London: the Ultimate Destination for Study, Fashion, Food & So Much More


Just a couple of days earlier, I along with a few colleagues were discussing about a colleagues cousin who’s currently studying and preparing for various entrance exams. SAT, GMAT, every possible exam which could take him outside India was what he had set his eyes on.  This entire scenaria resulted in us recollecting our college days and the struggle we went through to even just get a good college. And to think that the competition now is much much more.

 One common fact that bound all us colleagues together was the wish to study abroad. I remember when in my 10th & 12th grade, we had representatives from foreign colleges coming in practically every other day and tempting us with PPTs. Did we give it a serious thought? Yes…We rummaged through all books and webistes for scholarship details and what not. One of the locations a lot of us had in common was London. 🙂 🙂 Sounds so cool right??


Now I have to mention that our reasons for wishing to go to these places were not  purly academical 😉 But who can resist the charm of good food, travel to different city, fashion, and most of all makeup!!! I was surfing onlineand realised that london is still one of the prime destinations for study (and more) Now what could those reasons be???? Read on..

London Universities



For study: London colleges have a plethora of offerings.From Fashion Designing to Architecture, to Business Management, to amazing topics like Cultural studies, Performing Arts, etc, London has it all.  Study London is like the one stop shop for all your requirements. For more details, check out their official site here.

Fashion: With London Fashion Week  in their kitty, London is the most sought out places in the world. The likes of Antonio Berardi, Burberry Prorsum and others, the catwalk is a delight to experience !



Shopping: London boasts of an ultimate shopping experience – and trust me girls if there’s heaven, it’s simply here ! The Dover Street Market,  Wolf & Badger, Vintage shops…. party never ends 🙂

Food:  If you’re after a classic ‘Full English’ breakfast or good old fish and chips, London has numerous places offering a quintessentially British fine-dining experience. Add to it Alfresco dining, organic restaurants and even celebrity chefs – those of you who watch Master Chef USA, can enjoy his signature flavour !

 Beauty  & Makeup: Two words – Lisa Eldridge! need I say more?? I’d jump to even be in the same city as this famous makeup artist. I’d probably go to her building and bow down once a day just to pay hommage!;);)

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So what say ladies ? Would you be interested in studying abroad? I’d say …. just follow your ‘London Dreams’ !


  1. Hey dear Guest! thats an awesome and very true Post!
    Every damn sentence is so true..My friend Nicole is from Uk lancaster and she keeps bugging me on bbm all the time abt LONDON’s studies (she is doing masters in marketing mgmt) abt clothes, make up, life style, food..Over there! I completely admire her for her fashion sense.. So :chic: :beauty:

    Even I wished once to go Australia..but sumhow din work out! 😛 Coz i luv mumbai too much to live n stay sumwhere else.

    But soon i l be going to America for few mths to stay with my cousins and Aunt ! 😀 :hug-makeup: :-* :tap-dance: :dance-left-right: :yippee: :lipstick:

  2. wowww a nice read…. i wld luv to study in london(study less 😉 ) i gave gre n everything was planned but den i met love of my i dont wanna leave india if we go now we will go together to do phd 😀 n oh lisa eldridge she is my idol makeup guru :heart:

    • hehhehehe *DITTO* Tupsiiiiiiiii.. I cant afford to leave him n go.. I will go for few mths n come …dat too he insisted me to go n come.. or else I cant leave him n go!

      He said .. Shop n come! :yippee: :dance-left-right: :lipstick: :tap-dance: 😉 :hug-makeup:

  3. great post…. yes :yippee: yessssss its a great place to study…. and have fun… great place to start a career too…..

  4. Don’t wish too much. You know what their travel brochures for the local british who wish to visit India say??????Bewareeeee of pick pockets. Its a statutory warning all over to British people coming to us.

    We were in the U.K. for a while when I was younger. My moms friend asked her to get a cuckooo clock for her daughter. So we exit the airport and some sped past us on a bike and pulled the biggest package from my dads hand- It was the cuckoo clock! Made of pure wood and ORIENT. ok incident one.

    Then a week later going through a subway in broad daylight in the middle of London dad, mum, baby bro and myself. We were surrounded by a gang of punks and robbed. My dad was stabbed in the arm. incident two

    The people we stayed with were Indians but at 7 they would serve a sausage and cookie and a glass of milk as dinner. So after many hungry nights my dad told them he will do the grocery shopping daily and they and us can eat happily. So the next afternoon he’s at Sava center after spending lots on tons of food hes ready to pick his bags but from inside the store two boys pick the bags and run off.

    While in south hampton that was the worst….as Indians we were not allowed to enter many of the cafes….coloured not allowed!!! Gang wars, rioting on the roads at night. people are also quite poor. their staple diet is from Mc donalds…The lines are so long that people wait outside the shop for a 1 pound burger.

    Inspite of the filth around us and the corruption still nothing compares to India. To be a first grade citizen in your own county is a feeling you should never give up. To be able to eat rice 2 times a day is a privilege not many people in the U.K. have. Yet no matter how poor we at least have that and dal and pickle. In lucknow even the cycle rickshaw wala eats mutton biryani for 10 rs a plate and 2 kebabs for 5 rs. But there an executive too is forced to have a 1 pound burger. Do we shop for second hand clothes here??? There almost everyone shops at OXFAM. Used stuff from Bras to hats. everything!

    • 😯 christina.. did all this happen a hundred years back or during the Great Depression or something..everyone in the world knows tht UK is the biggest welfare country in the world and welcome for any nationalities..and London is more mixed than dubai, newyork, paris, any city….all nationalities live in complete harmony….this country has more foreign refugees than any other country in the world…comparing with india ..u cant go out in mumbai and all after 8pm bcos of major gangwar and the underworld issues
      go and live in brooklyn in US, then she wont come back alive and her views will all change…. in US guns are legal…Dont judge UK when how u went there years back for a vacation….I know people living there for fifteen years…No crap like that happens there..
      btw south hampton is in US… southampton is in UK…

  5. were u in the US or UK… nobody says subway in UK…we say tube..or underground…never say subway….
    coloured not allowed… ha ha…. how can u write so racist comments in a good blog like this… so shocking..
    Sorry Ana I am so outraged…
    downright shocking comment this is…. and a black mark on this blog too…. :shame:

  6. Hi Ife,

    Christina said what she experienced..I don’t think its a racist comment .its just her opinion.Even after living in India we too face problems but that doesn’t stop us from living depends upon the person and the circumstances which one goes through.

    For example -two of my cousin went to Australia and they almost ran away from there as few of the Australian boys harassed them to a point that it became impossible for them to live but after few months one of my friend went there and she is there since 5 years and doesn’t want to come back.

    • but it is exaggeration Ana.. i have lived there for so many years… crime happens in every country in the world… but UK is a true melting pot of all cultures.. I just meant to say it must have happened 50 years back ha ha….
      people including me… get harassed in India also.. but it does not mean i write fabricated stuff… anyway to each her own….
      all is well… :).. all is well….

  7. dear Ife….I was telling the women about my experiences. who wants to tell the world that they were mugged and stabbed? I said subway cause I’m used to calling it that in mumbai.

    I lived out of india for 24 from birth till the age of 24. all over the world. but our experience in the U.K. was the worst. Southhampton in the U.K. this happened in 1995.

    None of this is fabricated believe me. Accusing someone isn’t right. You can always say things have improved but to say that I might be fabricating stuff and that mumbaikar women cant go out after 8 now that is fabrication. I work with stray animals and get calls at 2 am sometimes. I catch an auto and go. The auto wala also says bhabi mein maddad karoon?

    It’s my experiece Ife. Thats why my husband n I left Kuwait where he was minting lacs so that we could live a life where we could walk with our heads held high…..If i was being silly with my comments or racist Anamika would have been the first one to delete my comment. She knows exactly whats apt for her blog and I like sharing my experiences with the women who are regular participants just like they do theirs. No offence to u Ife or anyone.

    • Dear

      @IFE – I understand your emotions as you lived there and relate to the country.I know Christina and no where in her comment I felt any kind of racism but as you said every one has the right to form their own opinion so let it be 🙂

      @ Christina – If any where I would have felt you or IFE are wrong I would have immediately taken some step but as I know both of you moderately well I respect both of your opinion.

      Lets end the issue here .We all face some problem every where.If you ask me there is lot of problem which I faced in Hyderabad and I do have fond memories of the place too but this will happen every where no matter which part of the world one is living in.

  8. I have heard some bad comments abt UK but the time I had in UK was beautiful. If my hubby wasn’t here in India, I would have stayed there. Still now its both our dreams to stay in UK and work.

    I also shifted to sandwiches and cornfalkes when I was in UK since its easy to cook and mainly to reduce weight. But sat and sunday its Indian. Rice with all trimmings.

    U know wat I loved, I can go alone and look around places and everyone wud help me out rather than give weird look or take advantage of me.

    It all depends on our experiences. I wasnt in London. I was in peterborough. On our trip to London we arrived in London at 9:30 pm and roamed around searching for our hotel.

  9. I totally agree with Anamika its just the situation you get into and where you get into… and everybody here loves to share their experience after all that is the only reason we are here. 🙂 Just chill its Sunday (came out due to laziness :D). Hope I am making some sense…!!


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