L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum Review


L’oreal Smooth Intense Serum -I have been hooked to loreal hair serum since 2-3 years and I was never interested in changing it.This time some how SA convinced  me and gave me L’oreal Paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum.

  • Product claims The texture and shine of your hair is instantly removed
    Immediately your hair feels smooth, silky and manageable
    Test conducted in laboratory after application of shampoo, conditioner and serum vs ordinary shampoo.
  • Price Price was mentioned on the bottle and unfortunately I threw the carton away.I guess it was of Rs 400 -500 for 100ml.Do correct me if you have been using it.
  • Direction for use – Pour several drops of serum into the palm of your hand (for larger hair more serum may be required).   Rub it in your hands together and distribute evenly along the length of your hair.Do not rinse it out. (Use before 36 months from the packaged date )
  • Suitable For – Unmanageable dry hair
  • Availability – Health and glow centers or L’oreal Saloon
loreal Paris smooth intense instant smoothning serum
Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothning serum


  • I don’t have dry hair but still when I use the serum it never makes them look greasy .It smoothens , softens and makes them manageable.I like it more than the Loreal expert serie-liss ultime reflexium serum.
  • Even If I run out of my conditioner and use it sparingly in my hair it makes them manageable.
  • It is a smoothing serum which is not very heavy .
  • I have been using it twice a week since two months and still half of the bottle content is left.So one bottle lasts long .
  • Fragrance – It gives  a normal loreal shampoo fragrance which I like and stays through out the hair in my hair.
  • I don’t see any shine or brightness in my hair.They look the same to me atleast :p
  • It is easy to carry in the purse  and has a flip top cap .
  • It helps in controlling the frizz

Loreal Paris smooth intense smoothening serum
Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothening Serum

It is a clear liquid which is light weight
Loreal Paris instant smoothening serum

I haven’t colored my hair since long so I can not say how it will work on bleached or colored hair but  for normal damaged hair it works perfectly fine.

Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. thanks i will just update..it is not written in the bottle..it is suppose to be used like a serum..so few drops are enough..it has never made my hair greasy..how it works on your hair?

  2. Actually it’s 240 bucks. I know because I’ve been eying it for AGES!! I’d forgotten about this in my shopping trips because I’m mostly buying makeup 😛
    Thanks for reminding me 😀

  3. Is it ok to use before styling? I mean is it heat protective?
    Another out of the track yet relevant query, if you have ever used Matrix serum which recommends use before blow drying, is it heat protective?

  4. no it is not heat protective sweets..

    i havent used matrix serum but i am using loreal professional hot style iron finish which gives awesome heat protection.
    it is of rd 550 and goes for a long long time.

    • Hey where did you buy :oreal professional hot style iron finish from ? I enquired about a heat protective aerosol or something but in vain.

      and i was wanting to invest in a flat iron and curler tools. any idea ?

    • I saw that one. I was actually looking for something with which I can work upon both curls and straight style. my hair is stubborn like a dog’s tail. the big waves curl well but no matter what amount of product and how good straightners I use it becomes wavy within an hour or so. :9 🙁

  5. Hey where did you buy Loreal professional hot style iron finish from ? I enquired about a heat protective aerosol or something but in vain.

    and i was wanting to invest in a flat iron and curler tools. any idea ?

    • i bought it from loreal professional saloon and the local one..

      flat iron and curler tools are available in health and glow inorbit mall..they have many brands there..and are pretty reasonable too:)

      u want to invest in lot many things girl:D

      • hmm ..but i didnt know what and how to buy or what exactly to look for . i heard ceramic tools are safer.

        🙂 yea about choosing tools. bored with same hair styles.so trying to experiment

  6. I have tried many of the Ever Pure, EverStrong, and EverSleek products and none of them worked well for my long, fine, heat damaged hair. My makeup artist recommended using the Shielo Smoothing Shampoo with the Shielo Hair OIl and its MUCH BETTER. My hair feels healthy and strong but still has body and bounce ~ a tough combination to find. And, Shielo does NOT use harmful chemicals like Loreal.


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