Loreal & Lakme Lipsticks Haul



Loreal & Lakme Lipsticks Haul


Hi everybody,

I was going to be treated with lakme lip love lipsticks this month but fortunately there was some manufacturing problem with this range because of which these were not available online and on stores both. Now why did I call the incident fortunate? Well, that is because I got to try L’oreal moist matte lipsticks instead. Ana… Thank you so much for this treat and you know how much I love these already. All my friends at this space will also soon witness my exorbitant love towards the moist matte range.


loreal & Lakme lipsticks shopping


I got 10 shades from the range out of twelve, reason being the other two are already reviewed here. Boy! These give a serious competition to Mac I am telling you. You got to try these lipsticks. See I am already giving you my verdict here. None the less you’ll be seeing detailed reviews soon.

Also, I managed to own two shades from the lakme lip love range as well; namely mandarin crush and winter romance.


Loreal moist matte lipsticls


I also got a free Maybelline lipstick with my order from flipkart. That one is from the colorsensational range.

So fasten your seat belts and sit back for a series of awesome lipstick reviews that are coming your way. Until next week, have a look at the teaser photographs and be jealous. 😛


loreal & Lakme lipsticks


Take care everyone!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

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  1. Wow.. U r one lucky girl Sahiba 😉 M so waiting for d reviews.. Can I request u one thing.. If you think dese r comparable to Mac lipsticks, can u also suggest some Mac dupes.. Dat will b awesome 😀

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