L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose Review & NOTD


L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose Review & NOTD – Today I will be reviewing a lovely pink nail colour by L’Oreal- Ingenious Rose.  Every girl must have a subtle pink nail colour in her makeup kitty and L’Oreal Ingenious Rose is clearly a contender for that spot. Find out why…


LP Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose


About  L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails:

Color Riche Nail 209 Ingenious Rose- Lasting glossy shine, Precision paddle brush, Built-in top coat Discover our wardrobe of colour.

Introducing L’Oréal Paris’ first long lasting mini nail collection, New Color Riche Nail. The wardrobe of 41 gel based colours developed by L’Oréal Paris Colour Creative Director L’Oréal Light. With the precision paddle brush, nails can be coated in your favourite colours dependent on your mood or outfit choice.
Built-in top coat LiquiGel Technology offers easy application, even coverage and lasting glossy shine. The patented brush technology gives extra precision. The flat brush holds the formula, so colour is applied to nails easily.


Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose


Size: 5 ml

Price: Rs. 235.

My experience with L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose :

I applied the nail paint 1 week ago and I noticed chipping after 5 days. But to be fair this is what my nail paint had to endure- washing dishes every day, did laundry twice and cooking every day!


L’Oreal Ingenious Rose Colour Riche Nails


I my opinion this is by far the longest I have seen any nail paint survive this torture! I usually swear by the Maybelline range of nail paints since they are a quick dry variety but this one stole my heart. Notice the little chipping of the 3rd finger? That’s after 5 days!

What I like about L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose :

  • The packaging is the chic Gold top which I really like. It’s a lovely pink colour and the colour payoff is wonderful with 2 coats. It survives looaaads of torture and stays on nails for a long time!
  • The applicator is nice and covers the nail completely as claimed and it’s a completely no fuss procese!

What I didn’t like about L’Oreal Colour Riche Nails Ingenious Rose :

  • Size size! I paid Rs. 235 for a teenee tiny bottle! See how tiny it is! Sob


Colour Riche Nails


Overall verdict: Great, go get one for yourself! If only it had been cheaper I would have had a closetful by now!!! Alas…

Rating: 4.2/5


  1. Oh you do so much households but still the staying power is impressive. I only cook and my nail paints never last for more that 2 days even the Color Show ones

    • Alas Maitri this girl isn’t able to choose on what she likes to do more- obsessive cleaning or dressing up! ha ha and yes I loved its staying power. But I think you should know I always do my housework with gloves on, so that might be helping a little bit too.


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