L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream Review


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L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream

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Well I have got a fabulous chain of product reviews for you coming up this month. Envy Box is celebrating their second anniversary this October and their box this month is a huge luxury. I really adored the products this month, but to keep up the suspense I am not gonna share the box contents or show you all the glimpse, so all you need to do is to keep yourself hooked onto this lovely space and keep catching the reviews.

To begin with, I shall review the L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream. L’occitane products are always a treat to have, but I always felt that the samples provided of these products are in very low quantity. Well this time things were different and I received a generous 70 ml of their much raved Arlesienne Shower Cream.

Dig in to know how this product pleased me.

About L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream

This shower cream transforms into a light foam to gently cleanse the body. It leaves the skin scented with vibrant notes, revealing the subtle Arlesienne bouquet: rose, sweet violet and saffron.

The elegant and gracious woman of Arles the Arlesienne is embodied in this feminine fusion of three flowers. Elusive and mysterious, she leaves in her wake a unique trail that lingers wherever she goes.
Made with extracts of rose from Grasse, sweet violet, and saffron from Provence.

Price: INR 490

Net Wt: 70 ml

My Experience with L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream

Packaging: The shower cream comes in a beautiful translucent tube with floral imprints and has a pink colored plastic cap which screw opens. The tube carries all the necessary details mentioned about the product. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The pink color and the floral imprints give the packaging a total girly feel.

Texture: It has a slightly runny consistency and looks more like a shower gel than a shower cream. When taken a closure look, I actually felt like it is a shimmery shower gel. It lathers up really well and is easy to rinse.

It leaves body squeaky clean and yet does not dry it out; however there is no moisturizing effect. During humid weathers you may skip moisturizers but for the rest of the year you will definitely need to moisturize your skin after using it.

Fragrance: It has a mesmerizing fragrance. I am totally captivated by its fragrance. It is really hard for me to describe its fragrance, but to give you all a vague idea; I would say that it has a floral scent like that of a luxurious perfume that lingers for a while.

Overall this is a great shower gel to use. I have used it daily for more than 15 days and still more than half of this bottle is left which clearly means that I have barely used even 25 ml of this.

What I Like About L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream?

  • Decent travel friendly packaging.
  • Nice workable texture.
  • Lathers up really well.
  • Leaves body squeaky clean.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • Awesome floral fragrance.

What I Don’t Like About L’OCCITANE Arlwsienne Shower Cream?

  • Some may find it expensive, but if it’s L’occitane it will definitely have a great price tag.

Rating: 5/5

Will I Recommend: No ifs no buts. It is a great shower cream. You may try it, but please do not expect a magic to happen. My ratings are full only because it has not let me down on any front, it performed just how a fabulous shower cream should perform.

Have you tried L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Shower Cream?

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