Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206: Review, Swatches


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Today I’m back with another Lord & Berry product..this time it’s a blush! After getting eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners you can’t quite expect a blush lover to stay away from blush right? So amongst the few blushes they had on sale, I decided on this one. It was a bit confusing because the blushes don’t have names…so not the slightest hint of the shade except for the picture. I did find this a bit irritating but then the urge to experiment was too great to resist πŸ˜‰



Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry blush review

About Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206:

A pressed powder blush for a sheer make up the Powder Blush provides a healthy glow to flatter any skin tone. A silky sheer powder blush, it instantly gives your cheeks a fresh, natural-looking pop of colour.


Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry


  • Price:  INR1200
  • Quantity:  2g

Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry ingredients

My take on the Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206 :-


  • Color: The color is a peachy shade which shows hints of pink when applied. I compared it to other shades and found it to be the shade right in between MAC Peaches and MAC Blushbaby. It has the awesome Peach of MAC Peaches and the warmth of MAC Blushbaby.

Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry blush refill

  • Pigmentation & Texture: This blush is decently pigmented without any fallout but the downside is its texture. I find it a bit tough to blend.. I believe that the mark of any good blush is that it blends well, but I really need to put in more effort than usual to blend this out.

Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry blush swatch

  • Staying Power: This blush stays for about 6hrs or so.

Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry 8206

Swatches of Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206:-


Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry 8206 swatch

 Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry blush 8206 swatch


I like the color …alot..but the texture just puts me off. And for a blush that costs this much, it’s normal to expect a decent quality. I wouldn’t mind if the blush weren’t that pigmented that required multiple dips in the pan. But difficulty in blending is just not acceptable. Thank God I bought this during an online sale or else I’d be damn disappointed…almost as I was after getting MAC Immortal Flower (although it was gifted to me).


Lord & Berry Blush Refill in 8206+ Lord & Berry+peach blush


This doesn’t score any points with me. Infact, it’s pointless to even note down the pros and cons because the only pros here are the actual color and the staying power…but then again, what’s the point of staying power and color if you can’t blend it out before stepping out?? And imagine..its almost as pricey as MAC!! Y not get MAC instead???


Ratings:  1/5

Have you tried the Lord & Berry Blush Refills?

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  1. 1200 for a blush refill? 😯 😯 u and A have are totally ganging up to make me faint all the time..u must be sooo sad u wasted ur moolah πŸ™

    • Really sad lee..I think I got it at 600 or so but even then it pinches…this isn’t really expected from such a pricey brand..maybe it’s in my mind but if a product is so pricey I feel the company has a moral obligation to ensure good quality…


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