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When it comes to lipsticks, we love to do more and more reviews and every girl loves lipsticks and writing about them. And L’Oreal is a brand we all adore to the core when it comes to lippies. They have surely one of the best collections of lipsticks in their range and every colour they launch becomes an instant hit. This same formula goes well with their newly launches L’Oreal Paris Rogue Magique Matte Lipsticks and there is an added advantage too! They are really affordable when compared to their other launches. We, at Wiseshe, have done both a first impression and a detailed review of the lipsticks and now, it is time for a compilation post. So, without longing much, let’s start.

L’Oreal Paris Rogue Magique Matte Lipsticks Compilation:

  • What the brand L’Oreal claims about these lipsticks?

“L’Oreal Paris launches a new generation of matte lipsticks with intense colour pigments and most comfortable wear. Enriched with nourishing oils, pure matte pigments, and hydrating honey, Rouge Magique dresses your lips with the most intense matte colours! It’s MAGIQUE, in a stroke.

The Rogue Magique Technology:

  • Hydrating honey for comfortable wear
  • Pure Matte pigments for intense colour
  • Jojoba and canina oil for nourishment”

  • Price: 650 INR for 3.9 gms

  • Packaging:

The packaging of the lipsticks is really eye-catching. The lipsticks come in a shiny hot pink and black case which looks totally awesome. The packaging symbolises the Loreal Paris Star Pink Collection packaging. Being haulable and extremely beautiful, you can keep the lipstick on top of your vanity or can carry around to show your possession. Both name and shade number are written at the bottom of the lipstick case while the brand name ‘Loreal’ is engraved on the product. Also the collection name ‘Rogue Magique’ is written on the black portion in pink. Overall, for me, the packaging is really classy as well as feminine with a touch of ‘rogue’ – the kind of packaging only Loreal can do!

  • Texture:

The texture of the lipsticks is creamy-matte which I personally love. It glides really well without tugging much and settles into a comfortable matte finish.

  • Pigmentation:

The lipsticks are really opaque and a single swipe is needed to cover pigmented lips. It stays on for a good amount of time and leaves a nice stain once it is removed. It is great for daily all-day wear.

  • Fragrance:

The lipstick has a very ‘candy-like’ fragrance that doesn’t linger for long. It disappears after applying the colours.

  • Shades:

There are a number of shades in this range but we have got 5 shades for you!

Shade 926 – Pinky Promesse
This shade is Rosy-tone pink shade with slight peachy hues. This is suitable for all skin types.
Shade 909 – Royal Veloute
This shade is a gorgeous berry-wine shade with deeper hues. This shade is suitable for all skin tones.
Shade 932 – Mont Blanc
Gorgeous nude shade with slight pink hints. This shade is suitable for fair-medium skin tones beautifully.
Shade 911 – Scarlet deja vu
This is a gorgeous red shade with bright hues which is ideal for ladies with medium-deeper skin tones. Just by looking at this shade, you will be reminded of Loreal Star Collection Red Pure Scarleto shade of Black Lively.
Shade 908 – Purple Comtesse 
This is a gorgeous plum shade with slight brown hints. This is suitable for all skin types.
That’s all girls! Hope you have liked the post
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  1. I’ve always been a fan of lipstick ranges from L’Oreal. I don’t like pink lipsticks much but pinky promesse shade is surely a must have for every girl.


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