Lord and Berry Smudgeproof Eye Pencil Olive Review, Swatches


About Lord and Berry Smudgeproof  Eye Pencil

Redefine your eyes with this professional range of Smudge proof Eye Pencil Olive from Lord and Berry. The olive colour pencil gives your eyes a smudge proof look; one stroke will last you from morning to night.


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My Experience with Lord and Berry Smudgeproof  Eye Pencil in Olive

There were two factors that convinced me to make this purchase…not that we girls  need a legitimate reason to buy makeup but still..  Firstly, there’s a major, major offer on this shopping website and we all know what suckers we can be for great shopping deals 😉 Secondly, I am in total awe of anything and everything that is golden olive in colour. Whoever thought of combining olive green with a hint of gold was a genius. The colour suits brown, tanned skin tones beautifully and makes brown eyes pop like nobody’s business. So, that’s the story behind why I ended up with this, in case you wanted to know…though I’m pretty sure you didn’t 😉

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I was introduced to Lord and Berry when I won a giveaway  and got to select some stuff of my choice from this brand. This brand is relatively unknown and it’s hard to find reviews online so I just went by my gut and chose some products. The products I received were good but not mind blowing especially considering a lot of them are priced closer to a grand than not. This was okay because they were free! Lol! Anyway, so when I purchased this with my own money, I was able to utilize an offer that the site was offering and I finally paid only around 300 for it. Compare that with its original price of…wait for it…990! I guess the hefty pricing is because it’s a brand based in Britain but still…

Lord and Berry Smudgeproof  Eye Pencil Olive Swatches

Lord and Berry Smudgeproof Eye Pencil in Olive review+ lord and berry eye pencil swatch-001


When swatched on the hand, the pencil is a golden olive colour but on the eyes the gold doesn’t really show up that much L. It’s easy to draw a line and doesn’t tug on the eyes but I have to say it isn’t as buttery smooth in texture as the Faces/Colorbar eye pencils. If you’ve used the Faces/Colorbar pencils, you will find this a little hard. The formula is definitely long lasting and lasts all day mostly. If you’ve really pigmented or dark-circle ridden eyes, you’ll have to apply a lot of this to make it show up. I myself have really bad genetic dark circles and the colour doesn’t show up as well as I’d like it to. Also, since it’s basically just an olive green as opposed to golden olive, it does seem a bit dull on the eyes. But I’ve found a new way to use this pencil. I apply a nice, thick line and then just layer it with a touch of a really cheap golden olive pigment that I found too shimmery to use on its own. Win Win! The eyeliner base mellows down the overtly shimmery olive green pigment and acts as a primer to make the colour last all day.
Lord and Berry Smudgeproof Eye Pencil in Olive review eye pencil swatch-001


LOL fact: This eye pencil was actually listed as an eyebrow pencil on the shopping site. Imagine that! Green eyebrows, anybody?

Price: Rs 990 (online)

Final Recommendation: I definitely don’t recommend buying it at the original price. I’m sure you could get a similar colour and way better quality from MAC or some other brand. If all else fails and you really, really want this colour, then just get Inglot Duraline and mix it with an eyeshadow. If you can get it at a much, much discounted price like I did then go ahead but don’t expect it to glide like butter on your eyes 😉

Have you tried the Lord and Berry Smudgeproof  Eye Pencil in Olive ?

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  1. U got such an ammmazing deal!! :yes: I love golden olive too n yea such shades don’t show up at all. N :rotfl: on the eyebrow pencil part. Lovely review Manasvini :-))

  2. Oh Lord and Berry..Its been long since I saw one of their products in India….I do like the shade…doubt it will show on me cause it does not show on u, expensive and as far as I know mac does nt have this shade of green… so i’ll just enjoy the swatch. Good review

  3. Welcome to Wiseshe Manasvini .. did i read it right .. you got this on JABONG ??? really ?? I am off to see .. but I dont want hard pencils .. suggest other brands also na with the same color ..


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