L’oreal Hair Masque Review


I have been using this L’oreal hair masque since one and half month so thought of reviewing it today.My hair come in the catoegory of dry and damaged and I recently got them coloured so I got this for deep conditioning.


What L’oreal hair product claims:-


New Total Repair Hair 5 repairing masque: With ceramide- cement, the masque repairs and intensely nourished your hair .

Proven result – Day after day , your hair is repaired  and protected from the  five sign of hair damage.

1. Hair fall




5.Split ends

    • Price – Rs 325 for 200gm.
    • Shelf Life – 36 months
    • How to use hair masque – Gently massage into washed and towel-dried hair. Leave in for 2 minutes for intensive treatment, then rinse.

L'oreal hair masque for coloured hair+L'oreal hair product review

I have tried this masque in many ways and this is was my experience :-

  • I first used it on towel dried hair as mentioned on the masque and it made my hair soft .I used it after using bilage hair conditioner and my hair were smoother but only thing is that it is a long process to use it.I first have to wash my hair, then condition them and then towel dry and use this conditioner. Because of all these steps, I reduced using this masque.
  • Then one day I kept the masque for one hour and then washed my hair without shampooing them – then it made my hair greasy .
  • Third time I used it after using the conditioner without towel drying and I felt the same smoothness as I felt after following the first method of towel drying and then using the masque.Since then I am using it after using my conditioner but before towel drying and it has worked well on my hair.

L'oreal hair masque reviews+hair masque+Indian hair care

L’oreal hair masque ingredients:-

Aqua, Water, Cetearyl alcohol, Behrntrimonium chloride, glycerin, cetyl esters, hydroxypropyltrimonim hydrolyzed wheat protein, dodocene, phenoxethanol, agrinine, chelorhexidine digluconate, poloxamer 407, serine, citric acid etc


L'oreal paris total repair total repairing masque reviews

 What I liked about L’oreal Hair Masque

  • It keeps hair well moisturized especially dry hair .If you have oily hair then it might make your hair more oily .If you still want to try it then go with less quantity.
  • 200gm of product if used twice a week will last for 2-3 month easily for medium length hair.
  • Will make hair soft ,silky and tangle free.
  • Product is not too thick or thin in consistency and small amount of product cover whole hair.I don’t use it on my scalp.
  • Easily available.
  • After using styling hair is easily.
  • It also prevents split ends.I generally use to get my split ends removed after two month but with this I do see less of them now.
  • No overpowering fragrance and it wont linger for long .


L'oreal paris total repairing masque reviews for dry hair+Hair product reviews


What I did not like about L’oreal Hair masque

Will I recommend it to others – Yes, If you are not fond of hair oils then you can give it a try. It will keep your hair soft and well hydrated.

Wise She Rating – 3/5

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  1. hmmm this is not meant for me :tongue: i’v used l’oreal total repair 5 k shampoo+conditioner and didn’t do anything good :tongue: (that tooo big wali bottles ) :-/ would get matrix biolage wala mask :present:

  2. It good that it prevent split ends but does it repairs split ends too ?:-) and also i want to know what is the basic difference in conditioner and masque ?:-) botdoes t ?:-) he same work na ?:-) that is conditioning??

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