L’occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review


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I love sales and the sheer excitement it brings. Unfortunately, I usually get so carried away by them that I end up picking up far too many things. The L’occitane sale on 99labels was one such sale where I picked up a lot of stuff like the Pivoine Flora shower cream, the Green Tea solid perfume, etc. This facial soap was one of the products I didn’t think twice about before buying since it had been a long time since I’d used soap on my face. The reason being that when I was about 9yrs, I was diagnosed with an allergy to body powders and soaps (I honestly don’t remember which allergy it was) and since then I’ve been using face washes and shower gels/creams. So when I saw this, my interest was peaked and I thought that if such a renowned brand is making a facial soap, it must definitely be worth it….Was I right? Read on to find out..

L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane

Product Claim

Gentle enough for daily face cleansing, the Ultra Rich Face Soap is formulated with a soft vegetal cleansing base. The moisturizing soap is rich in shea butter (8%) and gently cleanses the skin without drying, respecting the skin’s hydrolipidic film. It forms a creamy lather that will leave the skin feeling comfortable, soft and fresh.L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane facial soap

About L’occitane Ultra Riche Visage Facial Soap:

  • Packaging – This oval shaped soap bar comes encased in a plastic wrapper and packaged in a box. I don’t feel this is travel friendly for all the obvious reasons. Whenever I travel I still prefer carrying face wash tubes.L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane soap ingredients
  • Price: INR550  for 100gms
  • Fragrance – Have you tired the Johnsons baby lotion? The pink variant? This smells exactly like that 🙂 I find the fragrance quite soothing and somehow it reminds me of my Mumma 🙂

L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane ingredients

My experience with L’occitane Ultra Riche Visage Facial Soap:

I have been literally itching to do this review. I recall taking the pics sometime in Jan or Feb after which I started using it. Since I was travelling quite a bit and couldn’t carry this with me there were alotta gaps but thankfully I was able to use this for about 2months which I feel makes for an accurate review. Well, I admit I was expecting a miracle. When I pay INR550 for a facial soap from a top notch brand, I think I’m entitled to expect this…But unfortunately this turned out to be quite average.


When I started using this, the weather was still on the cooler side and it did nothing to keep the dryness at bay. My skin felt stretchy after using this and I had to rush to moisturize my skin. However I liked using this in summers when my skin tends to get a bit oily. It kept the oil at bay for about 3-4hrs which is commendable.L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane soap review

Additionally, I wasn’t too impressed with the effect on my skin. I expected blemishes to lighten and just for an overall glow which never happened. It didn’t break me out which is a plus point…but it did nothing extra either. I do like the fragrance but it doesn’t last too long which is understandable given that the scent is mild to begin with. It did help remove some light makeup; but doesn’t remove kajals or mascaras effectively.L'occitane Ultra riche Visage Facial Soap Review+ l'occitane ultra rich facial soap

This just didn’t hit the spot for me. This is how I imagine any other facial soap would work. So why would I pay 550bucks for a product whose effects are as good as a 3040buck soap like Pears or Dove?? I’d rather stick to Lush Angels on bare skin which is much much more effective even though pricey.


Pros of L’occitane Ultra Riche Visage Facial Soap:

  • Did not break me out.
  • Hygnienic packaging
  • Oily skinned gals would like this much more.
  • Has a lovely, nostalgic fragrance.


Cons of L’occitane Ultra Riche Visage Facial Soap:

  • Not travel friendly
  • Too pricey
  • Works like any other normal soap. Nothing special
  • Dry skinned gals should stay awaaaayyyy from this.



  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3.5/5


Have you tried this Facial soap from L’occitane?

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  1. I dont think I have used a soap-face or body, in years.
    I am now being tempted by the lush soaps (because of you *pointing finger*), but so far I have resisted! Thats good! right?

  2. Seriously sad to pay so much for a soap … And to find its a dud .. 🙁 this looks more like those Mysore sandal soaps … I used to love the smell of those … !!!

  3. I though this would be all rich n creamy n intensely hydrating. Too bad yaar… the price is a killer for an average soap :-((


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