L’Oreal Paris total repair 5 shampoo and condtioner review, prices and photos


L’oreal Paris total repairing shampoo and conditioner review

I have been using L’oreal shampoo and conditioner  since last month and now about to switch to another one.I bought this as I have heard great reviews about this product  and then our beautiful Aishwarya Rai endorses it too.

Shampoo is for damaged hair , though I don’t have damaged  or dull hair but I do keep trying shampoo’s and conditioner  in the hope that my hair don’t get  damaged :D.. lolz..silly but I am like that.:D

Total hair claims to fight the 5 sign of hair damage :-

1. Hair fall
2. Dryness
3. Roughness 
4 Split ends
5 Dullness

Price of L’oreal total repair 5 shampoo is Rs 60 for 50 ml and L’oreal total repair 5 conditioner is Rs 80 for 90gms(No doubt it is quiet inexpensive even though Aishwarya endorses it.)

 According to L’oreal
Damaged hair can lack the natural cement which keeps the hair strong and resilient .To ensure cohesion and strength , the L’oreal Laboratories have created ceramide-cement technology to replicate the hair’s natural cement targeting the 5 problems.

Both the shampoo and conditioner and creamy but not very thick in consistency.

My experience with the shampoo
Initially when I started using the shampoo I suffered hair fall for 2-3 days but later on texture of my hair started getting smooth.Shampoo has nice scent and my hair remains oil free for a day easily.
Shampoo lathers well and cleans the hair thoroughly. Decently priced it makes the hair soft. Though claimed but it doesn’t control the split ends or hair fall but does give shine and smoothness to hair.Very little amount of shampoo is needed to wash the hair and therefor products lasts for long.It cleans oily hair easily .

My experience with the L’oreal Paris total repair 5 conditioner
Condtioner smoothens and add shine to the hair and doesn’t make my hair greasy.It is more favourable for those who have oily hair.It is inexpensive and both the products are easily assessable.

Recommendation – I was not much impressed with the shampoo and conditioner.Found them quiet average.I specially didn’t like the conditioner yellow colour as it made me feel sick . It looked like some dirty yellow curry to me :(.Only good thing which I found in both the product was that it didn’t make my hair greasy and thoroughly cleaned my hair.Also, if you have dry hair then this might not suit you.

Wise She Rating – 3/5

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  1. honestly speaking, i too wondered how can shampoos claim to fix the damaged hair when they are just liquid soaps ment to clean our hair. If this would really happen, people would hv stopped going for hair spas….

  2. hey i agree with u. i tried the small sachets before committing myself into buying the big bottles! thank god that i did that. the thing didnt suit my hair at all. it didnt take out my 5 probs but added 5 more extra probs!!! lol.
    My recent post HOLIDAY INSPIRED EOTD ll

    • Hello, I have a hair problem that I didn’t have it last year. well, in the past I had oily, shiny, beautiful,straight and soft hair like Japanese people, which truly I really proud of it but about a year ago my hair became rough, curly, frizzy and most importantly it became dry! I really scared to look at mirror after taking a shower cause it looks so puffy and dryness and at first I should add a cream or oil to my hair that I can brush it ( should mention that I always use Hairdryer).
      If someone had this situation (same as me) and she/he cured it in anyway, plz let me know or even if anyone has remedy…. help me please.
      Thank you

  3. u can try their avocado shampoo then.

    and i am surprised that u r allergic to aloevera..u must be having very very sensitive skin.

  4. i had teh same experience. i was using garnier fructis since some time so wanted to try something new. i didnt get this sampoo on that shop but got the "total repair" conditioner.
    i must say i am so dissapointed with this thing. would never recommend it to anyone. did nothing good to my hair :@

  5. Meenu…i so aree and i hated the color of the conditioner πŸ™

    Happy monday Meenu..did u watch Big Boss…Veena is out πŸ˜€

  6. yaaa i know! πŸ™‚ cant be happier…… but i didnt watch her aakhiri salam…. we were on family trip fri n sat.
    i watched it on friday….. ashmit is now finalist because of her…. dammn =/

  7. vooo u keep on roaming around..good good…me waiting to meet my family too in jan ..

    on her akhrii salam she was like hindustan ne itna pyaar diya..bahAeerr aake bhi bhaut khushi hui and all that…was wearing a sari..pretty lag rahi thi πŸ˜€ she is a hottest vampire naa.

  8. haahaaa… true… now that BB is coming to an end, want to see what happens when ashmit is out too…..
    i was planing to watch akhri salam on net… if something interesting happened. is it worth watching on net?

  9. When veena was showed how eveyrone was bitching about her when she left the home..that was funny.. baaki rani and vidya balan came and promoted their film..

  10. I am quite surprised to see mixed views here.

    I got this 1 recently where you get a big bottle of shampoo and a conditioner for 130 rs, i guess. I have naturally straight but very oily hair, it has made my hair super soft.. I don’t know if its just wat i am feeling, my hair is not super oily like before. Today is probably the 4th day without me having to wash my hair and my hair is not too oily…. Otherwise, I was my hair every alternate day!!!!

  11. Hey Anamika,

    I am from Chennai.. City well known for its hot, hotter and hottest weather:) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. This shampoo did wonders to my hair. I have thick curly to straight hair and this product made my hair super-straight and super-soft πŸ˜€

  13. i Γ’β‚¬Λœm thnking to use total repair 5 shampoo i wanna ask u that is it good to buy this or no ???
    pleaaaase answer me !!!

  14. Im too confused ?:-) as to what is going to work for me as i had wavy hair and had got it straightened a year and a half back but now I dont want any more chemicals on my hair and want it to look good naturally as I started to lose a lot of hair πŸ™ … Aloe is good … can u suggest some good aloevera shampoo :-)) :tap-dance:

  15. well
    i just wanted to know that dis shampoo is good for hair or not?????????
    bcoz my hair is dry,dull,rough nd its have noo shine…
    so plz suggest me :struggle: which shampoo should i use for my hair plz help me frndsss

  16. today i am staring the use of loreal…………………………………….now i am waiting for best result………………. πŸ˜‰ :tap-dance: :starving: :callme:

  17. i’m thinking to use l’oreal shampoo.. i just wanna knw,, is it good for hair r nt.. already having a lot of hairfall n dont wanna apply chemicals.. can u sugeest me some natural shampoo ? should i go for l’oreal???

  18. i shifted to india arnd 5 yrs bak…from then on i am hving a tuf tym vth ma hair……..hair fall ,split ends…god..is this loreal product any good????????

  19. I started using total repair 5 about 6 months ago & really got excellent results. I’ve tried total repair 5 shampoo & nutri gloss conditioner with it. That was a nice combination….

  20. Hi,
    I was having terrible hair fall since couple of months. I got this total repair.
    It helped me in reducing the hair fall.. but I have observed that it has affected my hair colour very badly.
    I can see many strands getting whitened .. I’m scared.. Anyone else has experienced this?


  21. i m usng panteen shampoo hail fal cntrl. Its realy vry gud.. But nw i wnt to use loreal becz m havng slptng hair..

    Can any1 sugst me dat is dis good shampoo or not plz tel me i realy want to knw

  22. It works wonders …it really helps stop the hair fall .the shampoo has conditioner too..loving it ,,removes the tangles,,,,,would always use loreal hair products…

  23. HI, Am using l’oreal fast one month…. now my hair fall is same & getting more dandruff compared day to day, its same with my girlfriend also but hair becoming smooth, Please help me out… Shall we stop using this???


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