L’oreal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate + How To Use L’oreal Hair Spa At Home


Its been a week since I have shifted to my new home and my hair looks nothing less than straw.From being lush they are super dry and all I could think of was  going for hair spa at home.I have been using L’oreal hair spa repaIring cream bath since long time and this time when I went to re -purchase it I found L’oreal hair spa hydrating concentrate along with it which ofcourse I had to try.

L’oreal claims it to be  a hydrating concentrate which is meant for dry and sensitive scalp and it consist of 6 bottles of  concentrate and consist of Aqua, Alcohol Denat and Glycerin.You can buy from flipkart here


hair spa hydrating concentrate l'oreal+L'oreal hair spa+hair spa L'oreal


  • Price Of L’oreal Cream Bath – 560 INR. YOU CAN BUY FROM FLIPKART HERE

  • Price Of Hair Spa Concentrate – 450 INR.YOU CAN BUY FROM FLIPKART HERE

Products indeed are on the higher side but concentrate will give you 6 washes easily albeit  the cream bath will last  much longer.If you have short hair then you can save the concentrate for the next use.I guess after opening the bottle storing it in the fridge will be the right decision.



L'oreal hair spa concentrate price and ingredients


About L’oreal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate:-

Hydrating scalp concentrate to complement the Hair Spa Creambath.This concentrate for dry sensitive scalp is based on purified water , moisturising agent glycerine, and it is perfume free.The formula helps to leave the scalp soft and supple.


I liked the packaging of the concentrate thankfully it doesn’t come in one single bottle.I use one bottle at a time and have stored them for some DIY stuff although I keep storing but never go for any DIY :( ..May be one day I will 😀


L'oreal hair spa concetrate price India+ how to use loreal hair spa at home


How To Use L’oreal Hair Spa Concentrate:-

Blend one capsule of concentrate  for dry/sensitive scalp with a generous amount of the corresponding creambath.Apply the blend to shampooed , towel dried hair.Distribute evenly and massage thoroughly into hair and scalp for 20 minutes.Comb and leave for 10 minutes using a steamer or warm towel.Rinse thoroughly and finalize treatment with the energizing scalp lotion.


hair spa l'oreal+L'oreal hair spa concentrate


It’s a clear liquid therefore  is not visible and more of all is perfume less.The cream bath and concentrate mixture looks like this.


L'oreal hydrating concentrate dry hair+ hair spa hydrating concentrate 8ml


What I loved about L’oreal  Hydrating Concentrate :-



What I do not like about L’oreal Hydrating Concentrate :-


  • It has nothing but chemicals which my hair simply love 😀


Will I recommend it to others  -I will definitely recommend to those who have coloured or rebonded their hair.Those who don’t use any heat or colour can skip this out as cream bath will be more than enough in giving hair proper nourishment.

Have you tried L’oreal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate?


 Rating – 4.5/5

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  1. Nice review… A! i am not experimenting much with my hair these days with the fear of hairfall 😛

    Btw… Happy new home.. so hows the new place? u likng it? and wat abt baby anvika …she likes it der?? :-))

    • New home is better and is near to my parents place so i like it ..moreover there is a mall near it therefore i can go anytime there :D:D

      Anvika was little cranky initially but i guess is fine with the new environment now.How abt u ? how u finding yur new home ?

      • M finally njoying my new home..it took a lil more time dan expected but i m now happy here.. got new wi fi connection… :dance-left-right: back in my old area enjoying fests with my chaddi buddies (schoolies) 😀 my bedroom is thanda thanda.. odawise it was a furnace at my earlier place 😐

        But finally happy high! :rock-n-roll: 😀

    • Hi Nismisha..i m not sure..didnt see it anywhere..i saw it on a chemist store but u can definitely ask for it where the cream bath is available.

    • nimisha its nt availbale online.. chk out the beauty supply stores.. u will get it there.. in mumbai.. it will be beautiful,beauty palace new beauty centre alfa

  2. hi ana,
    i love the spa cream bath, i notice the cream bath itself comes in different colour codes, like i noticed yours has an orange dot on it, mine had a blue green dot.

    the concentrate is available in many varieties, and i tried the one called absolut repair, paid 110 for one tube.

    i notice that if your hair is terribly dry then after a quick wash you should apply the concentrate to partially dry hair. then run a blow dryer so that it seeps in. after that apply the cream bath to seal in the concentrate further , run a blow dryer and wear a shower cap, just rinse in half an hour. i got awesome results with that.

      • hahahaha well that was largely because i was too lazy to wrap a hot towel on my head and i notice that hot towels tend to cool off pretty fast. . so i use a blow dryer, provides heat and is less messy too. infact i use a hair dryer when i apply vitamin e oil on my curly hair ends (that’s how i discovered it, because vit e oil made my towels stink, though it gave me super awesome hair.).

      • hey anamika congratulations for new house….i want to ask u i have long rebonded hair…do i need to use whole bottle of hydrating concentrate in single spa…or i just need to put few drops or something…kindly guide me….

    • just wanted to knw ….in this L’OREAL hair Spa treatment , do i need to use one bottle in one go only with the creambath or i can use that same bottle for the next spa (means one bottle can be used 2 times?)….and 2nd thins is above its written Price Of Hair Spa Concentrate – 450 INR so will i get 6 bottles in 450 one this is the cost of one bottle.

  3. Oh! wow!! This is just what i needed!!! My Hair is so dull and dead.. I really this this will help me. will definitely try it out… 🙂 thanks so much..

  4. can someone plz suggest a good day cream to me. i have normal skin not oily not dry. i searched many olay,neutrogena,lotus..bt all contain parabens..i want cream for healthy skin and not for fairness. i used lactocalamine bt its dried my face and biotique nector is too oily for me.. i didnt knw where to ask quest so i wrt here.
    plz help me girls..

  5. can someone plz suggest a good day cream to me. i have normal skin not oily not dry. i searched many olay,neutrogena,lotus..bt all contain parabens..i want cream for healthy skin and not for fairness. i used lactocalamine bt its dried my face and biotique nector is too oily for me.. i didnt knw where to ask quest so i wrt here.
    plz help me girls..

  6. hi shailly,

    parabens are not that bad, infact they prevent a cream from growing bad. in our hot weather it is important to have such anti preservatives in the cream. i suggest you try lotus herbals alpha moist. and if u want to go completely chemical free , try some aloe vera gel. it works as a good cream. u will then need a sunscreen on top of it though

  7. hi anamika..
    could you please tell me if you used WARm OR COLD WATER WHILE RInSING IT ALL OFF?THANKS A LOT 🙂 🙂

  8. I want to use loreal spa cream bath. I’m from kolkata. could u tell me from where I can buy it?
    I went to loreal salon. but they told that loreal spa cream bath is not for sale. I can buy only shampoo, conditioner and musk for my hair.they dont sale spa product.plz tell me how can I buy it.

  9. Hi All,

    I wanted a review to check what does this concentrate really do. Its a pretty good n neat review. Convinced me to buy the concentrate. My hair are naturally straight and I started using the cream sometime back. I love it.. Simply awesome.. My hair are very silky and this adds to it. When I use the cream, for a few days, I feel my hair are very light and shiny. Very awesome.

    Must have.

  10. Hi.. thank you for a very enlightening article on hair care. But can you please tell me where I can get these products online in India?? I have searched everywhere but only find international sites that sell these.

    Please help.

  11. Hi Ana,
    Shd the bottle be used always with cream bath? Is it possible to skip the cream bath? My hairdresser used it on me today but i am not sure if she used both or just the bottle. And these hairdressers wl not reveal their secrets!
    Tnx in advance!

  12. Tnx fr ur prompt reply, Anamika! I ws planning to use to bottle alone. She did ask fr a bottle and i saw tht empty bottle as well. I ws not sure if she used with the cream bath. And one more question- is the cream bath a conditioner? My hair is v v sensitive to conditioner. For some wierd reason, my hair falls like crazy if i use conditioner. Sorry fr bothering u wd so many queries.
    Tnx again


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