I used to dye my hair a lot when I was in my teens purple, red what not.  I used to use tincture iodine to make it shine purple in the sun. I stopped when I got married. I had two options ‘dye my hair’ or look after the house!  So here I was 10 years later looking at my hair in the mirror a week before we had to go to Lucknow for a family reunion.  I thought some ‘renovating’ and beautifying was in order and what really stood out was the grey hair scattered all over.

LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss Review+good quality hair dye

I generally like grey hair on a head cause it shows age and wisdom mostly and my husband and I decided we would never dye our hair but….then the thought of going to the reunion looking tip top got the better of me and it was then that I thought about colouring my hair.   I picked up this product from Beauty Cener in Kandivali West.

  • Price:  INR 500/-
  • Quantity: A tube of Creme colourant 47.5 gms , A bottle of Developer 72ml, Nutri Shine Conditioner 40 gms + 1 bottle of Loreal colour Protect Protecting Shampoo (FREE with every pack)


LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss Review+no ammonia hair dye

Casting Creme Gloss is a no ammonia hair colourant.  ‘No Ammonia’ wow!  That was all the incentive I needed to choose that particular brand.  It claims to give your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and cover all of your grey hair.  As adviced by Loreal you should do a patch test before applying the dye.  Believe me you don’t want to have an allergic reaction.

They have packed the box very nicely and it contains all that is necessary.  They have a nice instruction leaflet that is both in English and Hindi.  For the patch test all you have to do it put a tiny pea size amount of creme colourant from the tube behind your ear lobe.  Now you can either do global hair colour or just a touch up.  I did a global thing.   That means I coloured all the hair on my head!

LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss Review+loreal hair dye in India

The colour I chose was Dark Brown 400.  It seemed to be closest to my hair colour and most natural.  The entire process is super easy.  To use the dye all you ahve to do is empty the entire creme colourant into the bottle of developer, shake it well and then apply it from the bottle of developer all over  all over your hair.  I just did it like I would shampoo.  So I rubbed it all over and left it for the prescribed time.  If you just want to do touch ups  to that hair that is already dyed then you will need half or may be quarter of the developer and colourant.  For a small amount mixing can be done in a katori with a dye brush.

I then used the hand shower over my head and let the water run until there was no more dye to rinse out of my hair.  I followed up with the conditioner included in the pack.  That’s it!  The results are in the picture below.  Beautiful, coloured, glossy hair.  I was so happy with the product and procedure.

LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss Review+dark brown hair dye

Now, one thing to remember is that ammonia or not it’s all chemical anyway and I don’t believe them when they say there is not a drop of ammonia. It will probably have just a tiny bit, unlike Garnier that will make you bald!  If you can avoid colour there is nothing like it.  I would not suggest henna unless you have the plant at home and are going to make your own mixture.  Today most of the henna has dye in it.  My mom did a test one time to prove it to me but I don’t remember what she did.  I personally will not dye my hair agin until the next reunion.  Grey hair is natural and it’s alright really.   Somethings you just got to accept and live with.  That would be your spouse and grey hair!

What I like about LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss:

  • No Ammonia
  • Good price for a good product
  • Super easy to mix and apply
  • Can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • Quick and reliable
  • Availiable online and in stores across the country
  • Saves money and a trip to the salon

What I don’t like about LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss:

  • All said and done it is a chemical product

Have you tried LOREAL PARIS CASTING Creme Gloss?

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  1. I was wondering if i can buy this for my mom .. Now I might get her this one as a 1-off.. This sounds good, but as u said, its still chemical product !!! Nice review, very nice Hair. !!!

  2. “Spouse & Gray Hair”……. ROTFL… LOLZ… 😀

    I too have always wanted to try a global color on my hair but never did one… god has naturally given jet black hair with good hairfall…. why to tamper it??!! 🙂

  3. I use this frequently these days..INOA’s colors don’t suit me and I have a lot of grey anyway 🙁 🙁 🙁
    But…this is really really good…and I agree with Chris. It’s great to be non-ammonia but it’s a chemical!!!

    • It doesn’t last long. I have been using this since 2 years but it washes off pretty soon even though I use a professional colour protect shampoo by loreal. It goes off in 3 washes

  4. Ur hair looks so beautifully natural, it’s hard to belive u colored it! :yes: My mom has used this kit too n she liked it. I’ve only had highlights or streaks done. Im too scared to go for global color since i have naturally straight hair n coloring makes my hair curly n dry :confused:

  5. Hi Christina, I have been using the same brand in Auburn for past 2 years…and the issue i faced is…even after 5 washes….the water still runs red…Its very annoying esp when anything u wear gets stained…..After 5 washes…it stops no doubt…coz then my greys start peeping!!!
    I cant wear a white top for a few days if my hair is wet….Did anyone else face a similar issue??

  6. OH YA???????????????? wow that’s bad! Did you ever contact the company and tell them that their colour is literally running? Gosh I used to do red at one time but the colour was always fast. It does not happen with the shade that I am using and I can’t believe that hair dye from this brand is such a dud !

    Have you read any other reviews where people have complained bout the same shade running that way?

  7. I did write to the company about a month back, but did not rec any response. So I bet its time to send them a stinker. However i checked with few people and a Salon owner who use the same product and all had the same complaint. I have always tried Auburn and Plum….sumhow just love RED…The Salon lady simply told me…If u want No Ammonia…then bear the color run issue!!! Period!!!
    Will have to try a Brown shade next.

    I tried Koleston 2000….And this was really good….even the staying power was long…. if u have lot of greys…like me…then once a month is fine…But this one is with Ammonia…and as per Salon lady…pretty harsh on the hair.

  8. Loved the product, easy to use, no harsh smell, reasonably priced. Available in most supermarkets, chemists etc… It is very gentle and is easy to mix and apply. It washes out which is better than it growing out.

  9. Loved the product. It is very easy to apply ,doesn’t burn the skin and the hair is so silky afterwards.My hair is dark blond and I used the 734 shade and it looked very natural on my hair as if sun kissed .


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