L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer Review


A couple of months earlier I was put on bedrest due to risk of premature labor. I won’t into the details but it was damn boring and I used retail therapy to make myself happy. I’d started using L’oreal Youth Code range 2 to 3 months prior to this and decided to try a moisturizer from this brand as well. For the record I have combi skin which turns very dry during winters and my Tzone gets oily during summers.


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review

About L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer

  • Packaging: This comes in a tub form with a screw top lid..Hygiene conscious gals would hate dipping their fingers in this (esp those with long nails).


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review+loreal+matifying cream


  • Price: INR 499 for 50gms


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review+loreal


This moisturizer feels more like a gel to me. It looks that way and has a cucumber-like fresh fragrance. The minute I apply it on my face, my skin feels cool as if I’ve splashed water on it. It gets absorbed within a minute and leaves no oily residue behind like some moisturizers do. It doesn’t make my skin sweat either which is something I hate. What’s more, this actually does mattify the skin somewhat. I didn’t believe it at first because to me the words ‘mattify’ and ‘moisturize’ don’t quite seem in tandem. But this baby proved me wrong.


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review+loreal+ moisturizer



It keeps my skin hydrated AND non-oily at the same time for about 3 to 4hrs after application. I don’t even have to use a compact over this. Yet, I wouldn’t say that this completely mattifies my skin. Rather this makes my skin look well moisturized and healthy.


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review+loreal hydrafresh


Also, you need a very tiny bit of this for a single use. I started using this sometime in March and I still have enough left for another 2months or so..


L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer review+loreal skincare


So, is this product worth it? Yes..It get’s a huge thumbs up from me. I can see this working for all skin types infact. Extreme oily skin though may not find the staying power too great. Mostly, I like it because it does exactly what it claims…no OTT claims of fairness or skin tightening..blah blah! Just plain hydration and oil-control…and it delivers..All in all, this is one heck of a refreshing treat for the skin.

L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer swatch+loreal review

Why I like L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer:-


  • Delivers what it claims
  • Would suit all skin types
  • Has a decent staying power
  • Doesn’t make my skin sweat
  • Refreshing feel
  • It’s a gel formula so it gets absorbed faster
  • Keeps my skin well hydrated

Why I’don’t skip L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer

  • No reason at all..This has served me well although I’m not sure how long this would keep the oiliness at bay for super oily skin.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. wow, seems like a promising product, I m not a fan of thick heavy creams, Im mostly a gel creme person n loving this, i guess i gotta try it out sometime soon thanx fo the review dear 🙂 and glad to see you back so active here :-))

  2. ths hs been on my list but i keep forgetting to buy
    hard to gt good moisturizer for combi skin..will surely tryyy
    hw is baby?whts her name

    • Pearl perfect? Ds it mk ur skin sweat? I hav dat prob wid most creams..which is y i like dis one..its gel based na..so its quite light..

      • hey please stop using pearl perfect, one my friends had a horrible experience with it :O she ended up with dark patchy and uneven skin after using loreal pearl perfect products 🙁 that’s sad, she had to be on medication for months after tat and couldn’t use a thing on her face for a real long time, tats just a personal experience can’t judge the product on that basis but better be away 😛

    • I think u shud try it in winters or early summers…zyaada oily ho to it may not o any hair but won’t o any gud either..

  3. This looks so refreshing in the jar :p

    Definitely trying it when my lotus one gets over , I bought a huge bottle and its just not finishing ;p:p

    Glad I finally got to know your baby’s name 🙂 so sweet!

  4. Accha I read your review on the kryolan nude eyeliner , are you still using that one or have you shifted to something else?

  5. Oh my! This was on my wishlist but I chucked it out after reading bad reviews. Wait…was it this or some matte something? ?:-) Hmm…not sure. Anyways, this looks so light and fresh….nice one :yes:
    N I totally get the bedrest boredom. Glad u found a great way to beat it 😉 :-))


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