L’oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic Leave In Review


L’oreal Paris Fall Repair Leave In 

Hi All!!

I’m back with another review and this time it for a hair product. Thanks to the overwhelming pollution and crappy water a lot of us suffer from hair fall. I infact suffer from chronic hair fall and have tried a lot of products some of which have worked and some which haven’t. I’m a bit crazy when it comes to hair fall tonics, the main reason being my husbands hair….yes, my husbands hair…His hair is so lush and bountiful, straight and bouncy…sigh…actually his hair is exactly the kind I wish I had. And he hardly suffers from hair fall. So I’m continually worried about going bald and the mere thought of having no hair and living with a man who has an abundance of it is enough to propel me into buying whatever remedies I can find. Competition you see? 😉 😉

Loreal fall repair tonic review + hair fall

This is a Hair Fall tonic I picked up from the local Reliance store about a month back and have it been using it on alternate days after washing my hair. This Fall Repair range consists of a shampoo and conditioner as well.

About L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In:-

  • Intensive anti-hair fall treatment to nourish your hair.
  • It contains the highest concentration of Arginine which nourishes the hair bulb, restructures the hair fiber, reduces breakage and makes hair grow stronger.


Loreal fall repair tonic review + loreal paris cosmetics

How to use Hair Fall Tonic:-

Part your hair with nozzle while applying the tonic on roots. For a full head application, use one dose according to scale. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers to activate the micro-circulation. Do not rinse.

  •  Quantity: 90ml
  • Price: INR 249

Loreal fall repair tonic review + loreal review

My experience with L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In:-

  • Packaging – I love the packaging..Its so hygienic and convenient to use. Thanks to its nozzle applicator and slim body. I find bulky  bottles hard to manage. I wouldn’t have minded a pump but this is even better since it can directly be applied to the scalp. And the bottle looks quite snazzy too with its black bosy and metallic fuchsia nozzle cover.
  • Color – The serum is a clear liquid and remind me a bit of veg clear soup 😉
  • Texture – Its very thin and pretty watery. Hence, its easy to massage into the scalp and gets absorbed in a jiffy without making the scalp greasy.

Loreal fall repair tonic review + hair fall + loreal paris

  • Fragrance – It has a mild perfumed kinda smell but it doesn’t last long enough for me to discern what exactly it smells of. But rest assured, its not a bother for sensitive noses nor will it linger on.
  • Usage – After towelling drying my hair, I use this on the top of my scalp since thats where I suffer from hair fall the most. I then massage it into the scalp and leave it for about 2-3 mins after which I comb my hair with a wide toothed comb.

Loreal fall repair tonic review + loreal paris +tonic

Does it work?

Miraculously it does. I didn’t think it would but I have noticed a slight reduction in hair fall after 2weeks of using it. My hair seems stronger and shinier as well. But it’;s been 4 weeks and the effect hasn’t increased. I’m not sure whether the effect would differ person to person, but it doesn’t show signs to eradicating my hair fall totally. I’m still using it and hope that it works a little more on me instead of staying static. If it doesn’t work more then I probably wouldn’t repurchase this.

Loreal fall repair tonic review + loreal hair treatment

Pros of L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In:-

  • Extremely hygienic with its applicator nozzle.
  • Sleek packaging and easy to carry during travel.
  • Actually helps reduce hair fall to a certain extent.
  • Not too pricey.
  • Will last a long time
  • Very mild fragrance which I like since I prefer my hair to smell like my shampoo/ conditioner.
  • Not greasy at all. So this can be applied before going to work as well.
  • Doesn’t harden the hair like some serums.
  • Easily available

Loreal fall repair tonic review + fall repair serum

Cons of L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In:-

  • Even though my hair fall decreased after 2 weeks of usage, the percentage hasn’t increased like I’d hoped.


  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3.5/5

 Have you tried L’oreal Paris Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In ?

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  1. it worksssssssssssss :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: me 2 having hairfall bcoz of my weird sleeping habits 😐 me try dis 😀 n veg clear soup :drool: :drool: :drool:

  2. :yippee: bhabs m getting this asapp :yippee: i :heart: hair products, and was waiting to try this range :rock-n-roll: unfortunately i’m having a serious hair fall cz of all stress and work :-(( kal hi le kr ati hu :hug-makeup:

  3. hi zara did u see my kelly in my shiseido review ????

    I have some fab stuff to tell all you ladies and since this is a loreal review……..

    So I left home at 11am to get some review work that I’d told Anamika I would do today. I just stepped out and got a call from a young lady who is among the women I work with – victims of Domestic Violence. So she was ready to go into labour and I promised to be with her so I turned the auto and went to the hospital n by 11.30 I was there along with her parents.. She was looking pretty and had some makeup n lovely lip gloss on and all….so she said see christina I have makeup on today – n my gloss promises to stay on for 6 hours and then we got onto another topic.

    At 3 pm she was in the labour room At 3:30 a C section was done and a lovely beautiful baby born was born. By 4 pm the doc said the uterus is not contracting she’s losing blood so we have to remove the uterus to save her.

    Major operation happening, running for blood and all.

    6.30pm she was wheeled back into the room blood drip in one hand , medicine drip in the other hand. I was holding the baby to show her but all I could do was stare at her lips and think 6 hours, a baby and 2 operations later…………….. – her L’Oréal GLAM SHINE lip gloss shade 114 – INTACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the bloody lipgloss was STILL INTACT as fresh and dewy and lovely like a babys bottom !!!

    • sorry naf..usually loreal shampoos dont suit me so i dint pick it up…i was infact skeptical about this too…but it worked! 🙂 u plannin t try out the shampoo n conditioner?

  4. the operation was a success. Big Big gain and big loss too but Thats God’s plan for each one of us.
    I came home at 7 hopefully by now she should be fast asleep……

  5. Sounds like a great product and reasonably priced too. But I don’t think we get it here in the US 🙁
    Will have to check it out when I get back to India. And I can associate with your competition, my hubby has lush, thick hair too while I keep loosing hair. The only oil he uses is Parachute coconut hair oil while I’m trying all the fancy stuff :evilgrin: :lashes:
    xoxo :lipstick:

  6. i LOVE loreal stuff.. I Have the absolute repair n it is till date my best conditioner … has been my superman for dry hair split ends.. Me wana try this now..the packaging is so attractive tooooooo 😀 :yes: :tap-dance:

  7. I bought this tonic after reading the review. Will soon try this out. I have been using the shampoo of this range. though it has worked very good for my hairfall problem, but it somehow is making my scalp even more dry. any suggestion girls?

  8. how should i use it…without washing hairs can we use dis tonic..i bought it today itself but too confuse..plz help me

  9. Hi! I needed to know that it is after shampoo and conditioner , we have to use the serum, right? I haven’t used the serum earlier, so am very confused. Also , I wash my head daily. So do I have to use the serum daily too? Thanks.


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