L’oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette In Plum Harmony & Beige Harmony Photos & Swatches


l’oreal open eyes pro palette:-

L’oreal has introduced to new shades in Open eyes pro palettes.If you look at these they are designed in the shape of an eyelid which is kind of cute and interesting :-*


Tips Of L’oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette


According to L’oreal, application is broken down to four steps, and is as listed below:

  • Step 1: Apply the lightest shade as a base on the entire eyelid including the brow bone but avoid going all the way to the eyebrow for a more sophisticated look.
  • Step 2: Sweep the medium shade over the middle of the eyelid and blur it toward the outer edge of the eye to add depth.
  • Step 3: Apply the darkest shade along the base of the lashes with the bevelled precision applicator to define and accentuate the eyes and intensify the eyes.
  • Step 4: Apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and below the eyebrow for a finishing touch. This helps to illuminate the eyes, making it look bigger and brighter.

Price – 700INR for 4.5gm


L’oreal Open eyes pro in plum harmony


As the name suggest this palette has shades of plum.They are shimmery and lack pigmentation when swatched.

L'oreal open eyes pro palette  plum harmony photos and swatches

Last two shades are of plum blossom and deep plum which have decent pigmentation.

I swatched all the shades once and they are without a primer.

L'oreal open eye pro palette plum harmony swatches

L’oreal open eyes pro beige harmony


Both the eyeshadow palette shades are sheer and have fall out.

L'oreal open eyes pro color riche rice berry rose review


Swatches of L’oreal Beige Harmony


All the four colours are shimmery  in which few lack pigmentation..There is gold, shimmery white, bronze and shimmery greyish brown.I liked the first gold colour the most in this palette.


L'oreal open eyes  pro palette beige harmony swatches


Have you tried L’oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette? How was you experience like?

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  1. All the shades would work well fr neutral look, bt i wonder why anyone would wanna pay 700 fr this…I think loreal needs to rethink its pricing policy…more ppl wud wanna buy


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