Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm Review


 Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals


Winter is here already and it has brought with it a new onslaught of skin problems for me. Dry, dull and flaky skin, not to mention dry lips. My lips get horribly flaky in the winters and my annoying habit of biting my lips certainly does not help at all. Result is battered lips that do not look good at all. Please tell me I am not the only one who has to face this problem every winter!

My lips need loads of pampering and TLC in the winters. Hence, my solution is that I stick to organic lipbalms and avoid any petroleum containing lipbalms like the plague. With this Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm I do not have to worry because it is organic certified and contains a whopping 10% shea butter.


Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm+lip balm reviews


About Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm:

The lightly textured Shea Butter Rose Petals Lip Balm Organic EFT* nourishes and protects, while repairing dry and chapped lips. The non-sticky formula leaves behind a delicate fragrance evoking sugar-coated rose petals.


10% EFT certified Shea Butter (organic and fair trade)

Sunflower oil
Bee’s wax
Rose essential oil from Turkey (0,9%)

Price:Rs. 720 for 15 ml

Packaging: It comes in a sleek steel gray tube with a striking pink and yellow pattern on it. According to their website the color and pattern are inspired by hand-made baskets made by West African women and the blazing African sun. I just love this ethnic touch. You just have to open the screw top, squeeze out the desired amount and apply it with the help of the slanted tip. Easy-peasy!


Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm Tube+lipbalm


Color, Texture and Fragrance: It’s waxy, non-sticky and colorless and one tiny bit easily spreads across entire lips. I know it is supposed to smell of roses, but I just don’t get it. It has absolutely no discernible smell, which is pretty disappointing. I was expecting to get whiffs of “sugar coated rose petals” off my lips, but that did not happen!

My experience about Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm:

As a lip balm this is solid performer. It softens my lips as soon as I apply it, so the result is instant. I apply this at night and wake up with petal soft lips the next morning, which makes my lipsticks look so much better after application.


Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm Package+lip balm review


The best part is that unlike some lip balms which moisturize lips only for as long as they stay on the lips, this one gives more long lasting effects. Maybe it is the Shea Butter working its magic. I use this under my lipsticks as well and it does a wonderful job of preventing my lips from getting dehydrated.

It is a tad bit expensive for being just another lipbalm, but I don’t mind it since it has such an impressive ingredient list. My only gripe is that for this price, it should have contained appropriate SPF. That would made this a definite winner in my books.


Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm Hand Swatch+lips balm


What I like about Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm:

  • It is organic so no chemicals and no petroleum
  • It has high percentage of shea butter
  • Trendy packaging
  • Instantly hydrates lips
  • You need a very small amount
  • The effect is very long lasting

What I don’t like about Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm:

  • Does not smell of roses as the name suggests
  • Expensive
  • Available only at Loccitane outlets
  • Does not have SPF

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Loccitane Shea Butter Rose Petals Lipbalm ?

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  1. I love Fe n tender care when it comes to healing my chapped lips..this one is soo expensive..but then its making ur lips petal soft..i wantt it too..:D

  2. I think my mommy will kick me out to the curb if I try to make her buy a lip balm this expensive but I must say, you definitely managed to justify the expenditure! :p


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