Lookbook – Eyemakeup With MAC Marvel Eyeshadow


Since the time I got MAC Marvel eyeshadow I have been going crazy about it .I match it with almost all my looks and today I tries pairing  the Marvel eyeshadow with some silver.:D

MAC Marvel eyeshadow

For this look I primed my eyes with home made primer and dabbed some loose powder on it.It is getting hoter day by day so applying loose powder is mandatory for me after using any primer.

Applied silver from the inner corner to the mid of the eyes.Then used MAC Marvel eyeshadow from the middle to the outer corner and made a V out of it.I stretched it in my crease till midway.Smoothen the harsh lines with loose powder and applied MAC Rice paper from brow bone to crease.

On my lower lashline I used Revlon mauve spark and Shanaz kajal.Curled my lashes and applied Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara

Make up with MAC Marvel eyeshadow

Sorry my eye brows are not properly groomed up as I have been busy with Holi festival preparation 😛 .Still 😛 I filled my eyebrows with a brown eyeliner here.

MAC Purple eyeshadow smokey eyes

Blush MAC Desert  rose matte blush

Lipstick Body Shop Colour glide lip colour


Eye makeup with MAC Marvel eyeshadow


and I am done 🙂

Few months back I  did smokey eyes too with MAC Marvel eyeshadow here is the pic of it .

smokey eyes with mac marvel eyeshadow


Which one do you like more?



  1. really..i was in big hurry today so clicked my pics at the last minute..:P:p
    but still thought of uploading them :D:d

    I am using old old lakme nine to five lipstick ..i wont suggest you because it doesn’t have much lasting power..goes off in minutes 😀 but it is my fav colour 🙁

  2. Really :)) Looks tanned or maybe its the scorching heat, but still looks so good. 🙂 And that lippy, you might get a dupe in something else na. Coz it looks just fab on you.

  3. Wow. I think this year pruple would be ‘in’, I see purple everywhere and lately I’m also so getting into purple. This is so lovely Anamika. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  4. super pretty ana 😀 😀 .. loved both the looks and regret not getting the eyeshadow 😀 Purple is def. IN this season 🙂

    lovely as always 🙂

    and happy holi to you and all my friends here 🙂

  5. you look looks berrryyy good….
    n site look is also wow…. holi waali fel aa rahi hai yaar kal se :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  6. You looking good Anamika, :yes: Yesterday all through out the day you were busy I guess, couldn’t find you around :-))

  7. Ok…Happy Sunday Morning before i make you ALL jealous of my latest acquisition!! Hehahahaha evil grin)

    I just ordered LA COLORS BAKED EYESHADOW from Cherry Culture!!! :inlove: :inlove: :blush: :blush: :pray: :pray: it comes in one piece

  8. Movie was okayish…..not as big a deal as they made it to be…

    @Maha : Show me a girl who is satiated with her shopping and i will show you a fish in desert sand !! :chic:


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