L’occitane Olive Extract Range – Gift Box


L’occitane Olive Extract Range 

One place on earth you are sure to get pampered is where your mom is. I went to my maika(mom’s house) last week. Donno how many of you noticed but I was missing in action for a while. Yes , yes… I was getting pampered. A few things that I always get back from my maika are lazy bones (no work just chilling and getting pampered),  a few kilos on me ( Mom feeding me all my favourite stuff with so much pyaar and dulaar) and a whole lot of goodies my mom buys for me where ever she travels and collects it for me till I meet here. How sweet na? Moms will be moms!!

L’ccitane Olive Extract Range Gift Box+natural skin care

One such thing she got is the L’ccitane Olive Extract Range – Gift Box.

L’ccitane Olive Extract Range  Gift Box items+olive extract

It had four things in the box namely:

  1. L’occitane Verveine Soleil – Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion

  2. Brume Tonique Toning Face Mist

  3. Soin Mains Hand Cream

  4. Olive Soap

It was packed in this lovely signature L’occitane box in bright orange with the logo tree in gold and colors. I was so thrilled to see the box itself.

Here are the details about it one at a time:

L’occitane Verveine Soleil – Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion:-

L'occitane Verveine Soleil - Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion Review+organic skin care products

The lotion is basically light moisturiser cum sun screen with SPF15 for moderate sun protection. It fairly thick in consistency and does not leave white patches on the skin. The moisturiser is very basic. Will work well on me for summers but come winters I need more cream. It has olive extracts, so it’s excellent for dry skin as it keeps the skin supple all day long.

L'occitane Verveine Soleil - Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion Review hand swatch+loccitane

Has a mild fragrance of olive to it. Not over powering at all. Well that’s the way I like it.

250ml for INR 1795 (I don’t think I will buy it again. I love my Shiseido with 50SPF)

Brume Tonique Toning Face Mist With organic Olive Tree extracts:-


Loccitane Brume Tonique Toning Face Mist Review+skin care line

This is basically a toner or a facial mist that is enriched with organic olive tree leaf extract. The product claims to have protective organic olive water and mint essential water, helps to tone, invigorate and moisturise the skin.
Can be used as a toner morning and evening. Can be sprayed or applied with cotton pad. Can be used anytime of the day to freshen the skin. It is certified 100% organic &natural cosmetic product.

Loccitane Brume Tonique Toning Face Mist Review  hand Swatch+occitane

My experience was it really freshens the skin and tones it. I could feel the slight tightening of the skin after the spray tried on my skin. Nice for a daily use toner. Comes with a spray nozzle.

150ml for INR 1250 (Decently priced I think. I pay so much for my Clinique too)

Soin Mains Hand Cream With Organic Olive tree extracts


Loccitane Soin Mains Hand Cream Review+l occitane hand cream

L’occitane is very well known for its amazingly good hand creams. This too is super moisturizing hand crème that leaves your hands soft and supple in no time. It works well on the cuticles too. That this lovely mild olive fragrance and not overpowering again. The moisture stays for a long time, well much more than my current Crab Tree and Evelyn. I would have preferred a floral fragrance but I love its performance.

Loccitane Soin Mains Hand Cream Review  Product Swatch+olive extract benefits

My dry hands become adorable and remain like that for a long time. I so love this thing. It’s my favourite stuff in the box.

75ml INR 1095

Olive Soap
Comes with an olive leaf shaped soap holder. It’s a creamy soap smelling all olive. Olive works wonders on my dry skin. It doesn’t leave my skin stretchy and wanting for moisture for at least a few hours after bath.

Loccitane Olive Soap Review+olive leaf

What more can I write about a soap. It’s a nice soap, moisturizing and lathers well  😛 I like the holder. Gives in a spa like effect to my bathroom.

150gms INR 590 (Bloody expensive for a saboon) 

Overall verdict: It’s a lovely gift and a wonderful gift idea to others too. The products are good too. But if I had to buy it for my daily use I would buy the hand cream only. I wouldn’t shell the extra buck for these products. I have my routine set for skin care. This is a good change for a while.


  1. Heheh avanti i sooo know wht u mean! Although my mum lives ten mins away i still feel like alll i have to do go there if i want sone pampering! I got her the loccitane almond oil showrr gel and guess whos been using it more??? Meeee! I love the gift bix! So pretty it is!

    • My birthday is around 😛 ..just kidding.

      this is perfect ..u know i saw these gift at KL airport but they were around 8-9k 🙁

  2. Me going to my mom’s place tom :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :yippee: :tap-dance:
    Iam so very happy, going after 10 months.


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