L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review


L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum 


L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+luminizer for skin


L’oreal Luminize Serum Price :- Rs.1499/- for 30ml

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I didn’t really go looking for this product.  The L’Oreal S.A. who sold me the luminizing eyeliner (reviewed here) told me that my skin looked tired and dull and needed exfoliating. I was actually aware of that because the Clarins S.A. who tried to sell me a product told me the same thing a few minutes earlier. So, I thought chalo why not. I was aware that I was not taking much care of my skin. So that is how I ended up with another product that is not a star but not totally a waste either.

L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+pigmentation solution

What L’Oreal says about L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum:-

Not radiating your usual fresh, youthful glow? What if you had the ‘code’ to unify your unever skin tone and re-awaken a more even luminous looking complexion? Irregular pigmentation beneath the skin’s surface can reduce skin’s luminosity. Iridescent, ultra light texture that leaves skin feeling silky soft. Developed using L’Oreal Paris’s Liquid Light technology, Youth Code Luminize serum is 40X more concentrated in Vitamin Cg


L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+glycolic acid cream


The packaging of this product is nice and sleek.  The bottle is opaque so you can’t see the quantity it contains.  It is a bottle with a pump dispenser. There is no cover on top of the dispenser but don’t worry the pump can be locked by turning it anti-clockwise.  The pump dispenser makes things very hygenic.


L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+dark spots cream


The serum is pearluscent and has a nice mild scent. Use ‘2-3 drops’ in a circular motion on your face and neck in the morning. Now you can use this alone or before applying your moisturiser, but since it’is a serum, it doesn’t contain any SPF. So, if you are going to out in the sun you will be exposed to the suns harmful rays. The formula of this serum is light and gets absorbsed quickly by the skin. I use it after my Clarins sunscreen and it does not make my face oily. At least not yet. The weather is cool so maybe that’s why.


L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+Loreal Cream for uneven skin tone


It gives a nice radiance to the face without being over the top. One of the main ingredients is glycolic acid (AHA). With regular use I guess this liquid light technology that it is made of will enchance and refine the skin for a more even looking skin tone. Overall I would say this is a nice serum for now and I’m going to finish the bottle this winter. Let’s hope it is the secret to an even and luminous complexion.


L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum Review+youthful skin cream

What I like about L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum:-


  • It feels light on the skin
  • The skin absorbs this quickly
  • Contains glycolic acid
  • Fades dark spots
  • Regulates pigmentation
  • Doesn’t make my skin any oilier
  • Skin feels moisturised
  • Skin looks dewy and has a luminous finish
  • Have’nt had any breakouts yet
  • It has nice mild scent
  • Nice sturdy packaging
  • Hygenic pump dispenser

What I don’t like about L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum:-


  • Nothing really but its been 4 days and no effect yet!

Have you tried the L´Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum?


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