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Lakme Fantasy Collection – Lakme Cheek artist peach blush review

This is the first time I have used a blush stick as I tend to stay away from them because of my oily skin.Lakme cheek artist cheek blush is from Lakme’s fantasy collection and has two shades in it.

1.Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush

2.Lakme Cheek Artist Kiss Of A rose

Lakme Cheek Artist Blush Review

Initially I found it too creamy but now I am using it almost every day:D:D.One does need little bit of practice while using it however once one get hang of it becomes a few seconds activity.

Price – Rs 395

Lakme Cheek Artist from Lakme – The easiest and most convenient blush of all time.Simply twist and apply directly on to cheeks for a radiant natural blush.

Lakme Fantasy Collection Blush Review

This is a bright creamy peachy coral shade with hint of micro shimmer which are barely visible but shimmer in it do add extra shine to the face.


Lakme Cream Blush Review

Swatches of Lakme cheek artist peach blush


Lakme Peach Blush Review

Because of my oily skin cheek blush stays barely for two hours  .To make it last long I use my MAC Bite of an apple blush which is of almost same colour.


Lakme Kiss Of  Rose Review

I just dab my blush brush in the MAC bite of an apple blush



Lakme Kiss Of A rose Cheek Artist Review


and apply it on the cream blush after blending  it.This way the cheek tint stays throughout the day on my skin.


Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Review


What I liked about Lakme Cheek Artist

  • Blending is super easy and it doesn’t settle down on the pores.
  • The colour :D:D I like it
  • It is nicely pigmented
  • Can be used as peachy coral eyeshadow too πŸ˜‰

What I don’t like about Lakme Cheek Artist Blush

  • Only thing is the staying power and that too is obvious because I have oily skin.Cheek artist is going to be dry skin favorite I believe
  • Little pricey if we look at the quantity

This is how it looks on me.I tried hard to show you the color on my cheeks but I guess I failed :(..Never mind we can play spot the blush here :D:D

Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Review

Will I recommend it to others-

Yes, especially if you have dry skin then Bingo!!! Just go for it :dance::dance:.Oily skin will have little staying power problem of the blush due to hot and sweaty weather but if you top it with a powder blush then one is good to go.)Also don’t forget to check the  packaging  before buying it as there can be some twisting problem in some of the sticks.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. me also spotted the blush …. count my entry pls :rotfl: :rotfl:
    but jokes apart you are looking awesome anamika :-* :-* :-*

  2. wow nice subtle blush ! u r looking beautiful as usual ! i have combi skin so will skip it !

    anamika i want to buy some perfume……….but there are so many in the market that got confused ……….right now i have gucci envy me and body shop aqua lily body mist…….want to purchase few more…….plz help me!

    • Arti ..i never buy perfumes they are always gifted to me and most of the time by my husband πŸ™‚

      i recently was gifted Organza by Givenchy which I am completely in love with πŸ™‚

  3. good morning Anu…i’m still in Delhi, my train is on 8th apr but packing mei busy hu aaj-kal + we also had a local shifting from an old flat to a new building so just was not getting place and time to set up & sw/on PC!!

    never than less, i made time and now will read all the articles…

    this cheek artist was in my wish list but i think i should think a lil more coz me too super oily :pain: and in delhi’s summer i just avoid creamy makeup :-((

    • hhh.Mitra you are going to love it..some how now i have developed an instinct what u will like and what not :rotfl: silly naa:P

  4. Thanks Tanz..u r the 1st one who noticed it …I cut them by myself with clear clip..:D:D though just trimmed them :D:D


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