L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30 Review



L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30

Hi All,

Sunscreens are indispensable part of skincare. I have tried many sunscreens so far and have found my HG sunscreen for face in L’Oreal Paris UV perfect even complexion SPF 50. I have been glued to that sunscreen for about two years now. So this time for a change I had picked up this aqua essence from L’Oreal along with the foundation I reviewed before.


L’Oreal Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30


About L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30:

Introducing the all new L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence. Say no to daily skin darkening. Yes, to radiant, young looking skin! Tired of the sticky sunscreens that make your skin look like a pan? This watery essence is extremely light and gets easily absorbed by the skin. A miracle-product for the hot summer days. It contains SPF 30 UVB and UVA filters to give you long lasting sun protection for 12 hours. Now there’s no need of shying away from the sun.

Price: INR 475 for 30ml.

Packaging: The UV protector comes in sleek aqua blue tube with a white cap. The packaging is really good and great for throwing in your handbag. The tube has a nozzle which gives good control over the amount of product dispensed.


L’Oreal Aqua Essence UV Protector


My take on L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30:

As per the description it is an oil free water based sunscreen which has extremely lightweight thin consistency and feels quite soothing and cooling on application. The product inside looks white in colored but once blended it gets absorbed by my skin in a jiffy without leaving behind any white cast what so ever. My skin is more on the normal side these days and I do not need to layer a separate moisturizer along with this sunscreen, it moisturizes my skin well taking care of dry patches .It feel very hydrating on skin without any greasiness, and leaves behind a dewy glow which I love!


L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector


I have been using this sunscreen since a while now and it has efficiently prevented my skin from getting tanned tried and tested on hot sunny day outdoors! Since my skin is very prone to tanning and barely few minutes out in the sun gives me a bad suntan. Although I am not very sure about the anti-ageing benefits L’Oreal claims since I haven’t experience any yet. Also I highly doubt its efficiency on lasting for 12 hours since I reapply my sunscreen within 3-4 hours and do not expect it to give me sun protection for 12 hours at a stretch! The dewy glow it leaves behind can be a bit too much for oily skin ladies, but they can definitely give it a try in winters. It has not caused any kind of irritation on my skin with regular use.


L’Oreal Aqua Essence UV Protector swatch


I do like this sunscreen quite a lot but wish it had more SPF since during hot summers SPF 30 may not be efficient enough. It is not mentioned on the packaging whether it is waterproof or water resistant, so I am guessing it isn’t .

What I like about L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30:

  • Oil free water based formula
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Lightweight hydrating texture
  • Does not make my face greasy
  • No white cast
  • Prevents skin from tanning
  • Convenient packaging
  • Did not irritate my skin

What I don’t like about L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30:

  • Leaves behind a sheen which some may not like
  • Lasting power of 12hrs and anti-ageing claims are exaggerated
  • SPF 30 may not be sufficient for summers

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall verdict: It is a great sunscreen for dry to normal skin types due to the hydrating formula, oily skinned ladies can give it a try for coming winters but I personally prefer higher SPF and shall stick to even complexion variant by the same brand for now.

Have you tried L’Oreal Paris Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30?

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  1. Feel same as Nafisa. I thought this wud work for my combi skin and also since its oil free. Shey .thanks for the review . I wont b buying this . I have the same one but the one thats with no color. Makes my cheeks sticky and smells like fevicol😒

    • Hi Chitra, once you can try it for winters…glad my review helped you. Hmm they have 4 sunscreens in all and I guess you are talking about the clear version,I haven’t tried that one but I do love the tinted one 🙂


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