L’Oreal HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner Brown Review


L’oreal HiP Cream Eyeliner in Brown Review 

Hi All,

I love liners and like experimenting with pencil ones, liquid liner, gel liner and cream liners as well. I got this through a friend last year and do enjoy using it. I do wish I’d done a little more research and asked her to pick up the Eggplant shade as well….

L'Oreal HiP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner reviews


What L’oreal Cream Eyeliner Claims:-

Discover the secret to creamy, long-wearing definition with HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner. this Rich Versatile liner comes in 5 pigment packed shades to define and eye look. Includes professional brush for precise application.

  •  Shades: Black, Brown, Teal, Midnight Blue & Eggplant


l'oreal hip cream eyeliner  shades

Quantity: 4.5 gms

Price:$12 but the price may vary at different stores.


My experience with L’oreal HiP Cream Liner in BROWN:


  • Packaging: The liner comes in a pot form within a cardboard type of packaging. The tub is a hard glass one with a plastic screw top lid which has the shade name and number mentioned on the top. One has to be careful while using this since if it falls, the pot may shatter or chip. This also comes with a brush which is downright horrible..it is so abrasive and makes my eyes water whenever I try to use it. Hence I use my other liner brushes for this.


l'oreal hip cream eyeliner brown review+L'oreal hip cream eyeliner brown

  • Pigmentation: I am extremely impressed with how pigmented this liner is. Initially I didn’t think much of this since I have another HiP products which didn’t work for me. But this is totally amazing. The color is so dense and a single swipe is enough; I need not layer it again for density at all. Some gals have mentioned that they find this streaky but I haven’t faced that prob so far.


L'oreal eyeliner hip brown +Gel eyeliner brown l'OREAL

  • Staying Power:I’m very impressed by the staying power. I wear this at 7am and its intact when I return home at 6.30pm. And the best part is that the intensity of the color doesn’t even fade..no flaking, no smudging, nothing..its PERFECT!


  L'oreal HiP Cream Eyeliner in Brown Review

  • Texture: This cream liner is very soft and creamy as it shud be. It looks a tiny bit glossy on application but one it sets it’s totally matte without any shimmer or gloss. I personally would have liked it better if it had a glossy finish but I don’t mind this either.

Aldo, this dries pretty quick so one has to be fast if you want to create a smudge effect. Once dry, it doesn’t flake at all which I like.


L'oreal hip cream eyeliner reviews brown

  • Fragrance: I couldn’t detect any fragrance and found this perfectly odorless.

Swatches of L’oreal Hip Color Truth Eyeliner Brown 


The first swatch is just a single swipe of the liner. The second one is after I tried to smudge it.


L'oreal hip cream eyeliner swatches

What I like about L’oreal HiP Cream Liner in BROWN: 


  • Intensity of pigmentation is amazing
  • Staying power was very impressive and I was sold after a single use!
  • Ideal for when we have to stay outdoors or at work for a long period of time and cant afford time for touch ups.
  • Safe to use on the waterline as well
  • Odorless and won’t irritate sensi noses.
  • 4.5 gms!!! I wonder if this will ever get over. MAC Fluidline has 3gms of product and this seems like a really gud deal.


What I did not like about L’oreal HiP Cream Liner in BROWN


  • Not available here in India
  • Pretty pricey. I would suggest one to pick these up when on offer only.
  • Brush is horrible and hurts the eyes. They should have either given a decent brush or not given one at all!


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    • exactly..first time i saw it i thought wow! now theres a brush u can draw straight lines with..but when i used it, my eyes were stinging with tears.. 😥


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