L’Oreal Quickstick Balancing Foundation review

This is my third time purchase of this product and I have been using it since 3-4 years.It has been long lasting committed friends of mine from my MBA days to office and after marriage too.As the name suggest it is real quick stick foundation.
When ever I apply any liquid foundation then it means I need at least 5-10 minutes of spare time which surely is not possible for me.I would not mind applying liquid foundation every day if I would have become some actress or a model 😀 which is not going to take place in this birth at least.
Two years back product was of Rs 800(for 11 gm) but now it is of Rs 1000 but I don’t mind the cost of this product at all because it truly a worth for me.



If you look at the stick you can easily see I have completed almost half of the stick .

How I use it-I apply it like a liquid foundation only and then blend it with my fingers if in hurry or with a brush if have some time with me.Apply generously on my under eye area , corner of my eyes and below the chin too.Blend it and my foundation is done. I don’t even put any compact or any powder to set it up  and it never look cakey on me.

This foundation is available in three shades since 3-4 years and I find almost all shades  alike.I used Sand Beige Chamos (336) which is a medium one.There is a shade darker and shade lighter too available if I am not wrong.

What I like about L’Oreal Quickstick Balancing Foundation:-

1.It gives a natural coverage of a liquid foundation, precision of a concealer and finish of a powder.

2.It is Non-drying

3.Pretty pretty quick and cover up my oily areas easily.It works in winter too when my skin turns dry.

4.It is a easy quick fix.

5.I can wear it every day.

6.Contains SPF-14 too and doesn’t break me out.

7.No fragrance and dermatologist tested.

8.It works well as a eye primer too.I apply a little baby powder and then this foundation .

9. It doesn’t give me any  cakey or heavy feeling on my face.

It is just one swipe and you can see it is creamy but oily free.

I didn’t even take one minute to blend it

What I do not like about L’Oreal Quickstick Balancing Foundation:-

It is little expensive to use it on every day bases and one stick gets completed with in 3-4 months if I use it on every day basis.

Product Rating–4.5/5

Lust it, love it or like it-I completely lust it 😀


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  1. Its expensive but worth too..There are so many products which are cheap but do nothing for the skin..biggest example is our very own Fair and lovely…:D I think I myself must have spent some 10-15k on it.Have used it whole my teen..

  2. Hey Priya,welcome to my blog..yes this will suit the oily skin too..i m not sure about the dry skin but it works well with combination and oily skin..r u Priya Gupta?

  3. hey priya,i have been using loreal quickstick foundation for past 4 years now. However, i visited shoppers stop yesterday near my house to buy another stick, they told me that loreal as discontinued this product. I tried searching for the same on their website, but got no response.Incase you know of any store which is still selling the product, i will pick them up before the stock gets over. i use 336 sand beige shadei am based in delhi .. my email id is : [email protected]

  4. Hi Pooja,My name is Anamika.:D.I just saw the stick a month back..i don know how come they have discontinued it..by the way even chambor have this kind of stick..try that out..heard its nice.


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