Look Book – 5 Eyeliner Makeup Look With Maybelline Gel Eyeliner


Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner

Ohh Gosh !!!I spend the whole day trying new looks with Maybelline Gel eyeliner .I purchased the product some six month back , loved it and then placed it some where.Yesterday while cleaning closet I found it and my love for the eyeliner blossomed again :P.In past I have tried so many looks with this eyeliner but have shared it here few times so today I thought of compiling the looks.I won’t say that I did various looks but what I did was tried different ways of using gel eyeliner.

It is just awesome fun .

Those who are unaware of this beauty product.Maybelline gel eyeliner price in India is INR Rs 375 (around $ 7-$8).It is a matte black gel eyeliner.You can read the complete review of gel eyeliner here.


Maybelline Gel Liner Review

When I first started using it, it was a bit dry so I added drop of Inglot duraline which was a gift from Rashmi :-*.If you don’t have  the duraline then you can place the gel eyeliner pot in lukewarm water(with the lid closed:P) .This will warm it up and soften the gel.There is one more trick which I had used and worked for me :D:D.I know I am a bit crazy :P.I placed lactocalamine lotion drop on my hand and added  pinch of  gel eyeliner in it.Mixed and applied it.Lactocalamine didn’t get mixed properly but when applied on eyes it doesn’t show its tint  and all I  saw  was soft Maybelline gel eyeliner.:)


Inglot Duraline Review

Alright to start with the first look  I applied the liner on my lower as well as upper lashline.This look generally suits those who have olive shape or big shape eyes.If you have seen Bengali girls then they just rock in this look.I too like to wear it sometime and people often have asked me whether I am a bengali 😛

Indian Makeup

I just applied bronze eyeshadow on my eyelids and the gel eyeliner.Applied lots of mascara and was done with the look.


How to apply MAC Gel eyeliner

This is the second look which is a winged eyeliner look.Applied pink of body shop shimmer cubes and gave thick winged eyeliner look to my eyes.


Best and different ways of applying liquid eyeliner

This is the third look in this I tried to make my eyes look bigger.For this I applied very thin eyeliner initially and slowly started increasing it size.In the end  I gave slightly gave it a  winged eyeliner look.You will see Angelina Jolie using this kind of gel eyeliner look though her eyeliner are glossy most of the time .

How to apply liquid eyeliner

How can this eye makeup look with gel eyeliner series be finished without the smokey eye makeup.I just love love smokey eyes .

Smokey eyes with gel eyeliner

By the time I finished up this look it was evening and you can see  how beautiful the blue colour eyeshadow is looking. I wanted to use MAC Marvel for smokey eyes but  I have done so many looks with this particular  eyeshadow that I was hesitant of  picking it up again :D:D


Look Book- Smokey eyes with Maybelline gel eyeliner

In the fifth look I just had fun with Maybelline gel eyeliner and made these swirls .I think it should have been more darker but I realized it after I have clicked the pics.

Different Types of eyeliner

By adding Duraline one can make the eyeliner look little more glossy.

How to apply gel eyeliner

For smoky eyes and thick application I used Maybelline gel eyeliner brush only but for swirls and precise thin application I used the Bindi brush.

Vega Brush Review

This is vega bindi brush and is quite a multipurpose brush.I used it for nail art or to line my eyes or lips.It costs some 30-40 INR.I don’t remember the exact price.It is available in all the health and glow  and New you stores.


Vega Bindi Brush Review

Maybelline gel eyeliner are available in  black and brown colour.I so wish that  Maybelline comes out with more of these colours .Would love to stock each and every one of these :heart:

I hope you guys made it till the last of this post :P  .

Have you used Maybelline Gel eyeliner ? What more colours would you like to try in this gel eyeliner?



  1. Nice breakdown of Gel liner usage Anu…i specificaly liked your Arabic styling :beauty: And to be honest initially even i used to think you are a bengali…your name is actually bong sounding :cute:

  2. oh man i love your eyes. you got great skill in churning out such looks 😀 😀 😀 . wish i could be that good. the other day i got so frusto that in exasperation i drew lines all over my face with the gel liner brush… 😀 😀 freak freak freak…hope i excel someday :chic: .

    the other day i spent 4000/- on makeup in one go…all products after i read wiseshe posts 😀 😀 😀 . i really want to try. i got the supreme privilege of reading er posts 😛

  3. You put up all these looks, tempt em to buy gel liner and the ask me not to :smug: You know I can’t resist temptation :smug:
    All looks are so nice and the last work of art to beautify god’s work of art is so nice :-*

  4. Lovely post Ana. Hey, I do the first liner look and its my fav ( Although my eyes are not big still i look my nest in it). Didn;t know it was a bengali speciality. I proved to be a true bong then. 😛 Can you tell me if the gel liner is really smudgeproof/waterproof? Diraline looks like a good investment. Do you have a review on it? how much does it cost? I would try to pick it up in the next Inglot sale. I actually am plannning to get a few things in the next sale

  5. hi am a biggggggg fan of maybelline products n gel eyeliner comes in 2nd on my favorites list of this brand’s products 🙂 i absolutely love the fact that now i dont need to re-touch my eyes on n off just to make sure the black looks as black as possible all the time :)am in love with this gel eyeliner.id love their deep purple color too which is available abroad but sadly not in india.i just hope my wish is granted 😉

  6. OMG Mika 😯 … i think i should stick with you and not to find a new GF… :blush: .. God loved all looks :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  7. hi
    i’ve been following ur blog for some months now and i love it. Kudos for such an awesome blog.
    i just bought maybelline gel liner in eggplant, yet to use it.

    • Hi Surpiya , it is really simple to use gel eyeliner and then one doesnt have to do the re touch again and again 🙂

      duraline is about 600 i believe.it was a gift from a friend:)

  8. My first eyeliner was Oriflame Hollywood eye liner (2 years back, i guess) which was not at all good.. it was infact like a sketch pen 😮

    Then, I got Lakme eye artist pen reading ur review in this blog n I like it loadz! But ‘m still in search of eyeliner which helps me in creating thinner line and with much control! Any suggestions?

    Even MAC eyeliner is very nice, but I use it only on occasions since it’s a liquid form.. but it’s very nice :cute:

  9. @anamika
    Hey Anamika.. killer blog yaar! I am a regular on the maybelline FB page and they share stuff like this but ur ones even better :). I suggest u b a regular here to increase ur fan following 😛 ..what say ?

  10. Keerthi..i just saw yur comment but i guess its too late by now..if u re read it . i was using one of the shade of colorbar shimmer brick 🙂


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