l’Oreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum Review


l’oreal Serum Reviews

I did a big haul recently of loreal and garnier products which were on  three days continuous sale and I went there every single day 😛 ..see how silly I am :duh: …but it was worth it. And by the end of the last day  whatever I got on 1st day was available in  less than half price,me and my friend were like $#@#$$%

Anyways let’s not go there, I told my friend let’s look at the brighter side and how the wonderful deals we got, so one of purchase was this anti frizz serum, my hair on scale is oily and towards the end is frizzy ….ahh story of my life !!

L'oreal serum reviews+Hair Care

  • Product ~ Loreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum – Leave In
  • For Hair Type ~ NA
  • Price ~ SGD 21 for 100ml
  • Product Claim ~ For dry, rebellious hair that is difficult to smooth, Elvive Smooth-Silk Intense Anti-Frizz serum with Argan Extract gives perfect smoothing.

Your hair is left more supple, softer and smooth. Your hairstyle is sleek, manageable and tamed; protected against frizz even in humid conditions* (75% humidity).

Loreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum - Leave In

How to use Serum 
– Use several drops of serum. The amount depends upon the length of your hair (a small quantity is sufficient).
– Spread through the hair paying particular attention to the ends. Do not rinse. Blow dry.
– Ideal for use before or after blow drying.
– Apply on dry hair for even more intense shine.


L'oreal serum reviews+Hair serum L'oreal

My Experience with L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum


  • What’s Serum – in case you’re not familiar – is a product, which is applied to the hair to smooth it and tame frizz. This one states it is for ‘dry, frizzy, rebellious hair’ which unfortunately, describes my hair type to some extend !

This serum comes in a clear plastic bottle in orange colour with a  pump action dispenser along with a lid.  The serum is colourful liquid and light texture it’s not greasy.
I used this on hair hair as it suppose to be leave in serum, just press the pump and get required quantity and apply on hair.   This serum is little runny  campare to other serums so have to be little carefully while handling it and apply on hair fast and it’s also very lightweight  It has sweet floral sweet and it’s not very overwhelming too as it has Argan Oil.


L'oreal Anti frizz serum

I apply only little of serum and it does makes a hair smooth and shiny.  The bottle says effect for 48hours and though not fully but still even the 2nd day I feel my hair is smooth,  shinny and less of frizz.

Overall am happy with the result and recommended it  to my friend too.

  • Cons ~ Expensive?
  • Re-purchase – Might !


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  1. Nice review Priti…i get so angry when such things happen at the sale..thats y no wi try t go at the end of the sale…but yes, the temptation is too great and at times even i tend to go earlier… 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi my beauties…. I am back again 😀 :-* :dance:
    This pdt looks nice…. but seems to be super expensive.. is it better than the Expert series??

  3. Hey Zee babe… I am good! Howa the week been so far?
    Dont ask gurl… son was not well… and that practically means my anxiety levels reach sky high and I cant think straight!!! Missed you girls though… aaj office aata hi opened the site…. yet to finish replying to all the mails 😀

  4. Hey Ana… good to be back 🙂 Miss you sweetie :hugleft:
    He is fine now…. back to being his naughty self!! I blame it on my husband… he put nazar on my shopping spree :pissedoff: :reallypissed:

    • aawww…poor baby..how old is he? i can imagine how tense u must have been…Glad t kno he’s back to being he usual self…

      whens ur shopping spree now btw? 😉

      • He is all of 9 months and a total drama king (guess he takes after the mom) 😀
        Now I am planning to go shopping on my own.. planning to check out the new forum mall at whitefield 😀

          • baap re! just 9mts? i have d same quest as A..how on earth do u manage?

            Whitefield wala Forum must be all full no wna? i remember when I was there only the 1st 2 floors were properly populated…and only a couple of restaurants near the multiplex…now it must b huge!

  5. @Anu, ya it’s not from sale …normal price is SGD 21. I know its expensive here …lot of loreal products are expensive here I can see that.

    @Zara, yup its so frustrating …and I too feel that by the end of it most of things are gone

  6. hi good that u enjoyed the sale.
    i have used it before. but somehow I did nt like it and gave it to my sis. she though religiously used it.
    currently I use matrix biolage serum.

  7. Hey Zara!!! Finally I found a solution to your problem on finding an Avon rep.. Apparently in the Chennai office they have no idea about the representatives in Pune and so they gave me the Avon customer care number where im hoping they can help you out. This is the number: 1800 102 2866.
    If you still have any trouble let me know… Ill be glad to help you out 🙂

  8. i haven’t used matrix shampoos, only the mask. And its really good. The effect lasta about 1.5-2weeks on my hair…and my hair is extremely weird..curly, rebellious and very very frizzy…it may last longer on better hair…wot say A?

  9. I have oily scalp n dry ends too. Ive bin usin hair&care’s silk n shine n it does a pretty gud job. I luv its mild fragrance n wat i luv even more is the teensy weensy 18ml bottle it comes in (i’m a sucker for tiny things) 😛

  10. Hey gals…
    Need help…..which product is better –
    L’Oreal Smooth Intense Serum With Argan Oil (225 INR) or
    L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Shine Perfecting Serum (580 INR)

    I am little confused as though product description is almost same but quite difference cost wise.
    So if anyone have used this product then please gives your comments


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