Loreal cosmetics – Loreal paris 6H glam shine gloss (Product review , swatches and pictures)


                                               Loreal Paris 6h  glam shine gloss brillance review

I am not that fond of loreal lipsticks but recently loreal have brought some amazing products with them.Glam shine lip gloss is among one of them.This is shimmery and have high  shine but it is not super shimmery,  it is just subtle shimmery which most of us are fond off.

Glam shine loreal is promoted by Aishwarya and like her lip gloss to comes in a stylish looking bottle which has a slight curve in the middle which makes it easy to hold. Bottle has a silvery lid which catches the light and has a lovely shine to it.

    Loreal lip gloss is visible through the bottle but it is not very deep brown in shade as it looks like in the bottle.It has very little fleck of shimmer in it.

Price of Loreal 6H glam shine is gloss brillance is Rs 750 and net content of the product is 6ml.

It comes in following shades

1. Keep The Sweet (112)
2. Perpetual Paraline (308)

3. Perennial Rose ( 113) 
4. Immortal Pearl (004)
5. Irresistible Grapes ( 209)
6. Infinite Desert (307)
7.Tempting Pink (114)

Below are the swatches of perpetual paraline

It comes with a heart shaped wand which is attached to the lid.It works best for me as I just wipe the applicator on the rim of the bottle if I don’t want much of lip gloss.

Generally lip gloss which claims to stay for  hours on lips are too sticky but this one is not.It stay on my lips for 4 hours easily even if I eat or drink something  in between ,  it do not make my lips feel too sticky.

It is quiet smooth in application and gives a shiny tint to my lips which I can wear during day as well as night time.

This is me with the lip shine 

As I was wearing this during the day I applied  Colorbar Terra 006 lipstick and dabbed some loreal lip gloss over it. It brought instant shine to my lips without making them look OTT.

Loreal Lipgloss  are not super shimmery as they look like.You can check out my pic here when I have used just the lip gloss on my lips.

Dislikes – Loreal claims that it stays for six hours but it stays only for 3-4 hour on my lips.

Price ofcourse is on the higher side but most of the loreal products do fall in the high end category after all dear Aishwarya is promoting them

Recommendation – If you are looking for slight shimmer then you can buy this lip gloss .

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  1. nice gloss Anamika and color looks great on you. But right now i am enjoying my lotus seduction lip gloss very much. Thanks for the review and yeah you look gorgeous…muah 😀


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