Look Book – Eye Makeup With MAC Saffron Eyeshadow And MAC Ricepaper


A reader Neha asked me to do eye makeup with lots of kohl on lower as upper lashline.I have generally seen bengali girls wearing thick kohl like that and there eyes  look so appealing:) .I thought of trying the look with MAC Saffron eyeshadow and MAC Ricepaper today .So thankfully I  shifted from purple for a while:P



MAC Saffron eyeshadow And MAC Rice Paper

Eye makeup Breakdown:-

  • Primed my eyes with a primer
  • Applied MAC rice paper on 3/4th of eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.
  • On the outer corner used saffron eyeshadow and made a “V”
  • In the crease used chocolate brown from Maybelline chai latte and MAC rice paper as a bro highlighter.From the crease to my eye brows I applied the highlighter only.
  • Applied MAC Smolder on my the upper lashline and lower lashline and gave it a winged eyeliner look.As the smolder smudged a bit I use Q tip to remove off the excess kohl


eye makeup with MAC Saffron eyeshadow



MAC Saffron eyeshadow and rice paper



Look book MAC Saffron eyeshado and MAC rice paper


  • Mascara – Forgot to apply 😛
  • Foundation – Lakme perfect radiance foundation and compact
  • Blush Lakme earth rose blush trio
  • Lipstick – Colorbar 006 Terra(This is one of my favorite orangish coral )


Make up look with MAC Saffron eyeshadow


I have seen Bipasha basu using these kind of looks though I am nowhere near to her expertise but I enjoyed doing the make up look:P


Do you like using thick kohl ?

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  1. OMG, day by day I’m becoming huge fan of your looks Anamika :inlove:
    Gorgeous, did u color your hair or is it flash?
    Mascara nahi hotoh itna beautiful hai, agar mascara hotoh :hypnotized:

  2. ANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA am going to kill you 🙂
    you looking awesomeeeee honey 😀
    GORGEOUS just superb sweetie 😀 😀
    now i have to pick saffron ASAP 🙂

  3. i must say anamika this u r luking awesome. this luk is very beautiful 🙂
    nw m going to get both these colors as soon as possible.

  4. Neha you can get rice paper but not saffron eyeshadow..it was in MAC limited edition 🙁

    there is a close dupe of saffron in there permanent range but i don remember the name of it 🙁

    • Hi Chanadana, I have never tried any video thingy..but hope so will do in future:)
      till then you can read the break down and manage 😛

    • i will check and let you know…this is a year old lipstick which i use almost every day..it completely covers my pigmentation..:dance: :dance:

  5. ANA … its 12.01 and am here again to see your look 🙂
    superb sweetie 🙂
    i was busy whole evening and first thing m gonna do tomm is call my MAC and ask them to see if they have saffron 🙂
    otherwise you have na : 😉
    😥 😥 😥 mujhe de dena pls :shy: :shy:
    now am feeling sleepy :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

    will call tomm 😀 😀
    once again awesome :-* :-*

  6. :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

    You are my God in makeup !!!!

    The blending – Awesome !! Colours- Dramatic and WOW !!!

    Over all look -Out of the world !!!

    One of the best looks….

    • ohh no Mitra…I am just no where …i have long long way to go …seriously..

      and let me keep that in mind otherwise how will i improve:)

      :-* :-*

  7. actually no 🙁 i did not see even pak’s batting. reached home at 8 till then the atch was finished 😐 😐 …….. left late from office yesterday…
    but is it? were they so bad 😯 😯 they played decently in previous matches…. bang must be thinking that isse accha hum chale jate Q-final me :giggle: :giggle:

      • lol! i hope indian cricketers dont play like school boys 😛 😛
        i was watching news yesterday and almost every news channel was showing something on todays match… even in the morning on my way to work.. it was match all over the FM…. everybody’s so excited for todays match.. :fingersxd: :fingersxd:
        i wish i could be able see the whole match :-(( :-((

  8. Anu just wanted to let you know..that Shahnaaz Hussain concealor that i got is actually a good buy….the colour blends and you just need a little compact …i’m using it as an eye base….working beautifullyy..


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