Look slim by wearing right accessories


If you are in one of those who wants to look slimmer then what they are then read ahead..

One can look slimmer by picking up the right accessories and maintaing a good posture.Previously I had written a post on clothes which can make you look slim and then with few of my research and reading I came up with few ideas.All these ideas were generated with my long struggle with weight loss and I am glad that my tips are helping my friends.

Let us check out some accessories which can contribute to a slim silhouette..

A thinner heel and sole gives a overall thinner look where as chunky heels makes one look heavier.

Oversize bags double up as a stomach camouflage.Steer clear of tiny purses,they do nothing for your figure. .

Long and fine necklaces creates an illusion of height.If you pair a long necklace with an V -neck blouse then it really gives a thin appearance.

Wearing wide belt especially where you waist is makes one look quite thin.

If you have a round face which is little bulkier then by wearing tear drop shaped earrings you can give it a lengthy look.

Multiple bracelets helps in hiding thick wrists and if you wear bright multiple bracelet then it looks great too.

If you wear dark color stockings with a same color dress then it makes your legs appear thin.


In the end a good support undergarment alone can can give you a slim look than any other item combined above.

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