L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream Review


Hi !! I will be reviewing the newly launched BB cream by Loreal Paris. As you might know, Revlon, Colorbar and Loreal , all 3 of them launched BB creams around the same time, Both Revlon and Colorbar ones have been reviewed here so I will be reviewing the Loreal one 🙂 I have been testing this for 2 weeks or more so.

L'Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream +loreal bb cream revie

About L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream:

L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream Cool is a breakthrough in BB technology. Micro-pigment capsules that transform and self-adjust to match your skin tone for the perfect nude look. There is a macth made for erveyone so discover your true match! It is a 5 in 1 BB Cream. Gives you flawless, ultra-light coverage. Enhances natural complexion. Evens skin tone. 24 hour hydration. It has SPF 12 and antioxidants,True Match BB cream is a smooth milky emulsion with a touch of tint for natural coverage and a luminous satin finish. Discover your true match from amongst 3 flawless shades.

  • Price : Rs 550 for 30 ml
  • Ingredients : Not mentioned.


L'Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream Ingredients+best bb cream

  • Packaging :The product comes in a beautiful light beigish colored plastic flip open tube with a shiny gold cap,which comes inside a  shiny gold reflective pack.Pretty and  sturdy packaging.


My Experience with L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream :-


When I saw this for the first time the  ”True Match” tag and pretty gold packaging made me curious. This product comes in 3 shades, not just 1 or 2 like other BBs available in the market.

I have combination/oily skin that is prone to acne and my shade would be medium. This one has 3 shades, Warm(Honey), Medium(Gold) and Ivory(Cool) so I obviously choose the Medium gold shade, and yes the shade matches.

The product is kind of thick but as you rub it onto your skin it becomes more liquid and feels cool and soothing :-/ Yes! It feels cool like water or something like mint has been added.

Now this is one strange and one of a kind product I have used, it is very sheer, you cannot build it up at all, I have tried layering it several times but it just does not ”build”.  It does not hide any blemishes, nothing. It just evens out your skin a bit which any tinted moisturizer can also do. It has no weight, it feels absolutely weightless and like I have applied no makeup at all, yes that is indeed a big pro.

L'Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream Package+bb cream

I generally apply BB creams only, but when I apply a makeup product, I expect it to hide some blemishes at least. Moreover after some hours, say 3 or 4 hours it makes my skin very oily and it vanishes after just 4 hours or so.

It is only good for girls who want to look like they do not wear makeup but actually do  and have  perfect skin to begin with.  Yes it does evens out the skin beautifully but nothing major. And it gives ghostly white cast in photos. :/  So it is an ‘‘ehhh’’ product but I only like the fact it feels so cool and lightweight, the texture is fabulous.

L'Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream hand swatch+bb cream review

What I liked about L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream :-


  • Evens out skin nicely
  • The shade is a perfect match for me
  • Feels cool like water for sometime after application
  • Pretty packaging
  • Very lightweight
  • Available in 3 shades

What I do not like about  L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream:-


  • Does not hide/cover blemishes/spots at all,sheer coverage
  • Not buildable
  • Expensive
  • Horrible white cast
  • Not like a makeup product actually
  • Vanishes after sometime, hard to tell if it is still there or not
  • Makes skin oily after sometime

Will I recommend it to others: Only to girls who like  lightweight feeling products.

Rating : 3/5

Have you tried L’Oreal Paris La Creme True Match BB Cream?


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  1. ooh this is not for me !! I have almost found an HG bb cream in colorer-till something better doesnt come up i am gonna use that

  2. I actually really like this…it is sheer but it’s perfect for dry skinned gals like me..most bb creams dry out my skin or make them look way too oily..this is perfect for my skin.. 🙂

  3. Was eyeing on this…i have a dry skin hope it will suit me…have used Garnier was which was Ok Ok and right now on Lakme CC cream which is also good but very drying i need to moisturise my skin well before using CC cream.

    Nice review between 🙂


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