Smoke It Out With MAC TILT & MAC Knight Divine Eyeshadow


My love for smokey eyes can never die infact with my unending shopping list the passion just keeps growing up.That is why I recently bought the two famous eyeshadow  MAC Knight Divine & MAC TILT and I am having lot of fun with them.:)

I wore this eye makeup in a dinner party and before leaving home I took some photo shots.This eye makeup might look difficult to some of you but in reality it is super duper easy.

Gorgeous duochrome, mermaid colour when swatched and in the pan+SILVER BLUE EYE MAKEUP

Two main eyeshadows used are

  • MAC TILT (Left) –

It’s little difficult to describe  this shade.It’s a mermaid shade which describe as bright violet duochrome with blue -green opalescent shimmer by MAC .As per me its a medium blue shade which is nicely pigmented but need a good base underneath.It blends out effortlessly and will go well on most skin tone .A blue lover will definitely going to adore this shade.

  • MAC Knight Divine(Right) :-

It’s a dark grey shade which blends out effortlessly.If you like dark bold shades or smoky eyes then it might be of your interest.This shade can be paired with pink, blue, greens and many other shades of your choice.


Swatches of MAC Knight Divine & Tilt Eyeshadow:-



Here is the step by step eye makeup tutorial with MAC TILT & MAC KNIGHT DIVINE:-

  • Step1 -I started with my urban decay primer and used it as a eyeshadow base.Swiped it across the eyes and let it dry for few seconds.Applied MAC Tilt eyeshadow with MAC 239 eyeshader brush.I applied the eyeshadow from the  eyelids and took it little above the crease.
  • Step2 – With a flat brush applied MAC Tilt eyeshadow again on the lower lashline as shown in the picture below.
  • Step3 – For a typical black smokey look you can use black eyeliner but for a change I used blackend green shade above the upper lash line drawing it thick in the middle of the eyes.
  • Step4- Now with a line softener blend out the eyeliner shade  taking it upwards.
  • Step5– I applied the eyeliner on the lowerlashline as well and blended it out with the same body shop line softener.
  • Step6 – Darkened the crease with MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow in the outer V.This is where you get the smoky effect.
  • Step7 – Applied black kohl on the waterline and applied  mascara.

I am done 🙂

Sorry about my undone eyebrows .I am growing them a bit  nowadays.


Have you tried MAC Tilt & MAC Knight Divine Eyeshadows? How would you like to pair them up ?

P.S – Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday 🙂 I am planning to shop some baby products and meet some relatives.How about you ?

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  1. woahhhhh OMG 😯 am dying 😛 killer eyes 😉 😀 it’s sooo beautifully done and superb blending ohhh am amazed :hypnotized:

  2. WoW! Evry1 at the dinner party mustve been staring at ur pretty eyes :chic: Using the green with this is a fab idea :yes: Adore the look! :heart:

      • Oh hehe …i wish i cud attend a party where evry1 wears smoky eyes Sigh!! :struggle: here, it’s so rare to see sum1 even wearing eye liner! 🙁

    • aww :/ then tats for sure tat you will stand out 😀 u should be happy about it 😉 even i was thinking the same thing tat everyone at the party must be staring at her eyes only 😛

        • i believe whatever you do, the thing which makes you stand apart is the poise with which you carry it 🙂 and am damn sure no one can have enough poise to carry this bold yet beautiful eye do better than you :hug-makeup: 😀

  3. wowwww that was sooooooo simple yet hawtt sexy look.. me trying this for sure.. got a dupe of the MAC shades! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 :tap-dance: :beauty: :lashes: :chic: :inlove:

      • I like Smokey eyes very much….But, there is very less chance here in chennai do to that and go out 😛
        I will try it when i am going parties and events…still my favorite makeup is eye makeup :-*
        Tell me some good eye liner which won’t irritate eyes…. ?:-) please

  4. Sexxxyyyyy!!! Absolutely mindblowing A!! Tilt is just so pretty…i thot id like knight divine more but actually Tilt just runs asway wid d prize here…gorgeous!

  5. lovely !! u have got such lovely eyes A !!! like those deer eyes type … and ur make up is precise and accurate.. i think makes it stand apart .. !! :heart: :heart: :heart: :lashes: :lashes:

  6. Thats a stunning look A for a night out..loved it on yo.. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: ..Missed yu all people for a longgggggggggggggg timeeeeeeee..and am back nowwwwwwwwwwwww…:)) :))

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ana………………..iam totally fidaaaaa on ur eyes…..Just beautiful. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :chic: :chic: :chic: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty:

  8. I find MAC products quite costly. I’m not a person who will spend such a amount on eye shadow. I’ll go for a cheaper yet nice product. I tried using Very Me Eye Envy for a while and I found it quite amazing. Really! And It’s easy on pocket too!


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