Long straight hair – Amazing tips and guidelines on how to get straight hair


 Straight hair tips –  Straight hair looks sexy and manageable but if they are not healthy then they are not worth. Many of you must know that permanent straightening chemicals are amongst the strongest hair products in the market today .If you have healthy strong hair then there is no harm trying these chemicals.
To know the health of your hair you can follow this simple test.
Wrap a single strand around a finger and tug your hair. If your hair breaks easily then beware. Your traces might not be able to handle the chemical treatment.

Some important info while chemically treating your hair or getting them straightened.

1. Permanent straightening should never be done on chemically damaged hair or heavily colored hair.
2. Whenever the new hair starts growing we look forward to get the touch ups done again which leads to hair damage.Therefore avoid frequent touch ups.

After learning and getting many chemical treatments on my hair I have taken break from chemical treatment and have switched to temporary straightening solution. It takes time but my hair are too  fragile so this is the only option left for me.

How to straighten hair at home

Process of temporary straightening is quiet simple and one can begin by shampooing and conditioning their hair. While bro drying one needs to keep in mind the shape of the brush. (Bigger the brush the straighter your hair will be)
For ironing towel dry your hair and apply a protective serum (I use my Loreal serum for this) to shield the hair from the heat. Use a comb to untangle and divide your hair into sections.
You don’t require a wide tooth combed for this. Keep iron rod in one hand and comb in another. Unless you need a poker straight hair starts atleast one or two inches away from your scalp. Take one section of the comb hold the comb on the underside of your hair and work your way down to the length of the hair, followed by the iron.
Watch out the tips of your hair as you may burn your skin .Ironing your hair from the back is always a problem for this turn your head upside down and iron. This will add bounce to your hair .
If you regularly straighten your hair then deep condition your hair once in a week at least.



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