L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion Review & FOTD


L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion Review & FOTD – We all know the importance of sunscreen and we all love tinted moisturisers and most of us are lazy to follow the entire ”let the moisturiser sit for five minutes and then apply sunscreen and let it sit for another twenty minutes and then apply bb, cc or zz cream” before dashing out for work or college. I have normal to dry skin and I am always on a look out for 2-in1 kinda products. That’s when I came across this tinted moisturiser cum sunscreen from L’Oreal and since then it has a permanent place in my vanity.


LOreal UV Perfect Even Complexion


About L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion:

The perfect shield against UVA and UVB. UV perfect even complexion contains mexoryle filters that provides 12 hour long lasting optimal UVB and reinforced UVA protection. It helps prevent against brown spots, skin darkening and premature skin aging. While powerful anti oxidant complex supplements active-cell, to reinforce protection against free radicals and better shield cells, elastin and collagen fibres. It is non greasy and non sticky. Even complexion helps to even out skin complexion.

Price: 449 for 30 ml.

LOreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect


Packaging: Comes in a sleek plastic bottle with a narrow nozzle type head which makes it extremely hygienic and travel friendly.

My experience with L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion:

First thing that attracted me towards this sunscreen was its high SPF plus the SA said it would make me glow. :-D  I have normal to dry skin with slightly oily t-zone during summers.


LOreal Dermo Expertise Even Complexion


I don’t have any blemishes or marks so I was looking for a TM which would give me dewy finish. Since it gives me the desired results it’s a winner for me. But it might not be the best bet for girls looking for heavy coverage. Another issue I have with it is the quantity required for the face and neck is pea sized which is too less for a sunscreen.  :-/

I have not tanned one bit ever since I am using this religiously.


LOreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect swatch


What I like about L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion:

  • SPF 50 and PA+++.
  • Light weight and non sticky texture.
  • Imparts a subtle glow on application.
  • Perfect TM for blemish free skin.
  • Lasts long. Stays for 6-7 hours on me.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Spreads easily and doesn’t transfer.

What I don’t like about L’Oreal Dermo Expertise UV Perfect Even Complexion:

  • Not that pocket friendly.
  • Available in one shade only and doesn’t provide any coverage.
  • Starts smelling awful after few months.

Final thoughts: I simply love it. Girls! It’s my fifth bottle and I can safely say I would be heartbroken if it gets discontinued.


LOreal Dermo Expertise FOTD


Recommendation: umm! Not to each one of you. Depends on what you are looking for. But if you are super lazy like me and don’t care much about coverage then definitely yes.

P.S: NEVER buy it online. I just don’t trust these bloody websites for skincare products ya! They are hell bent on ruining our skin. I bought this bottle from medplus beauty few months ago and I din like the smell at all, even the texture was a little oily. I used it 3-4 times and got breakouts. Bloody hell! I have dry skin and I hardly ever get breakouts. I thought I got a duplicate piece and bought another one from the mall. After reading princa’s article about discarding makeup I was just checking out my skincare stash and I realized it had expired 14 MONTHS ago. I am highly disappointed and I am never shopping from medplus ever again. I feel like squirting the lotion in their eyes. :-X


  1. I will definitely buy this I have super oily skin and if it helps in blemishes well tats added bonus… aww even I had an issue with Med plus do check the expiry date cz I got a few things which was almost about to expire

  2. Medplus is famous for it..u should always check your product expiry date before using any product..i prefer purplle or naykaa.

    • Thanks for the heads up Ana, I wonder how come only medplus comes up with such huge discounts often will stop buying any skin care or makeup products from them 🙂

      • Even purplle.com is not well updated. They show products as available and later they mail u regarding unavailability and delay in dispatch. It has happened thrice to me. Even my recent order was shipped in 2 parts and haven’t rcvd the 2nd part yet 🙁
        Nykaa is good and I’m a big Jabong fan. they deliver my goods on the 3rd day mostly 🙂

  3. Hawww..expired product..that is really unethical..!
    You look so cute in this pic sweety..! :-*
    thanks for the review I have normal skin but I would love to try it.. 🙂

  4. I like the high SPF content.. I think I have used it before.. Wonder why didn’t I repurchase 🙁 Looks like will have to definitely buy one.. Fits my bill perfectly 😉 Thanks for a great review 🙂

  5. I have supper dry skin…. my skin is literally flaky dry!!! 🙁
    I am gonna get this asap!! Thank you so much!!! I was looking for something like this! But is it sweat proof??

  6. medplus does this always…….i bought st ives scrub that expired after 1 month after i bought it, had to use it as a foot scrub.

      • wo….wo….wo!!i guess there’s whole lot of brigade out for stamping medplus,well……..such hepocrates deserve it…..go for it dear….a complaint should teach them a lesson,or may be they will get bannned for better!

  7. no wonder medplus have many offers going on and products at highly discounted prices.. they should understand that we are ready to pay the original MRP amount but we want fresh products, we don’t wanna compromise with our skin for a few bucks.. anyway thanks for this review.. you look gorgeous!

  8. wow Vandi your skin look flawless.. 😀

    Seems like a winner product hain na 😛 i m gonna get this for sure 🙂


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