L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose Review , Swatches & FOTD


L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose

L’oreal color lift blush is not available in India and one of my friends was coming from abroad so I got it delivered to her place although through another online website. To my horror I just checked on Amazon and it’s available in only $2 there. Can you even imagine L’oreal product available in $2 here?.Here in India, they almost touch MAC ร‚ย in price range.

Anyways, leaving behind my sob story. I initially thought that this one is a powder blush as there is nothing mentioned on the packaging so when I opened it up I was like oops ! this is cream. Never mind I like cream blushes too …Thank God ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t have oily skin anymore.

L'oreal color life blush review

Aboutร‚ย L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose:-

Feel Radiant

  • Silky, lightweight texture
  • Flawless even tone
  • Infused with tourmaline pearls

Visible Liftร‚ยฎ Color Lift Blush contours and illuminates cheekbones for a more radiant, youthful looking complexion.ร‚ย  The hybrid cream to powder formula has a silky, lightweight texture that does not settle into fine lines, giving complexions a flawless even tone.ร‚ย  Visible Lift Color Lift Blush is infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance to revitalize the complexion and create a healthy glow.ร‚ย  Luxurious texture blush is infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance.ร‚ย  Available in 6 shades.

Made in USA

  • Price – $12.You can buy in around $2 from Amazon if abroad.
  • Shadesร‚ย  available- These are available in six shades which are as follows: Berry Lift, Nude Lift, Coral Lift, Pink Lift, Peach Gold Lift and Rose Gold Lift.
  • Pigmentation Textureร‚ย  & Packaging– Blush has cream to powder formula and is really soft and blend-able. Colour can be built but I prefer not to do that because ร‚ย of the shimmer present in the blush which builds up the shine on my cheeks.I need to dab my brush 2-3 times to pick up the shade but application is quite easy.It doesn’t accentuate open pores and looks really natural and is housed in a plastic packaging with a transparent lid over it.Something which one appreciate when somebody likes to buy few more shades.


L'oreal color lift blush pink life rose review

L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose Swatches:-

Blush as per its name gives natural glow to the skin and kind of “lift “up as claimed. I especially like to wear it at night because when the lights falls on it it makes one look like a glowing bulb – in a good way of course. By the way this too looks like a good dupe of Nars orgasm ..I have lost the count of ร‚ย the products which looks like Nars Orgasm.Also, along with this its a good dupe of MAC Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish.

L'oreal color life blush pink life rose swatch

This is how it looks on me during the day.Looks quite natural ..Isn’t?

L'oreal color lift blush pink life rose fotd

L'oreal color life pink lift rose blush fotd

Summing it up :-

What I like about L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose:-

  • Smooth and blendable texture
  • Stays for 6-7 hours
  • Travel friendly and compact packaging
  • Gives natural glow
  • One doesn’t need a highlighter after using this.
  • Available in six shades
  • Nicely pigmented and can be built up
  • Will show nicely on lighter to medium skin tone
  • Shimmer is not overpowering

What I do not like about L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose:-

  • Not available in India

Wise She Rating – 4.5/5

  • Pigmentation – 4.5/5
  • Packaging – 4.5/5
  • Texture & Blending – 5/5
  • Shade- 4.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 4.5/5

Have you triedร‚ย L’oreal Color Lift Blush Pink Lift Rose ?

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  1. u r looking lovely, its a beautiful blush cum highlighter i feel, amazing product, u know wat i had dry skin, now my skin has become oily1 n m not liking it at all.

    • Thas surprising..you are going the opp way but yes! oily skin is little difficult to deal with..Anything u put and u r scared of zits ๐Ÿ™

  2. The blush looks so pretty natural… :)) I love cream blushes, they r easy to apply.. this one looks so pretty.. And And u looking so cute … ur skin just glowing and ur hair.. *touchwood* I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ so pretty :))


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