L’occitane En Provence LAIT Corporel Body Lotion With Essential Oils Review


Hi beauties 🙂

Today I’d be reviewing L’occitane LAIT Corporel Body Lotion With essential oils. To be frank I just don’t like its fragrance, and my criteria for choosing body lotion (among other things) fragrance does matters ! So I’ll quickly jump onto the review part ….

About L’occitane  Aromachologie Range:

The infinite powers of essential oils offer countless benefits to the body and mind. From plants grown in the Mediterranean region, L’OCCITANE essential oils are extracted through the processes of steam distillation or by expression (cold pressing process for citrus fruit). Both processes are done naturally, without any chemical additives.

L’occitane En Provence LAIT Corporel Body Lotion

This body lotion has 3 main oils, i.e Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil and geranium oil. 

Size : 8.4 fl.oz

Price : $24

Moisturize and nourish with Aromachologie Relaxing Body Milk. Enriched with grape seed oil, it can be applied to even the most sensitive skin. This light and fresh body milk is made with lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils, which is perfect for those seeking relaxation.

L’occitane En Provence LAIT Corporel Body Lotion Review

My experience :

I don’t like the fragrance, though the body lotion is good, non greasy, light and convenient to use. I don’t get the point of “perfect for those seeking relaxation” because I am not fond of its fragrance, and it certainly doesn’t calms me :-/ . Because I can’t seem to be liking its scent (its same as that of hair conditioner from this range I reviewed before), I started using it as a hand lotion and use it at night or right before driving (its winters here now, and my hands get dry while driving).

I would never want to repurchase it (although I didn’t purchase it 😛 ) because of “FRAGRANCE”, because there are various other products available which smell good and are apt.

Here’s the swatch :-

L’occitane En Provence LAIT Corporel Body Lotion Swatches

Its not greasy, and moisturizes the skin nicely, but stays hardly for 2-4hrs. I even asked my friend to use it and comment on the fragrance part & the answer was à :shutmouth: Wish it was fragrance free :rotfl:  The End !! 😛 can’t think of anything else..

Godbless !! 🙂

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