L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick Review & FOTD


L’oreal color riche Lipstick – L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick Review

If you liked L’oreal glamn shine lip glosses then you are going to love L’oreal color riche nutri shine lipstick as well. L’oreal color rich lipstick comes in a beautiful pink packaging and had L’oreal Paris engraved on it.I got vivid rose for myself. You can check out 13 swatches of L’oreal color riche nutri shine lipstick here.

Price Rs 720

L'oreal color rich nutri shine lipstick vivid rose review

There is nothing mentioned on the website about these Nutri shine lipstick and I think it is in their limited collection.Albeit not sure about it.These are sheer glossy lipsticks(glaze shine) which covers pigmented lips(at least vivid rose does)  and come in wide variety of colours.It doesn’t have any funny or irritating fragrance .


L'oreal color riche lipstick +shine lipstick+best lipstick color

Vivid rose is, as the name suggests, pink rose color with a hint of coral in it. The lipstick  is moisturising and doesn’t dry my lips.It has staying power of 4-5 hours and then leaves a tint behind.Gloss vanishes up when I eat or drink in between and the tint of the lipstick stays.

Nutri shine lipstick L'oreal+color riche +vivid rose

Swatches of L’oreal Color Riche Vivid Rose Lipstick


L'oreal color riche nutri shine lipstick vivid rose swatches

This is how it looks on me :). Texture of the lipstick is close to Body shop color glide lip colour albeit it is more long staying than the body shop one.

L'oreal color rche nutri shine lipstick makeup look


What I like about L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick


  • Love the glossy finish
  • Covers pigmentation
  • Many color to choose from
  • It is not drying or sticky
  • Has many every day color to choose from
  • Has decent staying power

What I do not like about L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick

  • It is pricey

Will I re-purchase it again – Yes, if L’oreal gives me some discount over it .It is something which most of us are going to cherish 🙂

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  1. oh! this loreal lip color about which you told. so pretty.. very nice i like it very much buddy. :heart: :heart: which eyeshadow u used in the pic ?:-)

  2. nice shade…..why the hell this color doesnt suit me…..wow i love ur flawless skin :-* …..pls give me some tips….m suffering from acne these days 😥

  3. This is a lovely shade A..Its sheer and yet so gorgeous and looks really moisturizing.. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    And M loving ur overall look..Which blush did u use here?

  4. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* ana SUPER DUPER HOT :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: wow i loved whole look
    eyes lips and skin ohh so tempting you are looking ….
    am straight honey :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • used a blush .:D:D:D and if u call me gurumaiya i will be katti with u :smug::smug:

      and this time u wont be able to bully me also :devil:

  5. wah wah wah wah !!! neik and shareef..aaj kahin meri pic ko apni pic samjh li :D:D :rotfl:

    look how shareef i am :D:D

  6. Me out now.. gn Prachi..God bless u! 😀

    n gudmrn 2 Anamika coz i Guess she has fallen asleep on her lappy only coz of all d hardwork she does all day 😛 :d


  7. damn anamika.. wat r u using nowadays… everyday u r like getting more and more beautiful! touch wood :pray: :worship: :pray: :worship:

  8. Oh beautiful
    cant take my eyes off from your snap. whats the secret behind ur skin so flawless and that blackhead free nose is to die for !!!
    truly beautiful girl!!!
    U rock !!!

  9. by the way what make have u applied on ur face ?would love to know the eye make up breakdown too.sounds am greedy errr

  10. hey anamika,pls suggest some face primer 4 very oily skin n i sweat a lot.pls suggest from revlon loreal maybelline lakme or faces.all these r available in my locality.pls help. 😕

    • Manisha i don know a specific primer in these brands what i will suggest u is to apply lacto calamine and then use Maybelline whitestay UBV..might works for you 🙂

  11. My product is Giordani Gold Rouge Future Lipstick. I’ve this lipstick since ages and love to flaunt the shade. The lipstick is the perfect product for accentuating your make-up


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