Loofah For Sensitive Skin – Suggestions


Poonam asks,

I am looking for a loofah for sensitive skin .Something which doesn’t have much of maintenance as well.Can anybody suggest me something.


Haul combs and felt+a loofah


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  1. You can try using baby sponges. 🙂 U’ll get them in shops that sell baby products and they’re ususally available as part of a baby skincare kit

  2. I agree with Kavita, you can try crochet one’s.. they are much mild. I haven’t tried Body shop’s bath stuff.. but you can have a look. Don’t go for the regular plastic ones.. they have been recently found to be causeof a certain kind of pigmentary disorder in women mostly 🙁

    Most importantly I would like to suggest don’t use a loofah everyday.. Once/ twice a week would be ’nuff to serve the purpose !

  3. i’ve sensitive skin.. i’ve used body shop’s loofah.. it is really soft and the best.. no matter what brand it be, it is very essential to keep them in a dry place and need to change often.. 🙂

  4. I prefer using sponges..u can get adult ones in alot of cosmetic stores or else u can use ones in the baby section..they r a bit smaller but work just as well..

  5. Even I second Body shop loofah,its very soft and of good quality.I have tried using Faces’s loofah but it was so scratchy I had to throw it away


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