Eyemakeup With MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline


MAC Dark Diversion FOTD

This post is for Dr. Shilpa:)

Few days back I shared with you MAC Dark diversion which is a beautiful persian plum fluidline.When I was thinking of doing eye makeup with it there were many combination which revolved around my  mind.If one is wearing it office then wearing some neutral beige with dark brown in the crease and this fluidline would have looked fab.If you want I will do office look someday but  for a change  I did more of a bridal look with MAC dark diversion.

I used just pink and gold of Chambor geneve daling sphinix 29 eyeshadow. You can use similar color there is no hard and fast rule  provided you have the MAC Dark diversion 🙂


Bridal Makeup Look India

so lets start with the tutorial

Step1 – I primed my eyes by applying some foundation and dabbed loose powder over it

Simple Bridal Makeup Look

Step2 – Applied dark pink (it looks like more of a caramine pink to me).Started from the outer corner I stretched the eyeshadow slightly ahead from the middle of the crease.Made  a V on the outer corner.

Like so,

Simple bridal makeup look

Step3 -Applied bronzy gold to the eyelids and the same gold from the crease to the brow bone.Blend all the colours to remove harsh lines.


MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline Tutorial

Step4 – Applied MAC Dark diversion fluid line as eyeliner and gave it a small winged eyeliner look.This way my eyes look wider.I filled my brows with Body shop brow set and curled my lashes, applied mascara.I applied dark teal colour eyeliner of chambor which I think has been discontinued now.

(To make the application easier I added some fluidline in dark diversion.)

Look Book -Bridal

Step5 – Applied  two coats of colorbar mascara and I am done 🙂

Look Book - MAC Dark Diversion fluidline Tutorial

These were the few products which I used in this eye makeup look

Chambor Geneve Dazzling Sphinix 29 eye shadows

MAC Dark diversion fluidline




If you have any request for eye makeup look then just shoot 🙂

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    for doing this simple yet super duper lovely look and for dedicating this post to me…….coudn’t feel more flattered……….i kinda blushed wen i read the first line of this post…..read twice thrice……

      • mac guru…..kya hua ap itne angry kyu ho mujhse???????maine aisa kya kiya….?????hmmmmmmmm????????and why this sad smiley…..?
        waqise ap kahan ghum rahe ho ajkal….????

        • hahhahha……well yes zara i m an orthodontist….the doc who put braces on teeth………
          and i like that…..flaunting your dr status thing…… 😀 😀
          but dr shilpa sounds so oldie kinds….wat say…..zara and anamika…??

          chalo lemme flaunt my status a little…..yeeeeeeee i m dr
          huuuuuuu ….. hahahahhahahaha 😀 😀

          • Oh My!! U fit braces?? hey bhagwaan! M dead scared of those..I was told to fit braces once co I have a tooth which kinda grew upar se in total dracula style..But i was terrified I never went back to the doc and convinced my mom it was a lucky tooth for me..hehe..

            • yes yes….i m already a consulting dentist for dear mac guru…..and i m more than happy to be of nay help to u pretty ladies …….feel free to ask me anything about ur dental troubles…….
              and zara …..is ur lucky tooth proving lucky enuf fr u….??? 😀

  2. Simple and perfect A!

    Tere mast mast EK naaaainnn, hamare dil ke le gaye chaayyyynnn, Tere mast mast EK naaaainnn, hamare dil ke le gaye chaayyyynnn, …… :inlove: :inlove:

  3. That is really pretty Anks! I like your color combos 😀 I noticed you have applied a very line of the DD fluidline..

    My method of application is a little different. I apply a nice thick line on the upper lashline.. & then I smudge a little bit (whatever is left on the brush) – on the lower lash line.. 😀 Just thgt I wld share how I do it 🙂

    • i liked the suggestion Tanz i will surely try it out..i do smudge it when i wear it with a beige eye shadow but dont use the extra on lower lashline..

  4. Loved it…i will copy this also..me a copy cat of ALL the looks on Wiseshe..but definitely a far cry from what you do with colours…you are just amazing…

  5. :inlove: :inlove: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: Pretty pretty look. Now send em all of these so that I can copy cat 😀
    You know I want this fluidline so badly. But me bankrupt now. Don’t know if it will be available by the time I get my pay cheque :-((

  6. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* super duper HIT ANA :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* i so loved this and want your next eye look dedicated to me
    i want my name thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

  7. Yeah yeah I can see them now & yeah what a gorgeous look 🙂 Anamika tell me one thing, which I never understand that why in any eye make we use different shades of same colour?? I mean if I want to do eye makeup in pink, Cant I only use one shade of purple?? & why do I have to use different shades of purple like you used in MAC vibrant grape tutorial ?? hope you understand my query 🙂

  8. i think all of u here should VOTE FOR ME as the voting ends soon and WOW…ive been pushed down from where i was yesterday 😛
    yeah so help me with the votes ladies…love u all :-))
    heres the link…just LIKE LANCOME INDIA’S PAGE N then go to theor top 3 finalists album n VOTE FOR ME 😉 i can see PR really helps when i compare my votes with the other 2 girls!!!

      • :smug: :smug: you said i only love you when you do some looks… so no comments on ur FOTDs now….
        you doubted my love for you… oh it hurts :brokenheart: :brokenheart:


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