Loreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo review


Shampoo review – L’oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo


  • What the product claims: – It nourishes and illuminates the hair. Gives mirror shine and cashmere touch. The formula combines 2 active ingredients: protein for nourishment and pearl for shine.
  • For normal to dull hair


Loreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo review+L'oreal shampoo reviews


  • Size:    200 gram
  • Price:  Rs.  117/-
  • Ingredients:
  • Protein: As we all know, hair is made of protein so direct dosage of protein keeps hair strong and nourished.


Loreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo Reviews

  • Pearl: A natural marine product to fortify the hair and Luster Finish to avoid frizz. “Pearl extract – contains proteins complexes which enhances skin moisture and provides UV protection.”
  • How to use shampoo  – Massage gently into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly.


I have used this shampoo along with the conditioner from the same range, for almost 2 years. I could confidently say that I like it best in all L’Oreal shampoos.


What I liked about L’oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo 




  • L’Oreal brand is widely available.
  • It’s quite reasonably priced.
  • The hair is cleaned thoroughly without the drying kind effect.
  • The shine…… really its mirror shine. I remember watching the reflecting light on my hair. I loved it.
  • My hair felt soft, clean and all shiny after using this.
  • The smell is pleasant.  Though I can’t define its kind.
  • It lathers well, which I like.
  • The consistency is runny so easy to use.


What I do not like about L’oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo 


  • I didn’t find anything wrong with it.


Over all, a nice shampoo which does what it claims. I am open to getting it again and again. Presently I have stopped using it, as I got rebonding done so been using those special shampoos and masques. But will surely return to it after a while.

Rating – 4.5/5


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    • helllooo am back. though for a short while. sitting in heaps of my stuff :silly: and smelling the new paint. :laugh: this is a nice one anamika. :yes:

          • haaaaaaii cheechi!!!!! nyc room color yaar must be so nyc 🙂 i want 2 change room color too plz suggest soon bcoz my husby is buying a new bike soon ya and aftr that we hav 2 save up for romals education ya cbse is vary expensif!!! But i want 2 chang SSoooOOOOOooooOOoo bad!!

            ok bye

  1. Ashu.. as always nice review… and soooooooo tempting me to try it!!
    Btw Ashu when did you do rebonding?? I thought in the pic you had posted you have curly hair ?:-) :-/

    • thanks malini. i have curly hair. last year i got rebonding done. now the hair is returning to its natural form. latest pic nahi tha. so posted an old one. you have a sharp mind and eye girl 🙂

  2. Nice review Ashu. :yes: ……u got the mirror shine great ……i didnt get that shine and so disappointed with that product .may be it didnt worked for me 🙁

  3. she did na ..don u remember her posting her relaxed hair pic in the Bilage hair maque post..Mals pay attention in the class 🙄

  4. Loreal dint work for me too.. 🙁 maybe ill use the conditioner if Z says its good bcoz i guess we have similar kind of hair from what i read in the Herbal Essence post :dance-leftright:

    • Hey Deeps..The shampoo dint work for me but the conditioner did…i think maybe u can try the small bottle first..my hair is very very undernourished…ive started taking care of it only recently…inspired by A!

    • hey deepika. this is the only one in loreal which worked for me. those loreal salon shampoos , those didnt work for me. and they work for a friend of mine like anything so it varies. :-))

  5. My hair is my first priority!! But since I have an extremely dry scalp I need to keep my hair nourished all the time or there is a possibility of having an itchy scalp 🙁 I think ill try the small bottle of conditioner first..

  6. The cons:

    The tub is unhygienic as we have to dip in fingers every time.

    Nature’ essence products are not easily available.

    No list of ingredients is given.

    wrongly pasted content in this post???

  7. Loreal shampoos dont suit my dry hair at all n i m on the lookout of a shampoo that will reduce my hairfall my hair is falling at an alarming rate!!Any suggestions?

  8. i used it when i got permanent straigtning for my hair 3 yrs ago….kind of gud but from couple of yrs am using loreal’s smooth intense shampoo n conditioner from the same range..it controls my frizzy hir to some extent n i use loreal smooth intense serum too…..all 3 together keeps my frizzy hair under control…am impressed..

  9. Loreal shampoos dont work for me..they give me tiny tiny bumps on my scap..come to think of it, most of the shampoos dont suit me..i hope my current one doesnt fail me in the long run..

  10. I am very happy for U that this shampoo suited U. Unfortunately it did not suit me at all & neither did the conditioner . 😔


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