LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review


LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review

Hello to all the beautiful people out there. This is my first review here and I hope it is helpful!

  • Price:  Rs.399
  • Quantity: 178 ml.

LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review+exfoliating scrub


The product I am reviewing today is Loreal 360 clean deep exfoliating scrub. Now don’t expect a heavy duty scrub here..it’s a lovely light scrub which has replaced my daily face!

LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review+mild face wash loreal  in india


About  LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep:

Gently exfoliates dull dead skin cells and unclogs-pore by pore.  Removes all traces of oil, dirt, and makeup. Pores look visibly smaller.

LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review+built in scrubber face wash
My experience with LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub

It’s an imported product  and a great new launch by Loreal. I tried their face wash earlier but was not pleased.  This one is indeed a good and must have scrub. Its light weight has fine apricot granules which are not at all harsh on skin and has a mild peachy smell. LOVE IT!
The highlight of the product is the sponge that comes along with it.  The bottle is very well crafted so as to fit the sponge there itself and it’s a great sponge, non-abrasive and helps clean your nose and chin better. Maybe that’s why they have named it 360 clean

LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review+cleansing beads exfoliating gentle foam

You can see the texture and consistency from the above picture.

LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review+loreal 360 with mild exfoliation and cleansing gentle lathering face wash

This is how my skin looks after I use the scrub.

There are three other variants available in the 360 clean range:

  • Cream cleanser for sensitive skin
  • Cream cleanser for normal skin.
  • Deep cleanser in gel form.

What I like about LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review:

  • Cleans well and the sponge only helps.
  • Nice fragrance.
  • Oil-free and dermatologically tested.
  • Affordable .
  • Good quantity for the price.
  • Nice bright transparent bottle.

 What I don’t like about LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review:

  • It claims to make pores look smaller, which doesn’t happen of course. I don’t think any product can really do that.
  • Availability is a problem. I bought mine from a ‘health and glow’ store.

Have you tried  LOREAL 360 CLEAN-Deep Cleansing Scrub Review?


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  1. ooh! I saw this online and was infact planning to pick tis up next 🙂 🙂 i dont have enlarged pores so i think ill def go in for this…and the scrubber is so cute!

  2. I just finished my scrub for was on look out for a new one..i have seen good reviews of this line and scrubber looks good too..will def check out if its available online 🙂

  3. i too am waiting for my current scrub to get over.. n hv been wanting to chk this out.. thanks for reviewing chris…

    • Haan shivi, we have Zee, zeebee, Christina, christinalobo .. nice na ?? :-))
      and where is the comment box for the latest post??

          • The review came and i had edited it n hence it saved with my name….but the authors name never came with the post…..I too can’t figure out who wrote this….sorry madam author…..

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                • i work individually and with everyone who needs help. basic rescue and on the spot medication…for stray animals in my area in mumbai….u guys were talking bout ure dogs yesterday n u have a spitz i think if im not mistaken…so do i. shes in one of the posts….just search for kelly…

                    • no ya im coming back to mumbai on the 5th…..oh bad luck it would have been awesome to meet nah… Janani ya i make these as per someones order…one 15o rs a pair….it goes towards the dogs….let me come back from lucknow and u can tell me if u want any……

                      If ure snowy was bitten then u got him the injecctions fine but make sure u call an ngo to inject all the dogs in ure area. see after we sterilize the animal they are still our responsibility…..

                      so u should have them injected every year….we had done 450 in our area and every year paws and other organisations come to do the anti rabies drive for t hem…then u are also perfoming a duty to both them and society….people will also come to know and not be so afraid of them…..think bout it….

                      yes the love of an animal is something else shivi….u cant even compare it to that of a man…its so much better…saw some where that u were getting engaged….hope ure fiance to be loves animals

                    • Sure Chris.. i liked a few designs you already have displayed. do mail me when u return from lko (its lucknow .. now i know !! ). I’ll surely buy. 🙂

                      hmmm .. here i think al the dogs are sterilized, but not vaccinated every yr .. I’ll call up the NGO and ask them if they can help .. we have had too many cases in blore where kids were bitten by dogs and kids died. I’ll see what i can do. Thanks.

                      Shivi got engaged ?? Congo gal .. hope your fiance shares ur love for animals.


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