Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown Review & Swatches


I’ve tried a couple of products from Lord n Berry..like their lipstick in Raspberry, their lip pencil in Blush, their Blush and even their eyeshadow in Aisha…Some of their products have been awesome like their Raspberry lippy, but others have been disappointing like their blush which was so hard to blend. Today I’ll be reviewing an eyeliner from the same brand in the shade Black/Brown


Lord & Berry Eyeliner in BlackBrown review

About Lord & Berry Smudge-proof Eyeliners

In one stroke, smudgeproof eyeliner outlines the eyes from morning until night. Its run-proof formula is also suitable to create graphic style eye shadow. Waterproof, smudgeproof, long lasting, run proof eye definition.


Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black Brown review+Lord & Berry+ brown eyeliner

My take on Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown:

  • Packaging:  The eyeliner is in the form of a long pencil with the base in the same color as the liner which makes it easy to identify in a huge pile of liners.
  • Price:  INR990


  • Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black Brown review+Lord & Berry eyeliner


  • Color:  As visible, this is a dark, dark blackened brown. I have no doubt that those of you who feel like brown doesn’t show up on your lids will not have the same complaint with this liner.
  • Pigmentation & Texture:  This liner is super pigmented and although the texture was creamy at first, I find this getting dry pretty soon…

Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black Brown review+Lord & Berry


  • Staying Power:  This liner stays for about 7hrs easily.

Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown  Swatches

Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black Brown review+Lord & Berry eyeliner swatch


I bought this liner around June/July last year  and when I bought it, it was super creamy and easy to apply…It’s about 6mts now and I find it hard to apply..I feel like I have to rub it a lot more. Weirdly enough it seems like its drying way too soon. NOT GOOD at all…It’s for this reason alone that I would not repurchase this. After all I have faces and Colorbar liners which haven’t dried even after 2yrs of use and here, a liner which was sealed just dried up in 6months!

Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black Brown review+Lord & Berry brown eyeliner swatch

Why I love Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown:

  • The  color is amazing and even those of you who find it tough to find a brown liner which shows up would find this to your liking.
  • Truly smudge-proof & waterproof
  • Lasts a long time


Why I don’t like Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown:

  • Dried up in 6mts!!!
  • Availability
  • too expensive for something that doesnt stay good..


Ratings: 2/5

Have you tried the Lord & Berry Eyeliner in Black/Brown?

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  1. Bach gayi.BTW what brand is this? Indian? Where do you get it? Never heard.
    Anyway not sure what ingredients these ppl use. Also not sure if they test on animals. Its best to avoid it.

  2. Pretty everyday wear brown shade, but soo costly and dries up too :hammer: :guns: Colorbar cocobar and faces solid brown are better options i think!

  3. I think i would rather buy a mac lippie na!! Nice review though zee… Whos watching baazi mehmaan nawazi ki .. Rakhi sawant is sooo sick!!


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