green is so faint that one may miss it completely and think of it as a tub of vaseline. But the amazing part is the texture. Its very light and easy to scoop out. It’s not thick as vaseline and more like a gel cream…It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy and doesn’t burn which is what I was initially scared of.
  • Application– I scoop out a bit with my fingers and apply on pulse points like my wrists, neck & behind my ears. I find application to be a bit of a pain. When at home its easier because then I can use a tiny spatula or a spoon to scoop this out. But while travelling I find it irritating to carry anything else. And I have on qualms about using my fingers despite it being considered unhygienic but I hate how this gets under my nails sometimes..

loccitaine + green tea perfume review +solid perfume

  • Fragrance– This has a very mild green tea fragrance. And when I say mild, I really do mean mild. This was what disappointed me most. I was hoping for a stronger scent but this fragrance is so mild that it doesn’t stay more than 2hrs at best.

My Verdict:L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume (THE VERT) :-

I like the fragrance even though its mild. During winters its lovely since one doesn’t sweat a whole lot then and the fragrance is really relaxing and quite therapeutic while it lasts. On the other hand this is not really preferred in summers when I sweat more and the fragrance seems to disappear sooner, After 2hrs, I can detect a very mild waft of the fragrance. And extreme summers are yet to hit! Which makes me skeptical about using this in the sweltering heat. Personally, I don’t think I’ll get this again. I’d rather pick up another bottle of the Green Tea perfume.

loccitaine green tea review +solid perfume swatch

Pros of L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume:-

  • The fragrance is mild and not irritating or jarring like some.
  • The packaging is what makes it so easy to carry around. Say bye bye to messy accidents of breakage while travelling!
  • Didn’t cause any skin reaction.
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t take much space in my purse 🙂
  • The fragrance is lovely and a treat to the senses.
  • Zero Alcohol content
  • One tub will last quite a while.

Cons of L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfume:-

  • Inconvenient especially for those with long nails.
  • Too mild to survive extreme summers.
  • Pretty pricey…

Have you tried L’occitaine Green Tea Solid Perfumes?


  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Fragrance: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3.5/5

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  1. I so wanted to try these n hence got it during their jan sale..i too have this one but with jasmine..i agree the fragrance is not that long lasting 🙁

  2. gosh its been years since anyone spoke to me so fluently. naka saiba is like the best thing I know to say. Lol Lol You make one blog sale and give it away to someone just for entering!!! 😛 lol

    • haha…dont even try it by mistake shruti…not worth it unless ur ok wid a scent which doesnt last too long 😉

      hav u tried solid perfumes b4?

  3. Ive been in india since 2005….spent 2 years in Goa during the Kuwait Iraq Invasion…..and cause of living in Mumbai I learnt roadside hindi….but I love India i cant imagine being anywhere else….Although I can’t stand Goa really. Our own people are too lazy to work , ready to complain and everyone else is running the place and cheating you….Although my non Goan husband is NUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTZZZ about Goa.

    • i was so excited to try this out…the scent is nice..but longevity is the prob…in summers it becomes necessary to have a long staying perfume/deo…m right now using spray ones and it doesn’t seem t evaporate quick or anything…infact with dove or nike, the scent stays till m back from work 🙂

  4. I avoid anything in tub packaging these days :(, its messy when you have long nails, and then wipe every time you work on keyboard again 🙁

    Hey Gals.. how have you been ?

      • No solid perfumes for me yaar..dipping hand into dibbis is not for me…U know I always have a back up of my EA green tea perfume…super love it…

        • i luv it too…lekkin i wanted t try somethin else to i dint buy it again….m not much of a perfume person so m waiting for that t b over..i thought this wud b a nice substitute lekin sadly it dint work that way…

  5. dud alert! Thanks for sharing!
    Hey anyone plz tell me where to buy Bourjous stuff online???????? SOrry for the disturbance 😛

  6. Me too. I was browsing through net and came across a site that has started seling L’Occitane. I thought a solid perfume would be quite handy. But thanks to you, after your review, I would better not spend so much on this

  7. I’ve had a life that did a 360 on me! I never imagined I would be in India doing what I do. If we meet one day Zara and Anamika….all u need to do is grab some popcorn and you will have a full lenght feature story out of me!!!

  8. a PERFUME/BODY SPRAY should always be one that last long on u otherwise its completely useless acc to me..Even if the smell is mild i m fine with it but it shud last long on me! I Still din knew abt solid perfumes thou..thanks for sharing Zee! M Never buying one! 😛

  9. ok ……….ready for my tip of the day????? If u want your body to constantly smell like u just applied perfume….spray some onto a cotton ball and tuck it in your bra ( in between) its the heat that keeps smell strong all day…. Enjoy 🙂


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