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Bonjour ma Cheries! I hope the day is treating you well. I was rummaging through the contents of my wardrobe, when I stumbled upon one of my favourite articles of clothing under a pile of hopelessly outdated pieces (read: fashion disasters).

peplum tops review

This particular number is a personal favourite because, when paired with the right stuff, it can transform into five amazing and incredibly stylish looks.

What, you may ask, is this magical piece of cloth? It’s a peplum top of course! And trust me, it’s a blessing to us Indian girls (at least those of us who are not blessed with a toned belly cause we are just too lazy to work out). The annoying, lower belly problem solver.

Peplum tops are the best way to show off your curves. They go with everything – a skirt, a trouser, shorts, full-flared bottoms etc

Peplum dresses have been popping up everywhere recently and as much as I love those one piece numbers, a basic peplum top is definitely my pick as it is so versatile. It can be used to create multiple looks for different occasions.

I’m using my basic black peplum top (ordered online from koovs.com) as an example and a few other items from my closet (all standard stuff that is bound to be in every woman’s wardrobe).

Look 1:  Party girl!

partylook1+winter fashion for women

partylook2+spring fashion

  • The clothes: Peplum top, of course, and ripped denim shorts (Even hot pants or a denim mini skirt would do). The ripped and faded ones work best. If you have a pair of leather pants…well, i hope they have fire extinguishers wherever you are headed, because you will set the place on fire!
  • The shoes: It’s party night. The outfit is screaming to be paired with an edgy pair of heels. Not your feminine, dainty ones. I’m talking bold, daring! The higher the better!
  • (Just make sure you can walk in them…..clumsily tottering around like a baby calf is not attractive!)
  • The accessories: Break out the bling my lovelies. I’m talking multiple chains/ chunky statement neckpieces/ bangles/earrings/ rings, you know the works!
  • To stash your money and makeup, the bag needs to be either a trendy clutch or an equally stylish sling.
  • The makeup: eyes: smoky, dark, and stormy and  I kept the Lips nude.

And a hint of blush…not too much. Just a touch of colour.

Hair: messy, tousled locks! That just-out-of-bed look.

DON’T! : Don’t go for bright loud colours for the lips. With this look, it could make you look trashy.

Avoid purses. They do nothing for the look. And don’t tame the look with flats.

Please steer clear of stockings/tights. Destroys the look completely!

I now pronounce you…ready to paint the town red!)

LOOK 2: The day to night transformation

Working girls! This outfit is the answer to your prayers! Most of us spend our days slaving away in the office and then rush off to meet our friends to unwind. But it’s kinda embarrassing to show up in tailored formals to a club/pub/ cafe looking as if you are going to whip out a notepad and start taking notes any second. Especially when a lot of other women in the place look like they stepped out of the glossy covers of cosmo). This look caters to both needs. Suitable for office and the moment you whip off your jacket, all set for a fun-filled night. This is what you need…

office -day+fashion designers


  • The outfit: The peplum top (stop rolling your eyes…even though the article is about the peplum, I will still repeatedly write it). A basic black skirt that ends 1-2 inches above the knees (straight fit).  A killer jacket. (Basic, structured and well-tailored)
  • The shoes: Basic flats (ballet/loafers) or kitten heels
  • The accessories: A large tote or purse, whichever you regularly carry to work. A sleek watch. Tiny ear studs. Minimal works best.
  • Add a pair of glasses for that intellectual look (this is optional)
  • The hair: Sleek ponytail, swept away from the face for that formal, business-like attitude. Keep it in place with a spritz of hairspray.
  • The makeup: avoid plastering your face with too much makeup. It is simply unacceptable for work.Basic nude or toned down colours for the lips, a bit of blush on the cheeks, a dash of mascara on the lashes and you are good to go.And be sure to stack a lip gloss in your bag for when you are heading out.Just whip off your jacket (stash it in your car) and dab on some gloss. Instant transformation!

DON’T! : Steer clear of A-lines and ill-fitting skirts. You don’t want to look like ugly Betty! And keep the top and skirt in solid colours and monotone. No colour blocking!(Not for office)

Avoid high heels for this look.

Don’t plaster on too much makeup and stay far away from chunky jewellery.

Don’t do messy buns or low ponytails! It looks like you didn’t even bother to check your reflection before you stepped out.

LOOK 3:  The devil wears Prada


Ah! One of my favourite looks! It makes you look like a glam diva! Like one of those understated chic celebrity looks is uber stylish without looking as if you tried too hard. This look is only appropriate for a slightly formal event at fancy venues. Don’t try to work this look at office, unless you work in the fashion industry.

devil wears prada+fashion websites

  • The outfit: Yes…the peplum top of course! And a basic pencil fit skirt in a different shade from the top. (I’ve paired my black peplum with a blue knee length pencil skirt)
  • The shoes: Match the shoes to the basic colour of your outfit( for example…I am wearing a black top, hence the black heels…or if you are opting for a bright coloured top and a basic coloured skirt, then go with the colour of the skirt). High heeled pumps work best.
  • The accessories: Sleek watch, slinky necklace, trendy clutch! Add a statement ring. (For a daytime event, put on a pair of oversized shades)
  • The makeup: Eyes: winged eyeliner (60’s style) and matte red lipstick.
  • Lips: Bright colour! (Break out the red/orange/coral) take your pick.
  • The hair: Sweep it up into a top knot on your head. Insta Glam!
  • This look also works well with long straight hair left open.

DON’T! :  Don’t do very severe colour blocking or go for too many crazy prints…it takes away the whole essence of the look and could make you look like a fashion wannabe!)

Don’t go heavy on the eye makeup….Your bold lip colour is the only statement you need.

Don’t go for chunky jewellery. Keep it minimal.

LOOK 4: The girl next door!

We have discussed so many diva looks. But this top can also be used for that sweet, innocent, girl next door look! Perfect for hanging out with the girls, trips to the mall, chilling at a cafe…you get the point.  Here’s how to go about it;

gir lnext door+fashion trends

  • The outfit: Pair up the top with your favourite pair of skinny jeans/ slim fit colour pants.
  • The shoes: Experiment with strappy sandals, printed or pop colored flats, even cute wedges. This is a fun, easy look.
  • The accessories: Dainty pendant necklaces, bright colored bangles/ charm bracelets, cute hair bands (maybe with a bow or flowers).
  • Totes and slings work best with this look.
  • The makeup: Eyes: Eyeliner and red coral lips.
  • Lips: pop colours/ reds/corals/ pinks (whichever works with your choice of accessories )
  • The hair: Loose curls which have that natural wavy texture set off this look perfectly.

Dainty, feminine, super girly!!

DON’T! : No heavy eye makeup, high heels or severe hairstyles! Remember…this is a fun, relaxed look.

LOOK 5: Our tricky little number!

This is a really cool look, but a little tricky to carry off. It does not suit all body types. Straight and pear shapes can carry off this look with relative ease. The rest, well….be careful. Only wear it if you are absolutely certain it looks good on you. If done correctly, it will make you look like you just strolled off the runway. If done wrong it will make you the next target for the fashionistas wall of shame!

tricky number+spring fashion

  • The outfit: Team up the top with a solid coloured pair of palazzos.
  • The shoes: High heels ladies! (The higher the better) Wedges, stilettos and platforms all work with the look
  • The accessories: A chic leather bag and a pair of oversized shades (for a day event)
  • The makeup: Eyes: Eyeliner and mascara
  • Lips:  stick to the classics. Either a subtle nude shade or a matte red (make sure the shades suit your skin tone)
  • The hair: sleek and straight down your back or swept into a chignon (low bun) or a top knot.

DON’T! :  No flats! It will make you look frumpy. This look needs all the extra height it can get.

Loud makeup is again a no-no! Minimal keeps it looking fresh and understated.

Avoid glossy lips. Use matt lipsticks.

If you can pull this look of, you will turn heads wherever you go. It has that subtle sophistication and richness that draws appreciative glances in your direction.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you ladies found this article helpful. I must get back to pillaging my wardrobe again. Will write again about the other fascinating discoveries I will stumble upon in there.

Au revoir dearies.

P.S - I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (www.facebook.com/Prevasu)

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  1. I clicked here thinking that I may not like what I see, I kinda hate peplum trend. But wow, you changed my mind. I love almost all the looks! Din’t know peplum was so versatile.

  2. lovely post… i kept myself away from wearing peplum a long time because i am fat and i thought it will make me look more fat .. but the dress was so beautiful nd i order it anyhow thinking if it doesnt suit me than i ll return…but i am amazed…it made me look infact slimmer… nd i got lots of compliments… gonna buy few more peplum <3

  3. WoW !! amazing post !!
    this post had me fall in love with peplum once again , I so love it, but yet to have one 🙁
    Seems like I am not gonna wait further…
    Checking out ur FB page right way *click* *like* Done 😀

  4. Peplums looks so versatile :yes: really nice post to let us know the diff way we can try pairing 🙂 U look superb hot Prerna :))


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