Look Book – MAC Golden Olive Pigment & Melon Pigment – Pigment Series 4


 MAC Golden Olive Pigment Review, Swatches &  Look 

Yesterday I took out all my pigments and started swatching them and while playing  I came out with this look.I particularly wanted to do a simple party look where all the attention goes to the eyes without looking too much and this is the final look which I could think of.Can you give this eye makeup a name  as I couldn’t think of any 😛


MAC golden olive pigment eye makeup+green gold pigment eye makeup


I used MAC Golden Olive pigment which is one of the most beautiful pigment in my stash.You can check out my my MAC pigment collection here.

About MAC Golden Olive Pigment:-

It a beautiful light shimmery green which has golden undertones to it.It’s a shade which one can be used on its own .Pigmentation is amazing and as we don’t get sample size jar here and  buying it whole is costly,  but it will last you ages or it might never get over only:P.Staying power is amazing and it lasts whole day.Pigments stays really long .Once applied you do not have to think about reapplication.

MAC Pigment Price:-

Rs 1300 for 4.5gms.This jar comes in back to MAC policy.


MAC Golden Olive pigment+MAC golden olive pigment+ mac golden olive eyeshadow+ mac golden olive swatch,


MAC Golden Olive Pigment Eye Makeup Tutorial:-


  • Step1 – Primed my eyes by applying Lakme white intense colorstick concealer stick.
  • Step2 – Blended the concealer and dabbed some loose powder over it.(I used Kryolan loose powder)
  • Step3 – With MAC 239 eyeshadow brush applied MAC Golden olive pigment all over my lid .Shown in pic 3 below)
  • Step4 – Applied MAC Melon pigment in middle of the eyelid and blended the colour with the same brush.

MAC Golden olive pigment eye makeup tips+party eye makeup tutorial


  • Step5 – Applied MAC melon pigment in my crease too with MAC 226 brush  as shown in the picture below (1st pic)
  • Step 6 – Applied MAC Naked pigment from the crease to the brow bone area .
  • Step7 – I applied the pigment on my lower lashline with a damp brush. .If you think lining lower lashline will be difficult then you can use MAC Expensive pink shade(A coral pink shade with veluxe pearl) too.
  • Step8 – Applied winged eyeliner with Tips and toes liquid black eyeliner as shown in the pic.
  •  Step9– Curled my lashes and applied lots of mascara.(Used Max Factor Volumizing mascara black/brown)


MAC naked pigment green eyeshadow eye makeup


Swatches of MAC Golden Olive , Melon & Naked pigment



MAC Melon pigment swatches MAC Naked pigment swatches


and here are all the products which I used 🙂


eyeshadow tips for brown eyes body shop brushes


 Have you tried MAC Golden Olive Pigment ?

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  1. The pigments are beautiful …A!! :heart:
    And ur eye make up is as usual So gorgeousssssssssss!! :inlove: :chic: :beauty: :lipstick: :rose:

  2. magic al over again… :chic: i rely rely wonder how u can do it so effortlessly!!! :inlove: amazing job!!! :yes: :yippee: :hug-makeup:

  3. good one Ana!! i agree we need subtle makeup…can u help me with a look for a @ home party?
    my sister graduated and we are throwing her a surprise bash this weekend…

  4. Lovelyyyyyyyy….as ALWAYS :hug-makeup: Anaaaa I want u to do this look for me…it’s blended beautifully. Now let’s think of a name for this…..hmm…..like zee said this reminds me of hawaiii. The melon in the centre is like the sun setting. So we’ll give it an exotic name: “Hawaiian Sunset!!! :cute:


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