Loreal Paris extra volume collagene waterproof mascara review

After trying The Body shop define and lengthen mascara I thought of buying a mascara which will give my lashes lot of volume.I came across Loreal one and SA was praising this mascara a lot so I thought of giving it a try.


What the product claims-Hydra-Collagen gives instant volume, waterproof and thicken lashes.

Price-Rs525 for 9ml

My experience with Loreal Paris extra volume collagene waterproof mascara:-

1. Mascara gives quite good length after applying the first coat only.
2.Dries really fast.
3.Gives good volume to my lashes and my lashes definitely look longer and fuller.
4.It is really black and that is what I wanted and like in my mascara.
5.It is waterproof and I ameasily wearing it in this rainy season.
6.Pricing of the product is fairly ok though there are many mascaras which are available in the market with lower prices.
7 It does make my eye lashes thick and one of my friend even asked me if I am wearing fake eyelashes:)

After applying first coat.


1.Mascara doesn’t separate lashes and I had to use my lash comb so that my lashes can open up.

After applying 2 coats

2.Mascara dry fastens up too early which clumps up my eyelashes when I apply second coat.

                                                After applying three coats of mascara
3.You can see clumping and unevenness easily in above pics.
4.The brush takes out more mascara then what is required and it is getting thicker day by day.
5.As it is a waterproof mascara I had to make little extra effort in removing it.
6. I find the packaging of the product very cute.
Love it, Hate it or just average?
According to me it is an average mascara.I don’t hate it but don’t love it either.If one has natural looking eyelashes and needs just one coat of mascara then you can really fall for this one.
Worth a buy-I am not sure because my hunt to find a better mascara is still on till then I will use this one only.

Have you tried Loreal Paris extra volume collagene waterproof mascara?

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