L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes Review & Swatches


L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes

I saw these eyeshadow quads on Revlon U.S site and the way Freida Pinto was wearing it  I got tempted to try them out. Then began my search on Ebay and I got them in around INR  750.

Although the claim of one sweep eyeshadow is something which I find rather funny. I have never come across any eyeshadow brush which gives the right result in just single sweep.Have you ?


About L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow :-

A breakthrough new way for anyone to get a professional eye shadow look. The unique applicator is shaped to fit the eye and apply 3 shades in one sweep to define, color and highlight eyes. Beautifully coordinated colors. It’s fast, easy and mistake proof.

L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow – How To Apply:-


Check out its brush below..It’s quite wide and as per L’oreal you have to swipe the brush once on the eyeshadow and it picks up the right amount of the product and fits into your lid, crease and bow in one go .:P One just has to slide the brush on the eyelid which has all the three shades in it and in just one swipe you will have eyeshadow, crease and lid colour done..ahmm! well ! This brush concept doesn’t work for me at all and the reason are as follows:-

1. I like combining different eyeshadows and with this kind of brush it limit my use of each eyeshadow. It picks up other shades as well.

2.Everyone lid area is different so possibility of this brush working on each eye type is rare.

3.Brush doesn’t pick  up the right amount of the shade as required.My lid area is way larger than my crease area so I ended up with half purple and half light blue on my eye lid.

4.Blending is a serious problem with this one.

5. L’oreal thought of this for the lazy souls I believe but thing is that lazy bum might have to work hard to put it at the exact place and blend it out.:P

smoky blue eyes l'oreal the one sweep eyeshadow eotd


  • Packaging Eyeshadow and brush is  housed in a black plastic base and transparent cover. Now that L’oreal concentrated on the brush technique more than the eyeshadow, there is less quantity of eyeshadow and more brush space for brush is given :P.Only saving grace is the inbuilt mirror which is large enough to do your eye makeup.


L'oreal the one sweep eyeshadow ombre a paupieres reviews shades

Pigmentation, texture , Staying power – All the three shades are highly pigmented.They blend well, don’t mix with each other and shades are beautiful for blue smoky eyes. Shades don’t mix with each other which is quite a plus because these strips are just half an inch long so every time when I use my brush it ends up touching both the shades . This would have mixed the all the three shades but as the shades stay put in their place i don’t have to be extra careful.

Shades are not chalky infact they are smooth and soft..Glides beautifully and blends well.

L’oreal One Sweep  Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes Swatches:-

On the left there is creamy white which I like using on the tear duct and I alternate between light blue and blackend blue shade. Sometimes I use light columbia blue on my eyelid and blacked ink blue in the outer corner.For smoky look I use blackened ink blue on my eye lid and light blue in my crease.

l'OREAL ONE SWIPE EYESHADOW smoky to blue eyes swatches

In the below EOTD I used golden highlighter from coastal scent eyeshadow palette.


Summing it up

What I like about L’oeal One Sweep Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes:-

  • Pigmentation, texture and staying power of the three shades
  • Inbuilt mirror
  • Shades are not chalky and are in fact creamy
  • These are available in eight shades albeit I don’t know how many will reach our country.


What I do not like about L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes:-

  • The brush applicator technique is just nothing but a stupid idea.
  • Quantity of the eyeshadow is less at this price.
  • These are yet to reach India.


Wise She Rating –  3/5 (Deducted all the marks because of the brush otherwise everything is fine with the eyeshadow shade)

Have you tried L’oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow Smoky For Blue Eyes?

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  1. This was avlb in india like 5-6 yrs bk! Bombed totally! The shades are beautiful but they went very wrong with the brush! Nice EOTD ana

  2. Unique concept….but weird too 😛 Love the pigmentation of the shades and it looks beautiful on ur lower lashline too :lashes:

  3. I like d shades n d intensity…most of all m surprised by the white..mujhe Laga thoda chalky oga but it doesn’t luk so.. :yes:


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